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Never showed up

Lawn looked great!

I thought last week was a good job, but with small ruts in the front, back and side yards. This week the ruts are deeper and your guys have now carved part of my side yard down to bare dirt. There is a line of dirt that runs the entire length of the side

great work

Great job

Grass clippings were blown into our garden where we grow food. We have two 2'x2' gardens with 2 feet of wood chips around the perimeter to deter grass growing in the area. Chunks of grass clippings are in the wood chips and our veggies for dinner are cove

Excellent job-- we were very pleased


Every other time they moved our little 2x2ft fire pit to mow underneath it. This time they didn't.

Edges, corners, and spots missed. Looked rushed.

Decent mowing. Lot of clipping piles left but it was long. Average trimming job. Overall good value.