Think Green Lawn Mowing Co.

Jim Carson, Owner

Acworth, GA 30102

Years in Business: 3

Employees: 4

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Think Green Lawn Mowing Co. has been providing quality lawn care to Acworth for over 3 years thanks to our attention to detail and customer service. We communicate with our customers to ensure their lawn care needs are met in coherence with the schedule they run. We go out of our way to never inconvenience our clients, because they are the reason we can continue to do what we love- and that is create the most beautiful landscapes in Acworth.

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Bush Trimming


Lawn Mowing

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Ratings & Reviews

Jim Carson knows lawns and landscaping. I think I have the best lawn in my neighborhood :). Highly recommend if their lawn services if you live in Acworth area.

Acworth, GA 7/11/2013

Just had my first cut with Think Green Lawn Mowing and I am impressed. If they continue with this type of lawn service, I'll be surely changing my ratings.

Acworth, GA 8/4/2014

Good job but premium price. The quality outweighs the price so far.

Acworth, GA 8/31/2014

The lawn services and cleanup up work from this provider is fanatastic. They come highly recommended by me.

Acworth, GA 9/1/2015

Never had a better provider in my life. They are spot on with every service that I had them come out for including tree trimming. Must call if you are looking to have a great yard. Best Acworth lawn services provider.

Acworth, GA 7/7/2015

The folks at Think Green Lawn Mowing are really good at their jobs. They are super knowledgeable about Acworth lawn care and my grass has never been greener! 5 stars all around.

Acworth, GA 6/17/2016

Not much to say that other reviewers haven't said already. Fantastic provider because the crew is genuinely enthusiastic about lawn care service. Wouldn't recommend any other lawn services provider!

Acworth, GA 5/20/2015

Call Jim if you want great lawn care. It's just that simple!

Acworth, GA 8/25/2016

I need Corey to weed or use roundup

Acworth, GA 2017-09-05