5 Popular Grass Types in Nashville, TN

Bluegrass - Nashville

A beautiful, well-manicured lawn is the prized possession of homeowners across the nation. Nice lawns not only provide value to properties, but they also provide a space to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful Nashville summers. However, an impressive lawn is the product of hard work, care, and maintenance. Neglecting your front yard can often lead to overgrowth with weeds and appearance of dead patches. While there are several small repairs that you can make, there are scenarios where it is necessary to re-sod your entire lawn. Whether you’re trying to replace the eye sore in your front yard or you’re just in the mood to start afresh, it’s important to know: what is the best type of grass to grow in Nashville?

The 5 Most Popular Grass Types in Nashville

  1. Fescue
  2. Bluegrass
  3. Ryegrass
  4. Bermudagrass
  5. Zoysiagrass


1.) Fescue

Fescue Grass - Nashville

Fescue grass is the most widely planted cold-season species throughout lawns in Nashville. Cold-season species are adapted for growth in cooler, humid regions of the nation. In fact, fescue is not tolerant of high summer temperatures. As such, if you decide to resod your lawn with this species, make sure you are overseeding with warm-season grasses. Though fescue does not compromise its range of temperatures, this species tends to be tolerant to drought, disease, and heavy foot traffic.

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2.) Bluegrass

Bluegrass - Nashville

Bluegrass is not actually named for its leaves, which does not exhibit a blueish tint. Nevertheless, bluegrass flaunts a beautiful green for most of the year. Bluegrass is another cold-season species of grass that grows best in the fall and winter months. This species also prefers full-sun, although it is moderately shade-tolerant. If your lawn is getting plenty of sunshine, bluegrass would be a great choice of turf. However, bluegrass requires moderate maintenance. If it’s stressed for water or grown in high temperatures, bluegrass will go dormant.

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3.) Ryegrass

Ryegrass - Nashville
Photo from Flickr user: macleaygrassman

Ryegrass, another cold-season species, is used ubiquitously. It’s planted everywhere — athletic fields, golf courses, parks, you name it. Ryegrass is a popular species to use because it has the highest wear-tolerance of any of the cold-season species. Therefore, it can handle a lot of foot traffic and it will still look great. Ryegrass is usually used for overseeding in the winter months. Because of its ability to grow beautiful through cold temperatures, it’s used to keep your lawn vibrant and green throughout the cold season.

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4.) Bermudagrass

Bermuda grass - Nashville

Bermuda grass is a beautiful species of grass. Although it’s mostly used for football fields and golf courses, many homeowner’s decide to plant it for their lawns as well. Bermuda grass requires lots of sunshine and would grow best on lawns that get little shade. Your lawn will undoubtedly look great with Bermuda grass. However, be prepared for a rigorous maintenance schedule. This type of grass will require monthly fertilization, mowing more than once per week, and frequent irrigation. If you’re willing to take the plunge, spring is the best time to plant this fast-establishing grass type.

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5.) Zoysiagrass

 zoysia grass

Zoysia is a warm-season species that grows best in moderate sunlight. So if your lawn gets a nice mix of sunlight and shade, Zoysia may be a great option for you. This grass type is slow to grow, which means that you won’t be mowing your lawn as often. However, growing slow also means that recovering from damage will also take a long time. Zoysia is also very durable, being resistant to many diseases and wear. Zoysia is a tricky one to maintain, but if you’re a diligent homeowner, you’ll certainly have the best looking lawn in town.

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Planting new grass can help keep your lawn healthy and strong. Let us help manage your lawn care needs by visiting our Nashville page.

Last updated June 2018


Jake Lane

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