L. Macias Lawn & Landscape

Landyn Macias, President

Corinth, TX 75040

Years in Business: 5

Employees: 31

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LawnStarter Certified

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Ratings & Reviews

Uneven, several blades left uncut, VERY short in some areas and appears mower blades are not sharp. Also knocked down a bird feeder and did not pick it up.

THe mowing was fine, but unnecessary because the grass did not grow. They were thorough in completing their edging and clean up, but it wasn't actually needed.

Now I can get my lawn cut, fertilized and aerated all from the same company!

Next week please be sure not to cut the above-ground, exposed Verizon cable. It's is clearly flagged. The cable will be buried sometime in the next 10 days.

Lawn looked great but back gate was left open resulting in my dogs getting out and into the road. Thankfully they were not hurt, but it was a very scary incident.

Jim and his crew worked hard to make our lawn look great.

I'm guessing they used the weed whacker to mow again since, like last time, it's not even. This service is not worth $35 a cut.

Great job! Txs for closing gates!

Did a great job. I'm happy with service