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The lawn looked very nice and they covered all the areas of our lawn that the stupid landlord designated for the property. Thanks Dusty!

Austin, TX Oct 21, 2017

I was charged $120 for my front lawn. My roommate was home and nobody bothered to try and get into the backyard or get him to let them into it. I had to go out and mow the backyard myself. Now this week as of today my roommate is home and he tells me that the lawn people that came out didn't even bother to see if he was home they just let themselves in the backyard by taking the back gate off of the hinge!!! I want $40 credited to my account for the Longgrass fee that I was charged from the 15th without having had my backyard mowed or I'm canceling the service

Austin, TX Oct 11, 2017

Great job - the lawn looks awesome! Thank you.

Austin, TX Aug 23, 2017

Please let Andrew know that we didn't mercilessly trim the trees at the house. Our landlord contracted that and we hate it. The lawn looks awesome though. :) Thanks, Andrew!

Austin, TX Aug 13, 2017

My lawn looks great! Thanks Marylin!

Austin, TX Nov 09, 2017

Perfect! A++ and Brandon received my message and avoided the areas I indicated. Lawn is beautiful.

Austin, TX Oct 18, 2017

Beautiful job

Austin, TX Oct 16, 2017

There is grass sticking up in the front and back yards, the edging is shoddy, and once again my request to have dead leaves cleared up in the front and back yards was ignored. Your service stinks.

Austin, TX Nov 03, 2017

Great job - Couple areas where there were weeds growing from the ground that I would have liked to have seen shorter. But other than that - It was a good cut.

Austin, TX Dec 11, 2017

Looks great as always; thank you!

Austin, TX Nov 01, 2019