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This is the second mow on the lawn, and clumps of grass are in various areas of the lawn. Almost like it wasn't bagged or it was wet.

Round Rock, TX Sep 22, 2017

Hey.. The Lawn looks great, but we are still having a problem with the edging. I received a reschedule notice for Monday, but then they mowed on sat, so I was not here to talk to them. More or less, the edging is not getting done. If you can let me know the day they are going to be here, I can show them. - $40.00 is a lot considering how small our yard is. Right now, it takes them about 10 minutes to mow both front and back and their gone, so I want to make sure the edging is correct for the money.

Round Rock, TX Oct 28, 2017

Backyard was not mowed.

Round Rock, TX Aug 29, 2017

Grass not cut evenly. Many places where missed or grass sticking up

Round Rock, TX Oct 19, 2017

So far the best now we have had. Yard looks great. He even weed rates under our palm bush and our front flower bed.

Round Rock, TX Nov 04, 2017

They need to mow the first three feet behind the gate leading to the pond

Round Rock, TX Nov 07, 2017

Please only mow the back next time. Lawn looks good though. Thank you.

Round Rock, TX Aug 21, 2017

Very satisfied with such great care Bryce has given our lawn! Thank you so much !! Happy 4th Bruce!

Round Rock, TX Oct 02, 2017

Great job! thank you

Round Rock, TX Oct 28, 2017

Another great job.

Round Rock, TX Nov 08, 2017

Notice said Sat-Mon. I received it on Monday. I responded that I needed 20-30 minutes advance notice as we have a pool, need to keep gate locked, and would unlock when notified. I also said we did not need service this week. Carlos showed up Tuesday afternoon, no notice, and just starts mowing grass that didn't need it. I went out to talk with him as he did not even come to the door to tell me he was there (and my door was open with the glass storm door). He said there was a problem and he couldn't make it out in the designated timeframe. I am tired of hearing the « there was a problem » excuse! When I tried to explain to him that I sent him a reply saying we didn't need service this week, he gave me the « I don't understand English » routine. I finally gave up, unlocked the gate, and went inside. There is no grass to cut at this time. So a few things I am unhappy about: 1. I have heard the excuse for not showing up « there was a problem » more often than the grass has been cut .

Round Rock, TX 2018-02-14 20:34:01

Had requested that a PUSH MOWER be used to mow my lawn and that the CLIPPINGS BE BAGGED. I could see on the lawn that a riding mower was used and there were several places in the back yard with a lot of lawn clippings. Do not show up next time and use a riding mower and not bag the clippings, I will not pay you!!!!

Round Rock, TX 2018-04-05 16:41:43

Fantastic job!

Round Rock, TX 2018-05-02 00:21:57