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Austin, TX 78744

Years in Business: 6

Employees: 2

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The lawn looked very nice and they covered all the areas of our lawn that the stupid landlord designated for the property. Thanks Dusty!

Austin, TX Oct 21, 2017

I was charged $120 for my front lawn. My roommate was home and nobody bothered to try and get into the backyard or get him to let them into it. I had to go out and mow the backyard myself. Now this week as of today my roommate is home and he tells me that the lawn people that came out didn't even bother to see if he was home they just let themselves in the backyard by taking the back gate off of the hinge!!! I want $40 credited to my account for the Longgrass fee that I was charged from the 15th without having had my backyard mowed or I'm canceling the service

Austin, TX Oct 11, 2017

Great job - the lawn looks awesome! Thank you.

Austin, TX Aug 23, 2017

Please let Andrew know that we didn't mercilessly trim the trees at the house. Our landlord contracted that and we hate it. The lawn looks awesome though. :) Thanks, Andrew!

Austin, TX Aug 13, 2017

My lawn looks great! Thanks Marylin!

Austin, TX Nov 09, 2017

Perfect! A++ and Brandon received my message and avoided the areas I indicated. Lawn is beautiful.

Austin, TX Oct 18, 2017

Beautiful job

Austin, TX Oct 16, 2017

There is grass sticking up in the front and back yards, the edging is shoddy, and once again my request to have dead leaves cleared up in the front and back yards was ignored. Your service stinks.

Austin, TX Nov 03, 2017

Great job - Couple areas where there were weeds growing from the ground that I would have liked to have seen shorter. But other than that - It was a good cut.

Austin, TX Dec 11, 2017

Mowing done on time, with effective communication

Austin, TX Mar 06, 2019

Lawn looks good.

Austin, TX 2019-03-08 00:16:23

I thought blowing leaves off patio was part of the service? They did the front but didn't touch the back patio. Thanks

Austin, TX 2019-03-13 02:20:37

Looks great! I went out to open the gate while they were cutting the front.

Austin, TX 2019-03-12 23:55:48

Chris did an AMAZING job with my yard today!! Careful not to get anything in my pool and yet took the time to blow out all the fallen leaves from the rock beds! Love the high quality work!!! Thank you very much Chris!

Austin, TX 2019-03-13 00:34:58

Thanks - a nice, clean, conscientious job, I appreciate the attention to the details!

Austin, TX 2019-03-13 12:40:21

Good as always

Austin, TX 2019-03-13 21:28:05

Overall great - though it seems like a patch in the back was missed. It would be really helpful if when edging you could get the grass along the flowerbeds too!

Austin, TX 2019-03-13 17:55:06

The yard looks fabulous!! Thanks so much!!

Austin, TX 2019-03-15 00:41:04

Lawn looks great! Thanks, David.

Austin, TX 2019-03-15 20:39:12

Thank you!

Austin, TX 2019-03-16 16:10:33

Awesome job!

Austin, TX 2019-03-18 15:03:38

Great service!

Austin, TX 2019-03-19 22:17:05

Thank you

Austin, TX 2019-03-21 21:12:31

Jose did a nice job mowing and edging the lawn!

Austin, TX 2019-03-21 22:30:26

Great cut and awesome job!

Austin, TX 2019-03-22 13:46:55

Chris is by far the BEST lawn care provider I have had yet through LawnStarter... and I have been a customer for 3+ years!!! That really says something considering I have rock beds and a pool to work around.

Austin, TX 2019-03-27 00:31:09

Roy came out and did such a fantastic job. I'm so happy with the results! Thank you so much Roy!!

Austin, TX 2019-03-30 18:19:28

Great work

Austin, TX 2019-04-02 15:36:54

As usual the lawn looks wonderful! Thanks Vincent for taking such great care of my lawn!!

Austin, TX 2019-04-16 08:03:49

Looks great. Could tell Ken has an attention to detail. Thank you Ken, everything looks fantastic. Much appreciated!

Austin, TX 2019-04-16 19:41:35

Awesome job

Austin, TX 2019-04-16 19:43:46

Well done

Austin, TX 2019-04-19 21:34:10

Great job!

Austin, TX 2019-04-19 17:44:34

Our yard looks great! Thank you!

Austin, TX 2019-04-20 14:59:02

Looks great

Austin, TX 2019-04-22 16:27:27

I appreciate Armando mowing around my small trees.

Austin, TX 2019-04-24 20:47:04

Look awesome! Thank you

Austin, TX 2019-04-26 00:21:29

Thanks Ben. You and your team went above and beyond on my yard. There are a lot of nooks and crannys and you got them all. I would expect exceptional service at any other hard because mine is really difficult to manage. I will be using this service again due to the outstanding outcome and ease of use of the service

Austin, TX 2019-04-26 20:44:47

Looking great! Question: is there an option to have you trim the weeds on the rocks in front of the fence for next time? Thanks again for great service!

Austin, TX 2019-04-30 19:39:46


Austin, TX 2019-05-01 13:42:19

Tino did a very good job.

Austin, TX 2019-05-04 12:15:16

He said he would mow today while he was here. He did not. I am not happy. He keeps canceling. My grass is tall. Who can come mow. PLease get someone over here!!!'

Austin, TX 2019-05-06 21:17:56

Always on schedule! Looks amazing!!!

Austin, TX 2019-05-07 16:15:57

Awesome job!

Austin, TX 2019-05-08 00:57:00

Had some missed spots in the front yard.

Austin, TX 2019-05-08 22:37:15

Amazing mow, will definitely continue this service

Austin, TX 2019-05-09 14:55:59

My yard was a neglected, overgrown mess. Not anymore

Austin, TX 2019-05-10 23:17:08

Always a wonderful job!

Austin, TX 2019-05-14 06:55:56

Geovanni is the best! So meticulous: takes time to do all edges and make sure my stone walkway is clear if weeds/grass. Thanks Geovanni!

Austin, TX 2019-05-25 16:36:39

Looks great! Thank you!

Austin, TX 2019-06-01 04:17:20

Did a great job!

Austin, TX 2019-06-02 17:10:52

Great job

Austin, TX 2019-06-03 20:04:04


Austin, TX 2019-06-04 22:43:34

Always does a great job !

Austin, TX 2019-06-05 23:07:49

Thanks for the help guys! Great job!

Austin, TX 2019-06-07 16:34:23

Philip was very friendly and got the work done quick!

Austin, TX 2019-06-08 23:47:01

Thank you

Austin, TX 2019-06-12 21:37:04

Tino is great! Always consistent and pays attention to details. Thank you!

Austin, TX 2019-06-12 19:22:50

Thanks guys, lawn looks great

Austin, TX 2019-06-18 14:31:32

Chris has been the best service provider so far. We really appreciate his help!

Austin, TX 2019-06-19 02:00:53

Looks great! Thank you!

Austin, TX 2019-06-24 02:10:01

Please send notices to 512 4617399

Austin, TX 2019-06-27 15:06:13

Yard looks good. Professionally done.

Austin, TX 2019-06-27 21:24:40

Nice and clean thank you so much.

Austin, TX 2019-06-28 00:26:49

Great and fast job! So happy I chose LawnStarter!

Austin, TX 2019-06-28 23:49:40

Roy and Marcus were amazing. They're extremely thorough and are the best yard crew I've ever worked with.

Austin, TX 2019-06-29 20:20:04

it cut me off. note disappeared. Thank you Mauricio for all your hard work along with your crew. All set for the 4th of July. Hope you get a chance to celebrate too.

Austin, TX 2019-07-02 18:29:44

Lawn looks great! Thank you!

Austin, TX 2019-07-02 19:22:29

Nice job and sincerely done with whole heart Thank you!

Austin, TX 2019-07-02 19:44:09

This week Monday through Thursday between 9am - 11 am the lawn can not be mowed due to a neighborhood event . Please make sure not to come then . Thanks so much!!

Austin, TX 2019-07-07 16:10:36

Great Job!

Austin, TX 2019-07-11 22:42:38

Great job Chris. Much appreciated. See you in 2 weeks.

Austin, TX 2019-07-12 21:01:04

The lawn looks great Please cancel all future services

Austin, TX 2019-07-14 20:57:59

1. Keep the grass slightly shorter next time. 2. Move the garbage cans to their original location after the mow.

Austin, TX 2019-07-17 21:07:25


Austin, TX 2019-07-23 15:59:06

I so appreciate Josh and the job he does on my lawn. The last company I used had people who would say they were coming, but they did not even show up and if they did, they did a lousy job. It is great to have a man who I can actually count on.

Austin, TX 2019-07-23 20:23:26


Austin, TX 2019-07-25 00:08:37