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Each lawn has individual needs that must to be met in order to maintain its health and beauty. At Dave's Landscaping & Removal Service we have the experience necessary to make sure your unique lawn care requirements are satisfied. Our knowledgeable staff is well-versed in the latest landscaping techniques that will have your lawn flourishing in Tallahassee.

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Ratings & Reviews

Dave has put together a real nice crew. All are super professional and devouted to their work. Been a loyal customer for over 3 years!

Apr 21, 2013

I've been a customer for over 2 years which speaks to their service level. Wish I could give them six stars!

Mar 15, 2014

Earlier this month, I had some friends over and they could not stop raving about the look of the lawn. Dave and his crew really do superb work and for this I've recommended them to just about everyone that I know.

Sep 25, 2015

Satisfactory job. It seems like their equipment is a bit old which ends up compromising on quality. Would recommend to others due to quality (cheaper than competitors when I was doing the comparison). Hope this helps.

Aug 21, 2016

Best lawn care provider in the city. DON'T look anywhere else!!

Aug 14, 2016

My husband was gone for a long business trip so our lawn was getting out of hand. Thankfully someone recommended Dave's Landscaping & Removal Service just in time. They were super flexible and came out quickly and did a great job. Since my first experience, I've been nothing a but a loyal customer.

Jul 11, 2016

None else is allowed to touch my grass beside Dave and crew. They've lifted a curse that my yard has been under for many years.

Sep 08, 2016

Bar none, best lawn care service in Tallahassee.

Dec 03, 2016

A much better alternative to my husband doing the lawn :)

Nov 24, 2016

Currently on the once-a-month mow and they haven't missed a beat. Love their service.

Dec 10, 2016

They shattered my screen door. I'm giving them a two because they've been helpful with the replacement of it.

2016-07-29 00:00:00

I love there automated scheduling service. Makes things super convenient for me.

2016-05-25 00:00:00

Splendid job. Thoroughly impressed.

2016-10-21 00:00:00

Had my first job and they did wonderful work. Will revise my rating based on the next few ratings.

2016-09-03 00:00:00

My lawn has gotten numerous compliments in 2016. Things are very well>

2016-08-10 00:00:00

Wish I could give more than 5 stars. Can't be happier with the service provided.

2016-10-21 00:00:00

Lawn appears to be too short, I avised that we did not want the grass too short, you can stress the lawn and kill the lawn.

Tallahassee, FL 2017-10-19 00:00:00

Lawn was good. Thank you. Did the seeding get done?

Tallahassee, FL 2017-10-31 00:00:00

Better edging

Tallahassee, FL 2017-10-15 00:00:00

I don't think it was mowed. Maybe because of rain? I have picture that show it was not mowed?

Tallahassee, FL 2017-11-08 00:00:00

Looks great, thanks!

Tallahassee, FL 2017-08-21 00:00:00

Grass uneven, starting to look like corn rows from being cut the same direction every time. Grass growing in the seams of the sidewalk and driveway

Tallahassee, FL 2017-09-04 00:00:00

The cut grass wasn't bagged. It is all over my lawn and in the street.

Tallahassee, FL 2017-10-24 00:00:00

Love it they deserve more stars! Again!

Tallahassee, FL 2017-10-15 00:00:00

Excellent service, thank you David!

Tallahassee, FL 2017-11-01 00:00:00

Lupe did not do the work. It was philipe and he did a good job.

Tallahassee, FL 2017-10-13 00:00:00

Not uniformly cut the grass; made dirts in the driveway

Tallahassee, FL 2017-10-23 00:00:00

I love it my husband has never agreed to anyone doing our yard he retired four years ago and now has gone back to work and he loves its. Thanks

Tallahassee, FL 2017-10-26 00:00:00

It looks grear

Tallahassee, FL 2017-10-15 00:00:00

Should be mowed one a month

Tallahassee, FL 2017-08-22 00:00:00

Please make sure gates are securely closed when finished. Thanks

Tallahassee, FL 2017-10-20 00:00:00

Did a great job! Front and backyard looks awesome!

Tallahassee, FL 2017-10-16 00:00:00

Consistently great service. I'm very pleased with how my lawn looks. Donnie has gone above and beyond, cleaning out overgrown areas and even getting our porch swing moved after the hurricane. He is always pleasant and personable! Many thanks Donnie!!

Tallahassee, FL 2017-11-19 12:00:29

Looks great.

Tallahassee, FL 2017-12-05 20:33:02

Still weeds in fenced yard and edging off . I had requested the other side to be cut low and only half was done . He must have come While I was at central market , he does quick work

Tallahassee, FL 2018-03-21 23:42:54

Good job on my lawn...I love it!!

Tallahassee, FL 2018-04-11 21:44:27