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Chris Benavidez, owner

Old Highway 29
Georgetown, TX 78626

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Chris is the founder of Chris's Lawn Services, a lawn mowing service in Georgetown. He has a 5.0/5 rating. Customers describe him as easy to work with, timely, and professional.

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grass cutting

fall cleanups

lawn mowing service

lawn care

lawn treatment

Ratings & Reviews

Outstanding as always!

Georgetown, TX Jan 31, 2018

The yard looks fantastic! Thank you!

Georgetown, TX Mar 05, 2018

Great job always --thank you

Georgetown, TX Apr 19, 2018

Good crew--good job! Thanks

Georgetown, TX May 10, 2018

Didn't mow to the property line on the south in the front. Didn't mow the north yard at all.

Georgetown, TX May 12, 2018

Thanks Dan,

Georgetown, TX May 24, 2018

Unfortunately the grass was not cut evenly - there are strips of grass that were left longer than the rest of the lawn. I didn't realize until service had been set up that you don't bag the clippings which would have been my preference - it wouldn't have been too bad though, except that the grass chute should have been aimed away from the flower beds so as not to cover the beds/mulch with the clippings- thus making it look even messier as weeding the beds also wasn't a part of the service though I had originally been told it would be.

Georgetown, TX Jul 21, 2018

Great job! I especially appreciate that there were no grass clippings left in the bedding areas.

Georgetown, TX Sep 28, 2018

Thank you Kevin. You did a great job!

Georgetown, TX Jul 06, 2019