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Would you please tell your guys to not be hitting the gutter spouts on my house with their weed eater? I understand that the grass needs to be trimmed behind the gutter spout, but the weed eater is binding up the edges on the spouts. I understand they are

There were several areas that weren't edged. Everything else looked great.

Thanks for the mow. Grass seems really short, can you please increase the height of the blade? Thanks!

Looks great! Quick and friendly service!

Lawn looks good, and edging in the front looked very clean. Closer edging/trimming needed in the backyard around the flower beds and back patio. .

Lawn looked great. Thank you

Lawn always looks good & I appreciate that they manage to keep the grass clippings out of my open pool.

It was great but not excellent.

As usual he did a great job. I happened to be working from home that day and was able to see how professional they are as well as hard working. Very happy with the service