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The great city of Frisco is known for its beauty. Why should your lawn be any different? Here at Premium Lawn Treatment & Landscapes Service, we specialize in lawn mowing, landscaping, and fertilization. Our knowledge of lawn care special to Frisco, provides our customer base with a lawn they can be proud of. With the continuing growth of our business, we have brought on experienced lawn care providers who share the same passion for landscaping as we do. Our customer satisfaction continues to flourish thanks to our dedication to getting the job done quickly and right. We thrive by having open lines of communication with our clients, which allows us to deliver the results that they desire.

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Ratings & Reviews

Arturo did a fine job! Wonderful edging, very few grass clippings remaining in my mulch beds - and what is there will likely blow away in the next strong breeze. Thank you so very much.

Dallas, TX Oct 22, 2017

Very fast & professional.

Dallas, TX Oct 31, 2017

The edging was not done well this time. It was sloppy.

Dallas, TX Nov 03, 2017

Bushes were trimmed but clippings were left scattered on the yard

Dallas, TX Apr 17, 2018