How Much Does it Cost to Install French Door in 2024?

Homeowners nationwide spend between $1,735 and $3,950 on French door installation.

French doors are distinguished by glass panels that span most of their length. They are unrivaled in charm and elegance, adding decorative elements to any home and letting in plenty of natural light.

Installing a set of French doors costs an average of $2,845, but depending on the materials you choose and other factors, you can expect to spend anywhere between $1,735 and $3,950. A single-pane French door is on the low end of the price scale, costing about $700, while high-end models, such as large, ornate double-pane exterior doors, can cost up to $10,000. But the total cost of your project will also depend on the French door material, choice of door style and type, door size, glass panel, and door location.

In this cost guide:

Average French Door Cost in 2024

National Average Cost$2,845
Typical Price Range$1,735 – $3,950
Extreme Low-End Cost$700
Extreme High-End Cost$10,000

The average cost to install a basic model of French doors in the United States is $2,845. Costs range from $1,735 to $3,950, with several factors accounting for the price range. Depending on the materials you choose and the quality, you can spend as little as $700 for a pre-hung French door, or as much as $10,000.

French Door Cost Estimator by Size

Obviously, size impacts the overall cost of installing a French door. The larger the French door, the higher the price. A standard interior French door is typically 80 inches high and 36 inches wide, but they also come in odd sizes ranging to 96 inches high and 96 inches wide. The additional labor required to install a larger French door will drive the cost up between $150 and $550.

French Door Cost by Material

French doors come in a variety of styles, and the cost of each style depends on the material. The price starts at $400 for a vinyl French door and goes up to $4,500 for high-quality wood material.


Vinyl French doors are the most affordable, costing between $400 and $1,400. They are lightweight and low-maintenance, but their poor insulation makes them well-suited for interior doors.


Wooden doors go well with any decor and are popular because of their natural look. However, they require routine maintenance and are vulnerable to damage in extreme climates. Prices for wood doors range from $300 to $4,500, depending on whether you choose an inexpensive softwood or the more expensive solid wood option.


Fiberglass doors typically cost between $650 and $4,335. Despite the high initial cost, they are a good choice for homeowners looking for added strength, durability, and excellent insulation for their doors. They are relatively lightweight, available in a variety of colors and shades, and can be installed as either interior or exterior doors.


Aluminum doors are another durable, low-maintenance, and lightweight option. However, these doors don’t insulate well, so they should only be used as interior doors. They are inexpensive and cost between $375 and $2,500.

Clad wood

Clad wood is a fusion of different materials such as steel, aluminum, and fiberglass to create an esthetically pleasing and exceptionally durable door. Its scratch and weather-resistant properties make it a good material choice for patio doors. Wood-clad patio doors have a high entry price, ranging from $1,400 to $2,150.


Steel is another preferred option for French entry doors because it is sturdy, low-maintenance, and unmatched in durability. Steel doors cost between $550 and $3,065, but installation costs can be high due to their heavy weight.

French Door Cost by Location

The location of a door in the home can either increase or decrease installation costs. Even though French doors work well as patio and front doors and are used indoors as room dividers, they vary in cost due to the materials.

  • Interior doors are much less expensive, costing between $550 and $850, not including labor costs. These doors are usually made of softwood, which is why they are lightweight. Since they are not used outdoors, they are only moderately sealed and typically consist of a single pane of glass.
  • Exterior doors are more expensive, costing between $1,050 and $4,050. They are usually made of solid wood for added strength, heavier hardware for security, and double or triple panes of glass for greater energy efficiency. All these factors are responsible for the high cost.

French Door Cost by Type

French doors have evolved from traditional hinged doors that meet in the middle to a variety of fashionable door styles and types, including single, sliding, and telescoping models. The size and difficulty of installation of each model will affect the installation cost. Below is an overview of the different types of French doors and their typical material costs.

Double in-swing

Double in-swing French doors swing inward like single in-swing doors but have two sets of doors that meet in the middle without a frame or stile. Double swing-in doors cost between $450 and $4,050.

Double out-swing

Double out-swing French doors have the same price tag as double in-swing doors, $450 to $4,050, but operate slightly differently. The doors are designed to open outward, making them ideal for homeowners with limited open space in their homes.

Single in-swing

Typically, you see pairs of French doors that meet in the middle and swing in or out, but the single French door is becoming popular as well. It is a single door with interior glazing and a single-glazed fixed sidelight on one side. On average, single in-swing French doors cost between $350 and $1,050.

Single sliding

Single sliding doors do not operate on a hinge but instead slide on a track over a fixed panel. This helps manage space and works well for homes without clearance on either side of the door. Single sliding doors cost between $550 and $1,500.

Center hinged in-swing

This door is hinged in the middle. One door opens inward while the other is fixed. Center-hinged doors are most often used in public facilities and cost between $1,050 and $1,500.

Telescoping sliding

This glass door with multiple sliding panels slides into each other when opened from either side. It is a sturdy and expensive type of door whose cost ranges from $2,750 to $6,000.

Other Factors That Affect Cost

French door installation cost is not limited to the door material, size, and type, but a number of different factors can affect the overall cost. Additional factors include;


Labor costs are an important additional factor that affects the cost of installing a French door. They depend on the type and material of the door, the size, the location of the installation, and the rates in your city. On average, you should expect professionals to charge between $270 and $1,050 or $70 to $120 per hour for installation.

As a rule of thumb, labor costs are usually low if you install a single door, a single in-swing door type, or a door in an existing doorway, as opposed to an entryway that needs alteration.

Type of glass

The type of glass pane used for the French door will affect the project’s cost. This is because each glass has a different aesthetic, insulating ability, energy efficiency, and price. Most interior doors are made of single-pane glass that is laminated or tempered. Exterior doors are more stable and, therefore, double or triple-glazed.

  • Tempered glass costs $450 to $1,750
  • Laminated glass costs $550 to $1,250
  • Double-pane glass costs $750 to $3,050
  • Triple-pane glass costs $850 to $5,050


Of course, you can customize your French doors, but expect to pay more. Customization includes custom cladding, door moldings, using decorative elements, higher-quality materials, high-end hardware, and other additional features. Custom French doors cost from $3,335 to $10,000 or more, depending on the features.

Storm door

Storm doors are necessary to prevent bad weather from denting your exterior door. Especially if you live in places with bad weather. A storm door costs from $180 to $800.

Door accessories

If you include the following door accessories, your installation costs will also increase

  • Blinds: $200 to $1,300
  • Transom window: $350
  • Security locks: $30 to $550


Not every French door needs to be painted, as some materials like vinyl and fiberglass are pre-painted. However, if you choose to paint your French door, expect to pay between $150 and $200 per door.

Cost to Replace French Doors vs. Cost to Replace Sliding Glass Doors with French Doors

It costs between $2,500 and $6,000 to replace existing French doors, depending on the type, material, and location. Professionals find interior doors easier to replace than exterior ones, so they charge less.

Replacing a sliding glass door with a French door costs between $1,900 and $5,500. This price covers the cost of installing a new door and removing and disposing of the old sliding glass door. The cost may be higher if the new door is heavier or the entryway needs to be modified.

On the other hand, if you want to install new sliding doors, the cost of sliding glass patio doors ranges from $1,350 to $3,450.

French doors are incredibly versatile. They are an ideal way to connect two interior spaces and create open access to outdoor areas like patios. Here are some patios and decks that lend themselves to the use of French doors.

Paver patio

The variety of patterns, textures, and hues offered by a paver patio adds an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space and the home as a whole. It costs between $8.69 and $22.18 per square foot to install a paver patio.

Concrete patio

Concrete patios are highly customizable. They can be stamped, engraved, and stenciled to mimic the look of a particular design at a lower cost. Concrete patios cost between $4.40 and $16 per square foot.


Decks are a fantastic addition to any home. They provide homeowners with more usable space to relax and enjoy the landscaping of the yard and neighborhood. It costs an average of $7,320 to install a deck.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

Hiring a professional to install your French door costs an average of $2,845, but you can lower that price by $270 to $1,050 if you install the door yourself, provided you have the necessary experience and tools for such projects.

However, if you don’t have experience with DIY or home improvement projects, you should hire a professional to avoid the risk of buying doors that don’t fit and can’t be replaced and having installation nightmares.

Cost of French Doors by Location

The average cost of installing French doors is $2,845 nationwide, but that is just an average and the price will vary from region to region. This owes to regional cost variations in materials and labor. Expect to pay more to install French doors if you live in places with a higher cost of living or in remote areas where transportation costs have been added to the installation cost.


How long do French doors last?

French interior doors last longer than exterior doors. While the former can last between 30 and 50 years, exterior doors have an average lifespan of 15 to 30 years. However, high-quality door materials such as clad wood, steel, and fiberglass have a longer lifespan.

How long does it take to install a French door?

Installation takes 2 to 3 hours. However, it may take longer if the project is a bit more complex.

What type of French doors is the best?

Wood works well for interior French doors because it has a natural, warm look that matches any interior design. Fiberglass is best for exterior French doors because it’s energy efficient and weather resistant.

Final Thoughts

A French door is surprisingly expensive, but its aesthetic appeal is a smart move that can increase the resale value of your home. Remember that the national average can change depending on other cost factors.

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