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Acquired by WorkWave, Real Green Systems is an all-in-one field service software designed for professionals in lawn care, landscaping, arbor care, and pest control. The essential functions are found in a customer relationship management (CRM) tool—Service Assistant—which offers several other integrated solutions.

We researched and evaluated the software based on customer reviews and online videos.

What we found: Real Green has quite a few tools that can help grow your business. On the other hand, most users claim that the program is expensive and that they have to revert to the older version (Service Assistant 4) to perform specific tasks, as some features are not available in the latest version (Service Assistant 5).

Before diving in, here are the main points of this article:

Real Green Overview

LawnStarter Rating4 out of 5
Price RangePricing is not available on the website, but various user reviews indicate that the base price ranges from $125 to $300 per month
Free Trial?No
Free Version?No
Pricing ModelBy features
Made ForLawn Care, Landscaping, Pest Control, Arbor Care
iOS AppYes
Android AppYes
DesktopOnline Software
Features• Service Assistant
• Routing Assistant
• Measurement Assistant
• Automated Marketing Assistant

Real Green Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars 

User Experience
Based on user reviews from various sources
As compared to the average price of similar software 
Based on the number of features included in this software 
Our overall score is the average of the User Experience, Price, and Features scores, with all categories weighted equally

Real Green Key Features

Real Green Systems offers a suite of tools with tons of features that make managing your business incredibly easy. They include, but are not limited to;

Service Assistant

Service Assistant is a web-based program where you can log in from any internet-enabled device to schedule jobs, make payments and billings, and perform all other routine field service tasks.

Note: Real Green recommends using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Apple Safari for optimal navigation.


After logging in, you will first see a clear and easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Real Dashboard
Dashboard view

The dashboard (seen above) consists of three colored blocks at the top, which are as follows.

  • Call log notifications: where you can see the calls that have been assigned to you
  • Payment entries: where you will see the summary of all allocations (total allocation, how much is assigned, and what is left)
  • Production entries: where you access all production transactions (total amount before and after discount, along with tax and size)

In addition to these blocks, you’ll also find quick access icons for frequently used functions, such as:

  • Add customers
  • Add production entries
  • Run reports
  • Go to scheduler

Adding a New Customer

Adding new customers in Real Green is quite different from what I know of similar programs—it is a so-called wizard.

Real Green Adding a customer
Adding customer screen

Clicking on the “Add Customer” icon will take you to a simple step-by-step screen, where you’ll fill out:

  • Customer information (name, address, phone number, and billing information)
  • Property information (route and area, size, map code, direction to house, tax and color codes)
  • Service selection (program, special job, special call, or package)
  • Program or service information
  • General information

Routing Assistant

Routing Assistant is a scheduling and routing tool that makes technicians more efficient and helps you provide better customer service. The Routing Assistant optimizes routes for you, so you can be sure you’re taking the most efficient route that uses the least time and gas.

Real Green Routing assistant screenshot
Routing optimization view

Color Codes

The colored halos and numbers in each route in the screenshot above have meaning for better customer service:

  • Green halo: new sales
  • Green and red halo: new sales and ASAP
  • Orange halo: multiple services for that customer
  • The number on each halo: the number of days since you last sold a job to the customer(s)

With the color-coded map view, you can quickly assess each customer and act accordingly. 

Lasso Feature

To ensure that your crew hits production goals, you can “lasso” a specific area to a technician, as shown below.

Real Green Lasso screenshot
How to lasso an area

“Lasso”-ing a certain area will give you a breakdown of production in that area in terms of total area and total dollar amount. Clicking on the “Truck” icon will optimize your route, placing all stops in the correct order. 

Measurement Assistant

Measurement Assistant allows you to measure a property quickly and give estimates without having to hit the road. Being able to give estimates remotely reduces travel time, corresponding labor hours, and fuel costs.

Aerial photos with property boundaries are a unique selling point of the tool compared to other programs.

For example, let’s say a customer inquires about a lawn care service. All you have to do is retrieve their information from the CRM database and access the Measurement Assistant tool.

Aerial GPS view of yard
Measurement Assistant in action

From this screen, you can add or subtract square footage, depending on what you want to include, and integrate it into the customer screen.

Another exciting aspect is that this tool allows you to check the status of a customer’s neighbors, whether they are active customers, have gotten estimates, or are canceled customers. With this information, you can scout potential customers, launch targeted marketing campaigns, and increase density where you already have a customer base.

Automated Marketing Assistant

Real Green’s Marketing Assistant is a set-it-and-forget-it program. It’s designed to make your life easier, increase your close rate and get more cancels back—all automatically. Automated Marketing Assistant has several features, including: 

Cancel letters and emails

These emails and/or physical letters are customizable based on why a particular customer canceled their service. Real Green’s Marketing Assistant has a 6.91% win-back rate for all canceled customers.

Estimate follow-up letters and emails

Marketing Assistant can automatically send out reminder letters advising potential future customers that they have a pending estimate. You send this notice as a follow-up when someone requests a quote and then doesn’t order service. The estimate follow-up letter/email has a 14.96% retention rate among customers who have held off.

Rejected estimate letters and emails 

Marketing Assistant sends this type of letter to customers who provide reasons for rejecting an estimate. You can change these customers’ minds by offering them a special deal in the email or letter. Rejected estimate letters/emails have a retention rate of 6.4%.

New sale confirmation letters and emails 

Marketing Assistant automatically sends a message to newly signed customers to welcome them and confirm the product they have purchased.

Pre-pay discount letters and emails

Send an email or letter to your customer to let them know if you offer a discount for paying in advance. Each communication will contain a QR code or link redirecting the customer to the Customer Assistant website to activate pre-pay and get their discount. 

Before-service emails

Marketing Assistant will send a message to a customer before you service their property. The message informs customers in advance that a technician is coming, opening a line of communication with the customer without ever having to pick up a phone.

After-service emails

After-service emails are the most popular notifications in Marketing Assistant. They inform customers about the service performed and the technician responsible. Marketing Assistant’s after-service email has the following statistics:

  • 61% open rate of all after-service emails sent to customers
  • 35.7% are not opened, and 3.3% are undeliverable
  • 25% clicked on links
  • 75% viewed only
  • 21% paid with it
  • 8% reached out
  • 5% managed their account
  • 2% signed up with autopay

Payment reminder

If a customer has an unpaid invoice on their account for too long, Marketing Assistant sends them an email that contains the amount the customer owes and a link to make payments or set up auto-pay.


On the dashboard, you can see how your Marketing Assistant communications are performing, such as how many services you sold, how many people opened your emails, and how many unsubscribed customers you won back.

Real Green Pricing

Real Green doesn’t provide pricing information publicly. However, the various user reviews we looked at indicate that the program is priced between $125 and $300 per month, with additional fees for some features.

You may need to contact Real Green to get updated and accurate plan pricing. But, according to the information we gathered while writing this review, the program has four plans with different features.

  • Starter: service assistant, routing assistant
  • Business: service assistant, routing assistant, measurement assistant, mobile live
  • Corporate: automated marketing assistant, service assistant, routing assistant, measurement assistant, mobile live, customer assistant website, automated marketing assistant 
  • Enterprise: automated marketing assistant, service assistant, routing assistant, measurement assistant, referral assistant, statement processing, mobile live, customer assistant website

Real Green User Reviews

Offers value for cost: “It’s not cheap but it will pay for itself! New products sometimes roll out with a few bugs but ultimately are fixed and once working correctly are awesome.” —David S from Capterra

Easy learning curve: “I really noticed that training a new person on the software takes significantly less time now. Real Green is always willing to work with us when we need something else added that we think would benefit others as well as our company.” —Kristen H from Facebook

Slow and expensive: “Very expensive. Software is extremely slow. Wait up to a minute or more for pages to load. Not good when you have clients/potential clients waiting for answers. I have to wade through many screens to get to the information.” — LinkedIn Verified Reviewer from Capterra

Buggy software: “There seems to be a lot of bugs. The company seems to be growing faster than they are able to keep up with.” — Kersten D from Capterra

Easy scheduling and routing: “Overall, it was easy to use after learning the basics. The mapping and scheduling functionality is this software’s best feature.” — Laura W from Capterra

Pros and Cons of Real Green

While Real Green offers many tools to help businesses accomplish a variety of tasks, some users are put off by the price, the additional and hidden fees, and the lack of some features in the latest version of the core product (Service Assistant 5).

✓ It has a lot of features
✓ User-friendly interface
✓ You can access it from anywhere
✓ Can schedule multiple services
✗ Can’t handle many customizations
✗ Prolonged credit card processing
✗ Unreliable reports
✗ Some features unavailable in the latest version

Alternatives to Real Green

If you do not want to sign up with Real Green, you can check out the following alternatives.

  • Arborgold: Arborgold integrates with more third-party applications than Real Green, but it’s a little more difficult to navigate. However, it’s more specialized for the green industry.
  • SingleOps: SingleOps may be a better choice for landscapers because it includes landscape design features.
  • FieldRoutes: FieldRoutes and Real Green have the same feature set, but FieldRoutes’ features seem more straightforward to navigate than Real Green’s.
  • Jobber: Jobber is relatively cheaper than Real Green and offers a 14-day free trial.
  • ServiceTitan: ServiceTitan offers more customization options than Real Green and has a mobile app for all users, while Real Green’s Mobile Live app only comes with certain plans. 
  • ServiceWorks: Real Green and ServiceWorks are both suitable for service businesses, including fleet management, but ServiceWorks offers a free trial.

Our Verdict

With Real Green’s extensive features, it should help you manage and grow your business quickly. It’s a solid option for field service professionals, as long as you can deal with the price and a few bugs.

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