5 Plants for Easy Container Gardening in Texas

In the north, residents face harsh winters and less gardening time. In the south, its the opposite–intense summers that can also limit one's personal ability to frequent the garden. Container gardening is great for the interior or exterior of you home, and is a great way to incorporate natural esthetics into your decor, even in the summertime.

With all of the heat El Paso experiences over the spring and summer, the chances of enjoying your outdoor plants becomes tough. Enjoy your favorite plants by planting them in containers that can allow you to bring them inside as you please. Check out these popular Texas plants that would do well in any indoor or outdoor living space in El Paso.

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1. Firecracker Penstemon

Considered an herb, the Firecracker Penstemon enjoys a lot of sunlight. This beautiful orange flowered plant would do best in a container near a doorway or window to take advantage of the many full days of sunshine that El Paso receives each year. Medium green leaves are accented with tubular flowers that sit on top of the plant. The Firecracker Penstemon would provide instant interest from attracting hummingbirds and a bit of color. The size of this plant can greatly vary from 1-3 feet tall and wide so keep an eye on it to make sure that it doesn’t get too big for the container.

2. Desert Savior

This beautiful succulent includes light green leaves with a hint of purple edging. The Desert Savior is native to Texas and does well in the drier climate of the area. This plant is small enough that it would do well in a small space like a windowsill or small shelf. It will bloom during the summer months and should only get to about 6” tall making it a perfect accent to a small space. Plant a few in a small container create the perfect little accent.

3. Damianita

This beautiful yellow flowered plant features a pop of color that would spruce up any home. The Damianita would do best in a sunny room and would look great in a shorter container near an area of focus like a fireplace or doorway. The small features of this plant make it a great option for indoor gardening as it will only get a few feet tall and wide. Consider placing a few of these gorgeous plants around the house to bring instant and vibrant color to any home.

4. Autumn Sage

This long blooming shrub will bloom from early spring until late fall making it an easy choice for indoor gardening. The Autumn Sage is considered a small ornamental flowering shrub that will only get a few feet tall and wide. The tall spires of this plant turn into beautiful coloring flowers that can either be red, pink, purple, orange, or white. The Autumn Sage is a member of the mint family and will help to create a clean and refreshing scent to a home. Place this plant in a container near a window or in a well-lit room to make sure that it blooms most of the year.

5. False Aloe

Source: ANPS.org

Another plant from the succulent family, False Aloe is a plant that features dark green leaves and beautiful yellowish-green flowers. It would do well in a container that is a bit out of the way in a corner or at the end of a hallway. The False Aloe can get up to 4 feet tall and can be up to 3 feet wide. Choose a wider based container that will allow this plant to flourish and enjoy the tall length that this plant would provide as a home accent.

Container gardens are a great way to bring nature to your home. Adding a few well-placed containers with any of these plant varieties will go a long way in adding color and interest to your home décor. Using plants that are native to the area help to cut down on constant attention and will limit the maintenance that these plants require whether they're indoors or outside.