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Marquise Aiken, owner

11516 Spring Laurel Drive
Charlotte, NC 28215

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Ratings & Reviews

Front yard was not cut. Was it due to new grass and ground being wet?

Charlotte, NC Mar 06, 2019

Very nice. Lawn looks good. Thank you for cleaning up clippings from drive and street. Only thing I would say is since you dont bag the clippings please blow off the excess clippings from yard. There were clumps of grass clippings throughout the yard. But overall, it looks great.

Charlotte, NC Mar 19, 2019

Team of 4 was very efficient.

Charlotte, NC Apr 16, 2019

Great job

Charlotte, NC May 17, 2019

It's raining so hard so can't really get a good look!!

Charlotte, NC Jun 12, 2019

Great job!

Charlotte, NC Oct 18, 2019

Thank you Marquise!

Charlotte, NC Oct 27, 2019

Great work!! Thank you Marquise. You came by a day early, didn't have a chance to move the sign from the lawn on the side of the house; sorry about that.

Charlotte, NC Nov 07, 2019