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Very good but there was some area in the back yard that were missed. . .

Round Rock, TX Sep 04, 2017

Looks great, thanks!

Round Rock, TX Oct 29, 2017

Thanks, Joey! Nice to come home to a tidy lawn.

Round Rock, TX Nov 02, 2017

A very good job on the back yard. Some weeds to the right of the front yard still live...

Round Rock, TX Sep 02, 2017

I used to cut the grass on a shorter setting so it looked trimmed and groomed. Seems like mower setting is high? Doesn't appear freshly mowed.

Round Rock, TX Nov 05, 2017

Looks good

Round Rock, TX Oct 28, 2017

He was fantastic and the lawn looks great

Round Rock, TX Oct 14, 2017

I had to pick up a torn up "rag" which was left scattered in the back yard. Tha cut was fine.

Round Rock, TX Aug 18, 2017

Merion - Since the grass around the cabin is drying out because of the heat, can we make the mowing a once a month thing instead of twice? Until the rainy season comes around again. Thanks!

Round Rock, TX Aug 25, 2017

5 star

Round Rock, TX Oct 15, 2017

I do not know , the HOA Home owner association sent me a fine or violation with the value of 50 $ ask me to pay special attention to weeds in my yard, in the tree wells, flower beds, and the curb all the way to the road. I do not know what to do? Could you please help me with these issues. I am fed up with HOA requirement. I am waiting for your response. Have a good day.

Round Rock, TX 2017-10-13 00:00:00

Grass was not bagged. The front flower bed at the front steps did not have the flower bed weed eaten. I can only assume they thought it was Monkey Grass, but it's not; it's weed grass.

Round Rock, TX 2018-03-30 13:32:50

2nd mowing in a row!!! Edging is horrible!!!!! PLEASE CANCEL ALL FUTURE SERVICE AS OF 6/5/2018

Round Rock, TX 2018-06-06 00:10:31

They didn't cut an entire section next to the fence!!! Please return here and complete

Round Rock, TX 2018-07-30 14:45:24

Too many grass clippings on lawn. Grass clippings all over front patio and driveway. Too many uneven mowing surfaces on lawn. Completely dissappointed.

Round Rock, TX 2018-08-17 10:28:28