Joe gree

Joseph Stewart, owner

6601 Pueblo Lane
Charlotte, NC 28227

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Ratings & Reviews

Lawn looks great. Thanks!

Charlotte, NC Feb 27, 2019

Great job! He was very thorough and complete and communicative

Charlotte, NC Feb 27, 2019

Thank you Noe.

Charlotte, NC Mar 05, 2019

Thank you! Looks amazing!

Charlotte, NC Mar 07, 2019

This is my 1st mowing with Lawn Starter. Great job!! Thanks so much.

Charlotte, NC Mar 11, 2019

He was awesome and did a great job!

Charlotte, NC Mar 18, 2019

The grass is cut. However the grass has lots of weeds n the need of soil treatment . Thank You Kirk.

Charlotte, NC Mar 20, 2019

I yard is in such bad shape and James made it look very nice. Thank you so much!

Charlotte, NC Apr 02, 2019

Thank you Clyde for the great work.

Charlotte, NC Apr 12, 2019

My grass looks absolutely amazing. I love it and I want to keep this crew.

Charlotte, NC May 02, 2019

I would leave a tip, but since I have been charged twice as much as I should have been, I will forgo tipping until the bill has been rectified,

Charlotte, NC 2019-05-14 16:41:24

Side and front need shorter. Backyard looks good

Charlotte, NC 2019-06-02 22:00:18

Excellent. we are very very happy .

Charlotte, NC 2019-07-14 19:19:06

Looks good. Thanks Doral.

Charlotte, NC 2020-07-07 19:16:46

Yard looks great!

Charlotte, NC 2020-08-18 01:17:23