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ServiceTitan is generally a solid software as a service (SaaS) platform to manage your field service business. We were unable to use the software ourselves, so we watched YouTube tutorials and read reviews to get a good idea of how ServiceTitan works for field service pros in various industries.  

What we found: Our biggest issue was that it was hard to sign up for ServiceTitan. The chatbot on the website was unhelpful, as it only provided vague answers and directed me elsewhere. So, researching ServiceTitan ahead of a purchase isn’t easy. That’s why LawnStarter did it for you.

ServiceTitan Overview

ServiceTitan serves many industries, but its all-in-one software is particularly effective for home maintenance professionals, such as HVAC technicians, plumbers, and electricians.

LawnStarter Rating3.5 out of 5
Price RangeDoesn’t provide pricing info
Free Trial?No
Free Version?No
Pricing ModelBy users and features
Made ForAll Field Services
iOS AppYes
Android AppYes
DesktopOnline software
Features • Analytics Dashboard
• Customer Service Records
• Scheduling and Dispatching
• Invoicing

ServiceTitan Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

User Experience
Based on user reviews from various sources
As compared to the average of similar software
Based on the number of features included in this software
Our overall score is the average of the User Experience, Price, and Features score, with all categories weighted equally

ServiceTitan Key Features

Here, we’ll explain several ServiceTitan features that can help you automate your tasks and streamline your workflow.

 Analytics Dashboard

To help manage your business, ServiceTitan provides an analytics dashboard – a page in the app where you can track various statistics – that updates in real-time, keeping you informed on how your business is growing. Here are several features the dashboard tracks and what each one does:

  • Company Metrics: tracks revenue, sales, customer satisfaction, call booking, and conversion rates
  • Technician Scorecards: tracks the number of jobs completed and profits earned by each technician
  • Marketing Campaigns: tracks profits, leads, appointments, and revenue from different marketing campaigns
Revenue reporting on the analytics dashboard

Customer Service Records

Whenever a customer calls you, a pop-up will appear showing your customer’s name, address, and service history. From there, your customer service representative (CSR) can assign a technician to them.

ServiceTitan also records all incoming calls, so if you need to go over what your customer said over the phone, you can play the recorded conversation. This gives CSRs more information on your customers, leading to benefits such as:

  • Identifying which problem areas in your conversations negatively affect your business
  • Delivering more personalized customer service
  • Overcoming potential disputes 
  • Finding out how satisfied your customers are
  • Determining which of your employees need the most training
  • Tracking and sorting trends

Scheduling and Dispatching

ServiceTitan makes it easy to schedule jobs and dispatch technicians. The dispatch board uses a drag and drop interface, so you can easily place new jobs on the board or rearrange old ones to accommodate any changes.

The jobs on ServiceTitan’s dispatch board are color-coded, so you always know the status of your technicians. If your technician’s job entry is green, they’re working. If it’s purple, they’ve been dispatched. If it’s red, the technician is late to a job. If blue, your technician hasn’t been assigned to a job yet.

Color-coded schedule and dispatch board


ServiceTitan has an Invoice Generator tool that lets you create invoices and email them from your phone. You don’t need to have a ServiceTitan account to use it. 

The invoice templates in this tool are customizable, letting you toggle features on or off, add as many line items as necessary, and alter the sales tax rate depending on where the job was performed. Some fields you can add or hide are:

  • Preferred payment method
  • Contact information
  • Service details and technician name
  • Materials used, quantity, and cost
  • Pricing (flat rate vs. hourly)
  • Due date, late fees, or penalties
Invoice template example

ServiceTitan also offers batch invoicing, letting you send multiple invoices simultaneously.

ServiceTitan Pricing

ServiceTitan doesn’t provide pricing on its website. When researching, we found that many sources gave different price points, ranging from $245 per month to $398 per month. Based on these sources, we can conclude that ServiceTitan is on the expensive side. 

There are three packages with different features and price points, but you’ll have to contact ServiceTitan directly to find out how much each one would cost for your business. The packages are as follows:

  • Starter: the smallest number of features
  • Essentials: more features than Starter
  • The Works: has all of ServiceTitan’s features

Generally, the pricing is based on factors unique to your business. When I used the chatbot, I was told to contact a live chat representative or book a demo to find out about pricing.

ServiceTitan User Reviews

  • Ease of use: “…having everything at your fingertips in one convenient location is hands down the best advantage. You don’t have to worry about switching from system to system, and you can pull up multiple ServiceTitan screens and ST never misses a beat. It works for you.” – Madison R from g2
  • Great customer experience: “Service Titan makes my company look great in the eyes of the customer by helping create a painless purchasing experience. It helps communicate clearly with our customers, helps set expectations, and automates many of the touches we used to have to do manually.” – Aaron Z from g2
  • Responsive support: “Customer support has been outstanding. I think I’ve bugged our onboarder […] endlessly, and he has remained extremely patient with me.” – Ashley F from Capterra
  • Some workflows aren’t user-friendly: “In this time and age, there should be much easier screen flows, easier ways to track items,a and reporting. There also should be better shortcuts for the admin team inside.” – Scott K from Capterra
  • Aggressive sales team: After repeatedly asking them to place us on their do not call list. They called my office pretending to be support and social engineered my personal cell phone number from my scheduler. When they called me I was even confused so I don’t blame my scheduler.” – Bryan Kenney from TrustPilot

Pros and Cons of ServiceTitan

✓ Customers praise notification features
✓ Provides strong support for users
✓ Easy to customize
✓ Seamless integration with QuickBooks
✗ Expensive
✗ Steep learning curve
✗ Because the software is constantly growing, it can be tough to stay on top of new features

Alternatives to ServiceTitan

There are many alternative software platforms for service businesses, including lawn care, pest control, tree care, and landscaping. Below are some other apps you might be interested in if ServiceTitan isn’t a good fit: 

  • Housecall Pro: Housecall Pro is cheaper than ServiceTitan, but it lacks features such as payroll management and inventory management. Housecall Pro is better for small businesses, while ServiceTitan is the superior choice for larger businesses.
  • GorillaDesk: GorillaDesk is cheaper and has a free trial period, so small businesses would benefit from it more than ServiceTitan. However, ServiceTitan’s ability to accommodate more workers makes it better for larger businesses.
  • Service Fusion: Service Fusion has many of the same features as ServiceTitan but is better for locksmiths and security professionals.
  • Jobber: Jobber is also cheaper than ServiceTitan and is better for smaller companies. It has a free trial, something ServiceTitan lacks. However, larger businesses would benefit from ServiceTitan and its numerous features.
  • Vonigo: Vonigo is the best software for field service companies with multiple locations to manage.

Our Verdict

ServiceTitan is expensive, which might rule it out for small businesses, but it has many features and generally performs all of the tasks you need to manage your business more efficiently.

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