How Much Does it Cost to Install a Smart Door Lock in 2024?

Homeowners can expect to pay around $330 to have a smart door lock installed, although the price ranges from $200 to $460 on average.

The national average cost to install a smart door lock is $330, with most homeowners paying somewhere between $200 and $460. The lowest cost of this project is around $125 for simpler lock designs and easier installations, whereas complex, high-end models may take as much as $1,200 for installation and related services. 

Smart door locks are a perfect solution for a secure, keyless entrance. These devices are designed to operate with either a smartphone app, a PIN on a keypad, or a face or fingerprint scanner. They may also allow remote entry access and sync with home automation systems. In this cost guide, we’ll look at what it costs to install a smart door lock in 2024. 

In this guide:

Average Costs to Install a Smart Door Lock

The cost to install a smart door lock varies depending on the type of door, smart lock model, and the complexity of installation. Here is the average cost of installing a smart door lock, including the labor and equipment. 

National Average Cost$330
Typical Price Range$200 – $460
Extreme Low-End Cost$125
Extreme High-End Cost$1,200

On the low end of the spectrum, it costs just $125 to install a simple smart lock that attaches over an existing lock. And at the high end, you may pay as much as $1,200 to get a new smart lock with biometric technology installed by an expert. On average, the common Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock installation costs $330 if you call a handyman or locksmith. 

Smart Door Lock Installation Cost by Lock Type

There are many kinds of smart locks, each with its own features and functionality. Some might require a steady internet or Bluetooth connection while others might need specific accessories to work.

Let’s take a look at different types of smart locks and their costs, excluding the labor cost of installing them:

Lock TypeAverage Unit Cost
Wi-Fi$200 – $300
Bluetooth$170 – $260
RFID$110 – $300
Keypad$90 – $300
Biometric $200 – $350
Z-Wave$240 – $360

Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Lock

As the name implies, Wi-Fi smart locks work off a Wi-Fi connection and allow you to access and check your home security remotely. You can change codes, lock and unlock doors, or check if there’s a breach. 

Wi-Fi-enabled smart door locks are compatible with all kinds of home systems, be it Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Siri, and operate with a phone app. Most designs do not need an adapter or additional hub to work. Excluding the installation costs, a Wi-Fi smart lock typically costs $200 to $300 per lock where cost varies with features, brand, etc.

Bluetooth Smart Door Lock

Bluetooth smart door lock systems come with almost the same features as a Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock. You can unlock and lock doors, set new codes, set auto locks, and unlock them remotely. 

A basic Bluetooth smart lock unit costs around $170 to $260 and works with a mobile app. The only drawback of these smart locks is that they have a limited range of 40 to 50 feet. 

RFID Smart Door Lock

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, wireless systems consist of two components: readers and tags. An RFID smart lock uses a keycard, just like locks in hotel rooms or offices. The system uses electromagnetic waves to transmit signals between the card and the lock. Contactless debit or credit card payments work on the same principle. So, no need to worry about forgetting your keys. 

Some RFID lock models are completely contactless, while others require a physical connection between the lock pad and the card. You have the freedom to choose between a microchip card or a key fob-style access card according to your home security system and convenience. RFID smart door locks cost between $110 to $300

Keypad Smart Door Lock

Keypad locks require a four-digit code to open the lock. There are two kinds of keypad smart locks in the market – a mechanical or a touchscreen keypad lock. 

  • Mechanical smart keypad locks come with physical buttons that you press to enter a code to lock or unlock the door. This design isn’t the safest option in the long run as numbers easily fade away and might help intruders guess the code. Most of these models also include a traditional keyhole that can be used to lock or unlock the door, even though that technically contradicts the idea of a smart system. Mechanical smart locks cost around $90. 
  • Touchscreen smart locks require you to enter a code on a screen. This is mostly done through the manufacturer’s phone app. The best of these models are fingerprint-resistant so it’s hard to guess the code from the prints on the keypad. A touchscreen smart door lock unit cost around $300. 

Biometric Smart Door Lock

Biometric lock systems employ a combination of PINs and fingerprints to lock and unlock doors. They use a touchscreen design featuring biometric technology that scans and recognizes your fingerprint to unlock the door. 

RFID, keypad, and smartphone app access are often integrated into these locks as backup methods. Many biometric lock models also work with smart home automation systems. Depending on the features and model you pick, biometric units generally cost $200 – $350.

Z-Wave Smart Door Lock

These smart locks use Z-Wave radio frequency technology to integrate with your smart home control system. You can program and control the lock with a smartphone app. Some models come with advanced features such as enhanced security inputs and automatic door locking, but they mostly need a hub or Alexa device to work. On average, locks with Z-wave capability cost $240 to $360.  

Cost to Install a Smart Door Lock by Door Type

The total cost to install a smart door lock also depends on the type of door you’re putting it on. Smart door locks are installed on all door types, but the most common location is the front door. Other popular door types for smart locks include basement doors, office doors, and garage doors. 

It’s an excellent, keyless, and worry-free way to add additional security. You can also install them on storage lockers, and cupboard doors. Here are different door types and the cost of suggested smart lock type for each:

Door TypeLock TypeAverage Unit Cost Range 
Front doorsKeypad or Bluetooth lock$100 – $300
Office doorsKeypad or RFID lock$100 – $300
Airbnb doorsRFID lock$100 – $300
Storage and office doorsBiometric lock$250 – $400
Security doorsWi-Fi-enabled lock$200 – $300

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Few other factors that influence the total cost of smart lock installation include:

Locksmith and Handymen Price

Installing a smart lock is seemingly a simple process, but it’s always better to hire an expert handyperson or locksmith for the job. The average labor cost to install a smart lock ranges from $50 to $110. If your smart lock is a simpler model, you can also call in a reputed handyperson to fix it in the cost range of $40 and $90 per hour on average. 

Smart door lock installation usually just takes 30 – 50 minutes. Some locks are designed to fit on existing deadbolts and take even less time to install. Other, more complex, smart locks require a deadbolt and strike plate to be unscrewed and all lock parts swapped out. The professional then mounts new internal parts of the smart lock and screws everything back. After that, the app setup, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, or keypad PIN configuration takes just a few minutes to complete. 

The expert will also charge around $50 – $100 as a service fee. 

Remote Control

Certain smart locks require a remote control or fob that lets you lock or unlock the door while standing from a distance. Remote access may come as an additional feature or as an alternative to the mobile app. 

You can also get multiple remotes for every member of the family. While it is a super convenient feature to have, it will also increase the cost by $20 to $50 on average. 

Battery Type

Smart door locks run on batteries to operate the door mechanism, Wi-Fi capability, and LED lights. As with any battery-powered device, keyless entry systems can run out of power and need their batteries replaced. Some smart locks have a traditional key option as a backup for such instances, but most don’t. 

Most of these smart door locks use AA or AAA batteries, or rechargeable battery packs. Homeowners spend around $10 to $90 on batteries. A few models also run on solar-rechargeable batteries that may cost a bit more upfront but are more economical in the long run since you don’t need to replace batteries. 

Landlord Permission

Landlords require you to inform and give a copy of the key to them for emergency access. Changing locks on your door, especially the front door of the house, needs to be discussed with your landlord if you’re residing in a rental. Also, make arrangements for if you want to take the smart lock with you when you move from their property. 

Related Services 

Here are a few related services that you might want to budget for:

Door Modifications

Smart locks don’t always fit your door as they are, especially if you live in an older home. These door locks need the door to work smoothly, which means you shouldn’t have to push or jerk the door to open or close it. 

It’s smart to budget for minor door modifications and repairs when getting a smart lock. Most commonly, a little door alignment will get your door ready for a new smart lock. The cost of door repairs depends on the type of door and the extent of the damage. For example, repairing a front door costs between $100 – $500, while fixing a garage door costs around $106 to $325 per repair.  

Installing a New Door

If your door is damaged beyond repair, or is struck by a serious mold infestation, you might consider replacing it altogether. Installing a new front door costs $1,260 on average.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

Installing a smart door lock can be a reasonably simple DIY project, especially for deadbolt locks. If you have the basic tools and equipment at home, you can save on the labor cost with DIY installation. Make sure you follow all the instructions, and call an expert if you encounter any problems. 

But if you don’t have any experience installing locks, it’s best to call in the pros. They come with all the necessary equipment and tools to make sure the new lock is installed properly and your home security is tight. 

If you attempt to do it yourself and make a mistake, you could damage the door and leave your house vulnerable to potential break-ins. The total cost of installing a smart door lock includes the price of the unit itself, which can range from $90 to $360 depending on the type of lock you choose. The cost can go up if your door needs repairs or you have to buy required equipment such as drills and screws, etc. 

We recommend hiring an experienced locksmith or handyman to complete the installation correctly. Professional installation costs between $200 and $460. This includes the professional mounting, connecting, configuring, and testing of the smart lock, plus the cost of materials. 

Cost to Install a Smart Door Lock by Location

The cost of installing a smart door lock varies depending on where you live because of different labor and material rates. Labor rates vary because of changes in demand and competition in certain markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are smart locks susceptible to hacking?

Yes. Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and other systems that operate on hubs can be hacked. This is why it’s advisable to change the password now and then, use a security system, and share access with trusted persons only.

What is the battery life of smart door locks?

Several factors determine the life of your smart lock batteries, including temperature, environment, and weather stripping. Generally, the battery life ranges from 6 months to 1 year. 

Are smart locks safe?

Yes. Smart locks are safer than your traditional locks since they’re mostly integrated with an app or home automation system to alert users. They are also harder to break or pick because of advanced security controls. Not to mention that you don’t have to worry about losing the key. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking to add additional security and eliminate the cons of a traditional lock system, getting a smart lock would be the best decision for you. You can choose from many types to accommodate your home needs. Find a pro near you to install a smart door lock correctly for you and secure your home.

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