How Much Does it Cost to Replace a One-Car Garage Door in 2024?

The installation of a single-car garage door typically costs between $515 and $2,200, with the national average being $1,355.

Replacing a garage door saves you the hassle of routine repairs and maintenance, improves your safety, and eliminates an unsightly garage door that can ruin your home’s curb appeal and landscaping. Plan on spending an average of $1,355 to replace a one-car garage door, but expect costs to range from $515 to $2,200, including materials and labor.

The overall cost of replacing your garage door will depend on several factors, including the type of garage door, the size and style of the door, and the material.

This cost guide contains:

Average Cost to Replace a One-Car-Garage in 2024

National Average Cost$1,355
Typical Price Range$515 – $2,200
Extreme Low-End Cost$605
Extreme High-End Cost$5,135

Garage door replacement costs are typically the same as installing a new door, except some part of the old door is reused to reduce the replacement cost. The cost to replace a single-car garage door ranges from $515 to $2,200, with a nationwide average of $1,355. This price covers the removal of the existing door, tracks, rollers, and other parts, as well as the installation of a new door, and other components.

At the lower end of the price scale is a non-insulated steel door, which starts at $605 and is installed on a compatible existing track. An automated garage door with wood or glass windows and add-ons such as a keypad and security sensors is on the higher end of the price range, averaging $5,135.

One-Car Garage Door Replacement Cost Estimator by Size

The size of your garage door is one major factor that influences replacement cost. While single garage doors are generally 7 to 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide, there are other dimensions for single-car garages that accommodate larger single vehicles (SUVs and trucks) and overhead storage, but at a higher cost.

Garage SizeCost Range for Materials Only
‘8 x 7’$400 – $900
‘9 x 9’$450 – $1,000
‘10 x 10’$500 – $1,150

One-Car Garage Door Replacement Cost by Type

The type of door is another factor that affects the cost of garage door replacement. Some doors are more expensive than others due to the way they function and their different aesthetics.


This is the least expensive garage door, with a cost range of about $475 to $1,375. It’s a solid single-panel door that is hinged at the top and swings out parallel to the ceiling when opened. The operation of this type of door requires sufficient clearance in front of the garage and in the ceiling. They are available in retractable and canopy door models.


This is the most commonly installed garage door. Sectional garage doors consist of interconnected panels that slide on a vertical track parallel to the ceiling when fully open. Prices for sectional garage doors range from $395 to $1,525.


Roll-up garage doors consist of interconnected horizontal steel panels that roll up into a tube or drum above the door when opened. This makes the best use of limited overhead space to create additional storage. Roll-up doors cost between $560 and $1,956.

Glass roll-up

This type of door works similarly to a regular roll-up door, but it rolls up in sections, costs more, and is made of glass panels instead of steel sheets. Roll-up glass doors cost between $850 and $5,950.

Carriage house

This is a pair of doors that look like a traditional carriage house and swing in and out in the middle. Carriage House garage doors cost between $945 and $6,875.


Walk-through doors are typical garage doors with a single small door that allows you to enter and exit the garage without having to open the entire garage door. Prices for these garage doors range from $1,000 to $4,750.


French garage doors are the second priciest option after the glass roll-up. They are no different from regular French doors, a set of glass doors that opens outwards from the center. They range in price from $1,725 to $5,225.

Other Factors That Affect Cost

The cost of installing a garage door can vary from project to project based on the following additional cost factors:


The garage door material has the biggest impact on the price of the door and the overall replacement cost. The most common materials are listed below, with aluminum being the cheapest, while glass and high-quality wood, including faux wood, cost more.

MaterialCost Range
Aluminum$545 – $2,465
Steel$605 – $2,735
Vinyl$810 – $2,455
Wood$825 – $3,690
Fiberglass$800 – $2,600
Glass$975 – $4,875
Faux wood / composite wood$706 – $4155

Custom garage doors

Homeowners who want their garage door to match the style and design of their home can opt for a custom door. These doors feature different designs, colors, high-quality materials, and custom window and door sizes that differ from standard doors. Custom garage doors without labor cost between $1,035 and $9,335, depending on whether it’s partial or full customization.

Insulated garage doors

Insulated garage doors help regulate the temperature in the garage and protect homeowners who use the garage as an extension of their living space from hot and cold weather. Insulated doors are rated with R-values between 0 and 20. The cost increases as the insulation value increases.

Pre-insulated doors are more expensive than non-insulated doors, costing between $600 and $2,650 for labor and material. However, if you want to insulate an existing door, expect labor costs of $55 to $550.

Door opener

A garage door opener opens the garage door remotely with the push of a button. Depending on the model, an automatic garage door opener costs between $280 and $700 to install, including a remote control and keypad.


You may want to add a window to your garage door when you replace it, or you may purchase a pre-installed garage door with a window. Either way, garage door windows let natural light in. The price of the window depends largely on the size, style, and features. On average, installing a window in a garage door costs $30 to $60 per window, while buying a stock door with a window costs about $700 to $2,600.


Labor costs are also an important factor in estimating the cost of a new garage door. On average, labor costs for installing a new garage door start at $190 and rise to $450 or more for complicated jobs. This price is for installation only and does not include the cost of materials or the cost of the electrician.

Related Services 

Below are additional garage services and their costs that you should consider when replacing your garage door.

Door removal

Garage door removal and disposal costs are usually included in the replacement estimates. However, this may not be the case with other contractors, as some charge additional fees of around $30 to $130 for the disposal of old garage doors, especially large and heavy doors.

Electrical works

Homeowners who switch from manual to automatic garage doors or whose garage wiring is defective will have to pay additional labor costs to hire an electrician to install new wiring and electrical outlets. Electricians charge between $40 and $100 per hour.

Garage door repair

Garage door repair costs between $106 and $325 per repair. Repair is generally less expensive than replacement unless the damage is severe. Possible garage door repairs include;

  • Damaged opener
  • Warped panel
  • Broken cable
  • Broken spring
  • Damaged tracks, and rollers

Cost of Replacing a Single-Car Garage Door by Location

The cost to replace a garage door can vary from location to location, mostly because of differences in labor costs and the cost of materials. Be prepared for higher costs if you live in places with a higher cost of living.


Can you install a garage door by yourself?

Installing garage doors yourself keeps costs down, but it’s not a recommended DIY project. Garage doors are heavy and cumbersome and require power and special tools to install. If you want to replace or install a garage door, you should hire a professional.

How long do garage doors last?

A properly maintained garage door should last 15 to 30 years if not damaged by inclement weather. Also, homeowners have a 5- to 10-year warranty against garage door material defects.

How long does garage installation take?

Garage door installation typically takes about four hours, a day or longer, depending on the complexity of the installation, type of doors, and type of service.

What kind of warranty is available for garage doors?

Some installation companies offer a warranty that includes:

● A 1-year warranty on labor after initial installation
● A 10-year warranty on most insulated garage doors
● A 10-year warranty on garage door windows
● A 1 to 3-year warranty on garage door springs
● A 5 to 10-year warranty on material defects

Final Thoughts 

That’s all there is to it. Now that you know that the cost of replacing a garage door is not just labor and materials, but many other factors as well, that causes the national average of $1,355 to change.

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