How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Garage Door in 2024?

It costs between $140 and $340 to repair a garage door, or an average of $240, including materials and labor.

Garage doors don’t just conceal your garage, they also secure your home and vehicle. They’re key entry points to the home and need to work properly at all times. And to keep garage doors secure and operational, you might want to budget for some repairs.  

Homeowners can expect to pay between $140 and $340 to repair a garage door and restore their home’s curb appeal and security. The national average cost is $240, which includes materials and labor.  

In this cost guide:

How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost?

Garage door repair isn’t too expensive in most cases and when catered to timely, but it surely needs a professional’s experience and knowledge. The cost to repair a garage door is:

National Average Cost$240
Typical Price Range$140 – $340
Extreme Low-End Cost$90
Extreme High-End Cost$1,340

The average garage door repair cost is between $140 and $340, including all the materials needed and labor for the job. This makes an average cost of $240. Specifics like the size, type, material, and extent of damage on your garage door determine the total cost of your repair project. This is why the typical range of prices to repair a garage door varies from home to home. 

Common garage door repairs include fixing openers, springs, cables, sensors, tracks, and locks. Minor repairs, such as fixing a dent, can cost as little as $90, while major repairs can go as high as $1,340. That includes some part replacements. If the door is severely damaged, you might want to consider garage door replacement. This typically costs between $590 and $1,650.

So, where will your garage door repair fall in this wide cost range? We created this comprehensive guide with multiple pricing factors to help you budget accordingly. 

Garage Door Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Garage doors can break in many different ways. You might be surprised to learn that most of them are accidental. Here are some common repair costs:

Dent Repair Cost

All garage doors can dent. But some materials, such as fiberglass or aluminum, are easier and cheaper to repair than others. Expect to pay around $110 to $300 for dent repair by a handyman who will hammer the dent out. Dents in wooden or composite doors are more complicated to restore and might need replacements. 

Remote Repair Cost

Repairs for garage door openers range from $100 to $350, depending on the issue and type of opener you have. The repair could be as simple as replacing the batteries, which costs no more than $35 or could be an issue with the radio frequency. If the remote cannot be fixed, it will need to be replaced and cost you around $120 to $300

Panel Replacement Cost

A garage door panel will probably need to be replaced if it is damaged. Panel replacement is one of the more expensive door repairs you will face. It costs between $350 and $1,675, depending on the complexity of the door and style. 

It’s hard to find matching panels for unique styles or custom doors and you might need to replace the entire door instead. Garage door replacement costs between $590 and $1,650 on average. 

Window Repair Cost

Garage doors often have glass windows that can crack or break. If your garage door window needs to be replaced, the average cost of a window replacement is between $310 and $1,330, including labor. 

Track Repair Cost

If your garage door is jerking, hanging unevenly, or sticking when you open or close it, it might have a bent track. It costs around $120 to $330 to repair a garage door track. Such repairs usually involve removing the door, resetting the rollers, and realigning the door after hanging. 

Roller Repair Cost

Rollers guide the door smoothly along its track. They can crack, chip, or become worn with daily use and need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Expect to pay around $100 to $220 for garage door roller replacement.  

Sensor Repair Cost

Garage door sensors are designed to alert the system if there is an obstacle in the way when the door is closing. If it isn’t working properly, you might end up with a damaged vehicle or injured family member. A malfunctioning garage door sensor may also prevent the door from opening or closing all the way or auto-reverse on its own. To avoid safety issues, defective sensors need to be replaced. Sensor replacement cost ranges from $130 to $210

Cable Repair Cost

Cables make sure that your garage door doesn’t run off its track and go out of position. When garage doors screech or whine, it’s generally an issue with the cable. Including the labor costs, you can expect to spend around $100 to $360 to replace garage door cables. 

Chain and Pulleys Repair Cost

Chain and pulley issues can cause your garage door to lift unevenly or make one side lift higher than the other. Professional chain replacement costs somewhere between $95 and $350.  

Springs Repair Cost

Garage door spring repair costs around $170 to $510, including labor. There are two kinds of garage door springs: 

  • Torsion Springs: These springs are mounted horizontally over the opening of your garage door. The torsion springs twist to store energy as the garage door lowers and release this energy when the door opens. Most torsion springs can last for 10,000 open and close cycles on average. They cost around $200 to $290
  • Extension Springs: This is the most common spring found on garage doors. They stretch and compress during operation and cost about $50 to $95

Bracket Repair Cost

Brackets hold the garage door together and reinforce it to work with the opener. The average cost to repair brackets on your garage door runs from $80 to $180.

Lock Replacement Cost

If your garage door lock isn’t working properly, the replacement will cost around $145 to $400. This price range covers the typical cost that locksmiths charge for a visit, around $50 to $75, and the cost to replace the garage lock, $95 to $325

Garage Door Repair Cost by Door Style

Your garage door repair price can widely vary based on the door style you have. For instance, carriage-style or single-roll-up garage doors are simpler, hence easier to repair. While door types with several parts, such as sectional garage doors, are harder and costlier to repair. 


One-panel garage doors typically need a full replacement rather than simple repairs. The cost to replace the one-panel door runs from $350 to $1,030


Carriage-style garage doors have few parts but in most cases, they will need a full replacement. Expect to pay around $1,000 to $10,000. A few repairs that they usually need are for hardware or window, which costs around $360 on average.  

Custom Roll-Up

A custom garage door typically means lots of parts and systems. Although such doors can drastically improve your home’s curb appeal, the repairs will be much more expensive and complex than standard builder-grade doors. Budget around $1,500 or more for these repairs.


Sectional garage doors are quite popular in the U.S. This style consists of several parts working together. If your repair includes replacing or repairing just one part, the project will fairly be inexpensive. But complete replacement will cost about $800 to $1,000

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Here are a few other factors that influence the total cost of garage door repairs:


The average cost to hire a local garage repair pro can go from $75 to $150. But if the repair is minor, the pro might only charge you for the service fee, which is around $50 to $75. Labor rates are subject to change according to your area too. Urban localities with high populations have more competition which results in higher labor rates than those in rural areas. 

Garage Door Material

An important factor that affects the cost to repair a garage door is the type of material it is made of. Here’s a repair cost breakdown for different types of garage doors:

  • Aluminum Garage Door Repair: The cost to repair a standard aluminum garage door is between $170 and $350. It’s one of the least expensive options and is available in a wide variety of colors. The downside is that aluminum doors can dent pretty easily. 
  • Fiberglass Garage Door Repair: Fiberglass is an excellent choice for a garage door because it is rust-resistant and cheap. You can expect to pay somewhere between $140 and $320.
  • Wooden Garage Door Repair: Wood garage door repairs range from $260 to $530, being the most expensive option. But the elegance and sophisticated feel they add to your home are unmatchable. Wooden doors are, however, prone to damage such as rot and warp by elements.
  • Steel Garage Door Repair: Another popular garage door material is steel. It costs between $250 and $700 to repair a steel garage door. However, steel doors are prone to dents and corrosion. 

Related Services 

Here are some related services that homeowners might wish to consider:

Garage Door Removal

If your door has issues with its springs, cables, tracks, or pulleys, you probably need to remove the door to replace these parts. For this reason, the quotes from most garage door companies and contractors already include garage door removal in their replacement or repair prices. 

The cost of garage door removal only involves the labor charges of the repairman. This makes up about $35 to $130 for the job. The cost is low because there are no additional materials or equipment needed for the job. 

Garage Door Replacement

You might need a new garage door because the old one is damaged or aged beyond repair. While some homeowners might just want to replace the garage door to boost their home’s curb appeal. 

Garage door installation costs an average of $1,120, whereas homeowners typically spend between $590 and $1,650 when they hire a pro for the job. 

Garage Door Paint

Most dent repairs leave the surface of your garage door a bit bare. You can hire a professional contractor to paint your garage door for $300 to $500. You can also buy garage door paint, which typically costs $30 to $40 per gallon, and do it yourself.

If you want to finish up your wooden garage door, professional refinishing and painting will cost around $300 to $500

Window Installation 

If you’re considering adding a window to your garage door, the awning style is the popular choice. These windows increase air circulation since they open up and out. Awning window installation costs between $295 and $655 per window on average.

Emergency Repairs

Garage door repair and replacement pros are not usually available on weekends, evenings, or holidays. But some repairs may need urgent attention to avoid the risk of security breaches and injury. 

If your garage door needs an emergency repair, it will cost more than the regular rate because it will be outside the business hours of the professional. You can expect to pay between $100 and $200 for same-day, emergency repairs. 

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

While it is possible to get all garage door parts for replacement at home improvement stores or online, experts advise against attempting to do it yourself. This is mainly because garage doors are huge and heavy, and need to function properly to avoid any mishaps and crushing hazards. 

To ensure the safety of people using the garage and your vehicles, garage door repairs should be left to the pros. These doors contain lots of moving parts, tracks, rollers, springs, and cables that need to be in their right places. With so many parts, things could easily go wrong. 

But, if you have sufficient experience to go the DIY route, you can expect to spend somewhere around $10 to $200 for replacement parts. The job could take a few minutes or as many as four hours to complete. 

On the other hand, hiring a professional to repair your garage door costs $140 to $340, and paying a little much for an expert is worth your security.

Cost of Garage Door Repair by Location

Local prices for contractors are always subject to change. Your geographic location can also affect what you pay for garage door repairs because of these price fluctuations and labor demands. 

Some areas might also have garage door reinforcements requirements based on the state or municipal building codes. Generally, costs are higher in densely populated urban areas than in rural areas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some signs that your garage door needs repairs?

Some common issues that show when a garage door needs repair: 

● Trouble opening and closing the door
● Broken panels or sagging garage door
● The garage door is noisy when opening or closing
● Inoperable or stuck door

How long do garage doors last?

Your garage door’s lifespan depends on many factors such as the type, brand, weather, usage, and the environment. With proper maintenance, garage doors can last for 15 to 30 years or even longer. 

Which garage door material requires less maintenance?

Aluminum and fiberglass garage doors are the sturdiest options. Aluminum won’t rust and is highly durable, while fiberglass is resistant to temperature fluctuations and costs very less to fix too.

Final Thoughts 

Budgeting for garage door repairs can be challenging because most of the time the broken or malfunctioning part becomes a safety hazard and needs emergency repairs. The overall cost to repair your garage door isn’t too high but can go up if the door itself needs to be replaced. Find a pro near you to help you keep your garage door looking and working well.

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