Kansas City vs. St. Louis: Which One Is Better?

John Egan

Separated by 250 miles along I-70, Kansas City and St. Louis anchor Missouri as the state’s two biggest cities. While they may be in the same state, their differences are many.

“St. Louis is the last Eastern city, the Gateway to the West. Kansas City is the first Western city, a place where a Stetson doesn’t draw a second glance,” according to and article co-written by the Kansas City Star and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The East-West dynamic isn’t the only split between the two cities. For instance, Kansas City has an NFL team but St. Louis doesn’t. Meanwhile, St. Louis has an NHL team but Kansas City doesn’t. St. Louis has a light-rail system; Kansas City isn’t even close to getting one. Kansas City is known for barbecue; St. Louis is famous for beer.

Of course, there are other things that separate the two cities. In this infographic, LawnStarter pits Kansas City against St. Louis to figure out which city prevails in terms of economy, lifestyle and other factors.

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Kansas City vs. St. Louis: Which One Is Better? by LawnStarter

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