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They did not mow the back because no one called me about the gate keys. Pretty sure this was a new group but the instructions have to be passed on to anyone doing this please or this service will not work out for me.

There were several yellow flags places in my yard by Atmos Energy for some gas pipeline thing. There was also a stake in my front yard from my pest control company's sign on it. It didn't matter. The guys mowed over everything and never picked up the tras

Thanks for changing to biweekly.

Thank you!

I may be misunderstanding the service, but I believe blowing is a part of what I'm supposed to get. There are grass cutting and leaves in my landscaping features and driveway. My expectation is that grass cuttings will be blown out of my landscaping and m

Didn't do back yard, gate was locked but we were home, gone before I could even go out to unlock the gate. Never knocked on the door

did not trim the fence line in backyard and missed several areas while mowing. also came to the door and asked for me to pay. twice had to explain to them that i don't pay them directly. front yard and sides are good.