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Riley's Lawn Care

Premium Lawn Care Service is a small business that has been serving the Arlington area. We take great pride in our grassroots growth as our commitment to customer service has led to great growth through word-of-mouth. Most of our customers have been with us since the first time they used us, and share their pleasure with friends and family.

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Ratings & Reviews

Unsure if this is the appropriate place to give feedback, but it was less than excellent. In fact, quite poor. My lawn was scalped and the edging is really poor. Along my front walkway to the door, there is a taper that is about a foot long going all the

They were quick and did a great job. Cleaned up areas that my last mowing company kept ignoring. It looks wonderful outside my windows now. Thanks!

Thank you!

Looks great!

I was disappointed to see that a couple items at my curb were not moved to mow the grass under them. Other than that, my lawn looks great.

I discontinued service. Why is lawn still being cut????

Didn't fully finish the lawn. Didn't trim around rock and landscape areas. Didn't blow off back patio. Also, still waiting for my fence to be repaired from it being broken by lawn person.