What's the Best Software for Your Lawn Care Business?

We compared 10 lawn care software options based on job scheduling, billing, route optimization, and much more.

Modern technology has streamlined business management. These days, a company can handle payroll, scheduling, and inventory management from a phone or tablet. This is especially helpful for lawn care companies — being able to manage your crew in the field is an invaluable service.

With the wide variety of business software suites available, it can be tough to figure out which one best suits the needs of your lawn care business. We tried to make it easy for you by doing the research, looking for software that handles job scheduling, billing, route optimization, and much more.

It’s important to note that LawnStarter pros get many of the features included on this list for free. For example, LawnStarter provides Client Relationship Management (CRM), booking, billing, and route optimization. But if you need more, choosing the best software for lawn care can save you both time and money. 

Featured Pick



Jobber provides a complete business suite that helps manage your lawn care business. Its user-friendly interface allows you to schedule appointments, optimize routes, generate quotes, and process payments. With the mobile app, you can stay up-to-date on your business from the field.

Jobber has a 14-day free trial, affordable pricing, and 24 hour customer support that customers rave about.  And for that reason, we highly recommend Jobber for any lawn care business, big or small.

Here are LawnStarter’s 10 picks for the best lawn care software solutions:

10 Best Software Packages for Lawn Care Pros – Reviews

  1. LawnPro
  2. Jobber
  3. Service Autopilot
  4. RazorSync
  5. WorkWave
  6. RealGreen Service Assistant
  7. Yardbook
  8. ServiceTitan
  9. mHelpDesk
  10. Verizon Connect/Fleet Management

1. LawnPro

LawnPro offers a free version of its software with the basic tools: invoicing, estimates, a client portal, and online payment. LawnPro also has multiple pricing plans with tools ranging from expense tracking to in-app communication. 

With over a decade in the industry, LawnPro is designed especially for lawn care professionals. With automated scheduling, route optimization, and real-time QuickBooks integration, LawnPro takes the guesswork out of business management.

The free and basic paid versions work well with LawnStarter’s included features, making this the top pick for LawnStarter pros.

Key Features

  • Free version available
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Multiple price packages
  • SMS Notifications
  • Invoicing and estimates


LawnPro has a free version, and premium packages are billed monthly at $29, $49, and $79. Get 2 months free with an annual subscription.


✓ Designed with lawn care in mind
✓ GPS monitoring
✓ User-friendly
✓ Top-rated customer support


✗ Invoice system is a little messy
✗ Free version doesn’t include route optimization

User Reviews

  • “I like the ability to email customers from the program, the ease of invoicing, and the ease of inputting and updating client information.”
  • “My experience with whoever is behind the chatbot has been exceptional. I’ve never had to call them and can do everything from the app or computer.”
  • “I like the fact you can track overall time at a specific customer’s property for the whole season. I like the heads-up of the schedule for the week and month.”

2. Jobber

Jobber provides a complete business suite that helps manage your lawn care business. Its user-friendly interface allows you to schedule appointments, optimize routes, generate quotes, and process payments. With the mobile app, you can stay up-to-date on your business from the field.

Jobber has a 14-day free trial and multiple pricing plans, so you can get the services you need without paying for the ones you don’t. Customer reviews praise Jobber’s 24-hour support. Jobber customer service is always on-call to help deal with complications as they arise.

Key Features

  • iOS and Android mobile app
  • Route optimization and GPS tracking
  • Dispatch and job scheduling
  • Quote generation
  • 24-hour support
  • QuickBooks integration


Packages at $29, $99, and $199 per month with an annual contract.


✓ 14-day free trial
✓ Multiple pricing plans
✓ iOS and Android apps
✓ User-friendly, even for beginners
✓ Well-reviewed customer support


✗ Messy QuickBooks integration
✗ No integrated field communications
✗ Tough to assign backups
✗ Requires internet connection to use

User Reviews

  • “Is a great product and does what they say it does. It’s a great tool for helping you run your business.”
  • “I first started using jobber almost 5 years ago when I decided to test out the free trial. Since that day, I have continued using the software and have grown my business over 400%”
  • “I love how easy it is to use for us. Easy to explain and show someone how to use it when that person isn’t tech savvy.”

3. Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot is an efficient tool that keeps your business running smoothly. It automates customer interactions, billing, and crew management, saving you hours of paperwork. With features like Smart Maps for route optimization and GPS tracking, Service Autopilot makes team management easy.

Service Autopilot is not the cheapest option on the market, but you get what you pay for. It gives you access to a vast range of tools and features. With advanced dispatch options, this is a great choice for companies managing four or more vehicles.

Key Features

  • iOS/Android compatible
  • QuickBooks sync
  • Payments and invoice
  • Marketing tools
  • Multiple payment plans


Service Autopilot offers packages billed at $47, $97, and $247 per month with a one-time $97 sign-up fee.


✓ Free trial and 30-day return policy
✓ Includes marketing tools
✓ Wide range of tools and features
✓ Well-reviewed customer service


✗ Premium features cost extra
✗ Not user-friendly for beginners
✗ “Outdated” mobile app
✗ Additional users cost extra

User Reviews

  • “Great company to work with, amazing customer service, and they are always working on developing new features with new technology. Highly recommended.
  • “This software has an entire arsenal of capabilities compared to the cost. It’s a small investment for a product that saves time and money in a ton of ways.”
  • “It can become expensive as mobile users are added. It can be difficult to learn because it is complex. Once you understand the system, it is not difficult to use.”

4. RazorSync

RazorSync is an affordable platform that keeps your team connected in the field. The software covers a wide range of industries. If your lawn care company handles snow removal, hardscaping, or landscape construction, RazorSync can help.

RazorSync is one of the more affordable options on this list, but that comes with certain drawbacks. Its customer support network can be less than reliable, so if you’re new to service business software you may want to consider a more user-friendly option.

Key Features

  • iOS/Android compatibility
  • Dispatch and route optimization
  • Live-chat support
  • QuickBooks integration


Packages billed at $55, $145, and $300 per month with an annual contract.


✓ Reasonable prices
✓ Quick to learn
✓ Great mobile services
✓ Multi-industry compatibility


✗ Support only available Monday-Thursday
✗ Interface not well-organized

User Reviews

  • “Easy to dispatch employees, track aged receivables and write out invoices. Great value for what this can do.”
  • “Easy to use for the most part, but the training is definitely beneficial. Technical support is second to none.”
  • “Integration with QuickBooks desktop is at best quirky, customers created in Razorsync sync to QuickBooks but not the other way around.”

5. WorkWave Service

With over 40 years in business, WorkWave has been helping companies stay on the cutting edge since the early days of computers. 

A few of the entries on this list contain marketing tools, but WorkWave sets itself apart from the crowd. Working with sites like Google and Facebook, WorkWave software generates 5-star reviews and keeps them visible.

WorkWave’s tools are designed for flexibility. The mobile app allows landscaping businesses to reschedule routes on the go and instantly streamlines the new route. The WorkWave suite covers all the bases: dispatch, tracking, invoicing, and more.

Key Features

  • Android/iOS app
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Route optimization
  • Robust marketing features and customer management


WorkWave doesn’t publish their pricing information. Reviews indicate the software starts at $79 per month.


✓ Flexible scheduling
✓ Great mobile apps
✓ User-friendly layout
✓ Real-time alerts and adjustments


✗ Limited sales tools
✗ No inventory management
✗ Only annual contracts available

User Reviews

  • “WorkWave setup team migrated our database for us. They set up multiple sessions for training and were so helpful and professional in teaching us the working of this program.”
  • “It is an extremely strong CRM system that handles everything from the initial client interaction through billing and payment.”
  • “Learning it takes forever.”

6. RealGreen Service Assistant 

RealGreen Systems was recently purchased by service business software giant WorkWave. Now, users of RealGreen Service Assistant get all the support of a 40-year tech company with an interface designed exclusively for green industries.

RealGreen Service Assistant offers a wide range of features, like customer relationship management (CRM) and employee time tracking. Like most other entries on this list, it allows business owners to operate field service management software from a mobile device.

Key Features

  • iOS and Android app
  • Route tracking and optimization
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Estimates and invoicing
  • Work order management


RealGreen doesn’t publish its pricing information. Request a demo to learn more about product options.


✓ Customer history and contract renewals
✓ Wide variety of features and applications
✓ Robust customer support
✓ Top-rated mobile access


✗ Large number of features can become complicated
✗ Issues with reports
✗ Only compatible with RealGreen’s credit card processing software

User Reviews

  • “Having the ability for clients to log into their account and make billing changes helps the office staff greatly. Using tablets in the field is a great advantage as well.”
  • “The database and customer history is the biggest plus for SA. We have historical data on all of our maintenance customers which makes it super easy to provide maintenance estimates and do contract renewals each year.”
  • “It doesn’t integrate with other marketing software like Hubspot. SA tries to be a marketing company, a printing company, a customer service company, an accounting company, essentially it tries to be too many things.”

7. Yardbook 

Yardbook is free. For small lawn care companies with one or two vehicles, having business management software available at no cost can be a game-changer. Yardbook provides equipment managing, invoicing, and route optimization through its user-friendly mobile app.

Yardbook covers the basics but leaves out important features like dispatching. This makes it ideal for startup companies breaking into the lawn care industry. As you grow, there are options to purchase additional features, like QuickBooks integration.

Key Features

  • Free to use
  • User-friendly iOS/Android app
  • Designed for small lawn care operations




✓ Free
✓ Beginner-friendly
✓ Inventory management features
✓ Route optimization
✓ Cloud backups


✗ Customer support through text/email only
✗ No dispatching features
✗ Limited invoicing capabilities
✗ In-app advertisements get annoying

User Reviews

  • “Value for the money initially but over time I stay because I feel like they really listen to our needs and work hard on improving and adding features.”
  • “The recurring invoice system would be the only thing I could complain about. I would rather they would just send automatically, instead of having to manually click to send”
  • “Yardbook has been an excellent way for me to keep my customer lists, invoices/payments, staffing, equipment, and routes organized. And the best part is that it has been free to help me get started.”

8. ServiceTitan

Though not designed exclusively for lawn care, ServiceTitan software is a leader in field service industries. For lawn care companies interested in branching out into other areas of business operation, ServiceTitan can be a great tool.

Because ServiceTitan works with a variety of industries, it has features other lawn care business software providers don’t. Some of these features may be unnecessary, but some may come in handy. For instance, hazardous chemical management is a great tool for landscaping businesses that handle herbicide and pest control.

Key Features

  • iOS and Android app
  • Automated scheduling
  • GPS route optimization
  • Payroll and employee scheduling
  • Quotes, invoicing, and payment processing
  • Chemical management and tracking


ServiceTitan doesn’t publish pricing information. Reviews indicate that they average $145 per user per month. Request a quote for accurate pricing.


✓ First three months free
✓ Top-rated client portal
✓ Dedicated support manager
✓ Clean, user-friendly interface


✗ Designed for other industries
✗ Bugs reported by some reviewers

User Reviews

  • “Feature set and workflows are the best in the industry. Support is top notch. Software is reliable.”
  • “Customer service takes a while to solve issues and communicate. The Marketing Pro feature can use some improvement, though it’s far above what the competitors offer.”
  • Lots of features. Some useless, some not. I can see how the features would work for other companies but for us we ended up turning off a good amount of them as they added a lot of unnecessary steps.”

9. mHelpDesk

mHelpDesk is fully customizable, allowing you to add almost any feature you need to your list. It has complete offline functionality, allowing you to continue using it when you lose your internet connection in the field.

With fees for adding additional users, mHelpDesk gets more expensive as your service company’s size increases. For that reason, we recommend it for small businesses that need a full suite of features.

Key Features

  • iOS/Android app with offline functionality
  • Multi-Location Inventory Tracking
  • Routing and Dispatch
  • Estimates, invoices, and payment processing
  • Work order management


mHelpDesk doesn’t publish pricing information. Reviews indicate the software costs $169 per month.


✓ More features than most software
✓ Fully customizable
✓ Offline functionality


✗ Expensive
✗ Bad choice for large companies

User Reviews

  • “It was extremely easy for our employees to use when they had issues that were IT related. Made it extremely easy to track all the open tickets of issues across the state.”
  • “We are completely cloud-based, completely mobile, our response time has decreased and profits have increased. We have found a vendor/partner that listens.”
  • “Inventory does not sync well with QuickBooks. Customer portal has lame search features for my customers.”

10. Verizon Connect Reveal

Verizon Connect is backed up by America’s largest telecommunications network. Though this is not the cheapest option, it comes with a variety of fleet management features that can simplify running a larger company.

If you manage a fleet of five or more trucks, Verizon may be the best choice for you. With reliable support and industry-leading mapping, job management, and CRM tools, companies that can afford this software won’t be disappointed.

Key Features

  • iOS/Android mobile app
  • Live Maps
  • Engine Status
  • Reports
  • Scheduling
  • Commercial Vehicle Roadside Assistance
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Free Fleet Tracking Hardware


Verizon Connect Reveal starts at $45 per month, with fees for adding premium features.


✓ Only pay for features you need
✓ Industry-leading fleet management
✓ Great for companies with many vehicles
✓ Free tracking hardware


✗ Expensive
✗ Requires multiple plans for full functionality
✗ Support only during business hours Monday-Friday
✗ Long contract periods

User Reviews

  • “I love that I can real-time track all our assets. And running the replay is easy and gives a min by min run down of where they were all day.”
  • “Even though the trackers were installed for free … I feel that the monthly service is too expensive. It seems maybe you could get incentives or price breaks.”
  • “From tracking our oil changes to sending us alerts when employees are speeding, we use this every day. The customer service is amazing also, and there’s a pretty nice referral program.”

Buyers Guide

What is lawn care software? 

Lawn care software is any computer or mobile program that helps a lawn care business run efficiently and maximize cash flow. Most business software marketed toward lawn care companies provides a similar range of features detailed below:


Manages employee timesheets and schedules clients for one-time or recurring services. Most business software will automatically arrange a schedule for maximum workflow.

Job Tracking and Management

Assigns employees to specific jobs and tracks their hours worked to provide accurate pricing to customers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A set of tools that help you keep track of your lawn care company’s relationships with new clients and reach new customers. Service history tracking, complaint management, and communication all fall under this umbrella.


Tracks all services performed for a customer’s account and sends bills to customers automatically upon completion of service.

Route Optimization

Creates the most efficient route to perform all jobs on a daily schedule. Eliminates wasted time and fuel costs. Some software will update routes for delays and cancellations in real-time.

Equipment and Inventory Management

Keeps track of your lawn care machinery and inventory of supplies (herbicide, fertilizer, etc.) Some software can send notifications when equipment is due for maintenance or inventory needs a resupply.

FAQ About Lawn Care Business Software

1. Which lawn care software is best?

According to our research, compiled from several independent tech review sites, Jobber is the top-rated software for small- to medium-sized lawn care businesses. LawnPro is also top-rated and has a free version that works well for LawnStarter-affiliated pros.

2. What does lawn care software cost?

month to over $250. Some services offer multiple pricing plans with different sets of features, and others charge based on the number of technicians using the software.

3. Are there free options?

Yes. LawnPro has a free version available, and Yardbook is an entirely free platform supported by advertisements. Additionally, almost every option on the above list has a free trial or demo available.

Which lawn care software is best for you?

Any of the software options above will help you to better manage your lawn care business. LawnStarter’s platform also offers route optimization and handles all of your billing. 

If you have questions about LawnStarter’s platform and ways you can better use the services, call or text LawnStarter Pro Support at 855-800-4872 Monday through Saturday.

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