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Worked fast and efficiently. Did some extra things and did them well.

The yard looks GREAT!!!! Thank you so much.

The last two times my lawn has been mowed, the edging was done poorly. The wide swaths left don't look good and this time, there are quite a few tall areas along the fence where edging was missed. Sloppy the last two times.

Still looks long and left grass clippings all over driveway, sidewalk and path to front porch.

Nicely done

Lawn clippings were not collected after service was completed. Large piles and streaks of dead grass was left all along my property.

I think the backyard didn't get done. Which is really strange. Y'all have done it before. The front looks great of course. Now the backyard is super high and we wanted to plant a garden but obviously have to wait now.

I think it's too early to give a true rating. The grass in our backyard was tall to start, so I guess it makes sense that it doesn't look even yet. It just looked very choppy, but a big improvement from where it was. Today is our second service so I am h

Good job! But we will not be needing service anymore._Thank You!