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Ratings & Reviews

My lawn is beautiful! I was so disappointed with my initial crew who left my lawn a choppy, unfinished mess. I didn't have high expectations when I was assigned a new crew, but Nathan exceeded all expectations! I plan to keep him permanently!

Baltimore, MD May 17, 2019

Brandon and his partner did a great job.

Baltimore, MD May 22, 2019

Bernard did a fantastic job. Debating having weeding done

Baltimore, MD May 27, 2019

Chris and his helper did a good job of getting the yard ready for a regular mowing. However... it took the two of them 35 minutes to complete and my bill is $243. I know I approved it ahead of time but that's a pretty high hourly rate. Can we cut that in half? Chris mentioned as he was leaving that he thought the yard was larger than it turned out to be and to see if I could work something out. Thanks!

Baltimore, MD Jun 07, 2019