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William Shelton , Owner

1709 Seaton St NW
Washington, DC 20009

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If your landscaping is in dire need of a certified arborist, Capitol Tree Care is reasonably priced and handles both residential and commercial sites. They can provide assessments for potentially hazardous tree situations, treat tree diseases, do stump removal, trim, prune, plant, and remove. They also offer mulch and high-quality firewood.

Services Offered

Fire Pits

Fire Pits

Lawn Care

Fire Pits

Lawn Care


Ratings & Reviews

Very pleased with the mowing done by Shawn. My lawn was unrecognizable before, and now it's like new! Really appreciated his work, and I am no longer dreadding the summer because I know the lawn will be taken care of!

Washington, DC Jun 29, 2019


Washington, DC Jul 04, 2019

I wish I could've been cut a little lower but I'm still very much satisfied. Thank you for going the extra mile for customer satisfaction.

Washington, DC Jul 04, 2019

Great cut, much appreciated!

Washington, DC Jul 09, 2019


Washington, DC Aug 17, 2019

Thank you for continually doing a great job!

Washington, DC Nov 05, 2019

Great work. Thank you! Lawn looks amazing!

Washington, DC Nov 08, 2019

I was wondering why the back yard isn't being mowed as well?

Washington, DC Aug 02, 2020