LawnStarter's Quality of Life Index for Virginia

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Report Findings and Summary

Virginia ranks No. 16 on LawnStarter’s 2015 Quality of Life Index for the 50 states.

The index is based on six quality-of-life factors analyzed by LawnStarter and borrowed from The Economist -- GDP (economic output) per capita, average life expectancy, divorce rate, unemployment rate, geographic location (latitude) and male-female income equality. The Economist considers these factors to be good barometers for quality of life.

For Virginia, the standout categories on the index are divorce rate, unemployment rate and geographic location.

“There is no better place to live than in Virginia, with its mix of rich history, diverse relaxation and recreation options, the most modern technologies and its quintessential Southern charm,” the Virginia Economic Development Partnership says.

For a full copy of the report's methodology and analysis, please email LawnStarter's Chief Economic Research Analyst, Ryan Farley, at

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