5 of the Most Majestic Lawns in Raleigh, NC (June 2016)

Home with lawn

It’s no secret that investing in stunning landscape designs can dramatically increase the value of your home. This list of majestic lawns in Raleigh, NC, is a testament to that.  As a company that provides lawn service in Raleigh, we feel that it is our duty to recognize those homes that have beautiful lawns.

So, without further ado, here are 5 of the most majestic lawns of homes currently on the market in Raleigh.

1. Stone Home on Wood Cutter Court


Photo: Zillow

It’s obvious that the homeowners of this glamorous home in southwest Raleigh, NC, knew what they were doing with their lawn care and landscape design. The winding berm bordering the edge of the property accents what otherwise could’ve been a very dull lawn. The juvenile shrubs in the mulch beds are neatly staggered, radiating a welcoming vibe when guests visit the home. Meanwhile, the narrow pines towering in the backyard preserve the natural landscape in North Carolina.

2. Contemporary Stone Home on Campbell Road


Photo: Zillow

This magnificent contemporary home is loaded with elegant landscape installs such as a stocked pond, flagstone walkways and stairs, and a spacious deck in the backyard. In addition to all of the thought and design that went into the landscape, the previous homeowner clearly took the time to pay special attention to their lawn care. The lawn is thick, vibrant and healthy, as if it were at a luxury resort.

3. Contemporary Brick Home on Hunting Ridge Road


Photo: Zillow

The gardens surrounding this golf course home offer a sense of security and serenity. Sitting just feet away from the country club, this home is tucked away from all the hustle and bustle. The natural rock garden edges encircling the mulch beds are an excellent and often overlooked addition to making your mulch beds pop. The flagstone walkway keeps the natural feel flowing as you approach the front door. This home is a perfect example of capitalizing on the natural beauty of North Carolina.

4. Elegant Brick Home on Carriage Tour Lane


Photo: Zillow

The landscape surrounding this wonderful home in Raleigh was obviously orchestrated by someone with a keen eye for feng shui. This home sports a private courtyard with an organic koi pond positioned at the front entrance of the property. Splashes of yellow and magenta accent the evergreen palette of the property’s landscape. But once again, let’s not forget the meticulous maintenance of the landscape. The bushes at any given end of the property appear to be groomed regularly. Just goes to show the effects that proper maintenance can have on a home.

5. Custom Brick Home on Camp Mangum Wynd


Photo: Zillow

The elegance in the landscape for this custom brick home lies in the simplicity of the design. Though the mulch beds aren’t bordered by natural rock edges, the curved lines are finely edged. Mixing juvenile shrubs in the same mulch beds as the towering pine trees is just the right amount of balance. The previous homeowner must have given very special attention to the lawn care. The grass is by far the most healthy and vibrant on our list.

Those are our picks for the most majestic lawns in Raleigh, NC. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Jake Hill

Jake Hill grew up working for his dad's landscaping company, and spent over 6 years covering the lawn care industry for LawnStarter. His expertise has been featured in The Huffington Post, Realtor.com, Homecity.com and more.