How Much Does a Stone Wall Cost in 2024?

The cost to install a stone wall ranges from $2,495 to $8,320 nationwide.

Installing a stone wall not only provides privacy and security but also enhances your outdoor space – large or small. While stone walls are timeless, low-maintenance, and long-lasting like brick walls, they aren’t cheap. Building a stone wall typically costs between $2,495 and $8,320, but on average, you should expect to pay around $5,000.

The total cost includes material costs ranging from $20 to $80 per square foot, average rates for landscapers of about $75 per hour, and other cost factors. Read on to find out how much it would actually cost to complete a stone wall construction.

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Average Stone Wall Costs in 2024

National Average Cost$5,000
Typical Price Range$2,495 – $8,320
Extreme Low-End Cost$1,185
Extreme High-End Cost$14,665

Building a stone wall costs between $2,495 and $8,320, or $5,000 on average nationwide. You can build a simple wall for as little as $1,185. Larger stone wall projects cost more—about $14,665.

The total cost of the project increases if the wall is large and additional wall finishes are added. However, homeowners on a tight budget can keep costs down by reducing the square footage of the wall, DIYing wherever possible, and forgoing decorative stone.

Stone Wall Cost Estimator by Size

A stone wall typically costs between $20 and $80 per square foot, depending on the materials to be used and the size of the wall.

Stone MaterialCost Range Per Square Foot
Natural Stone$25 – $80
Stone Veneer$10 – $25

Stone Wall Cost By Project Type

Stone is a multipurpose building material suitable for building garden walls, fences, facades, pavers, retaining walls, and other landscaping elements. However, the project cost depends on the complexity of the stonework and the type of stone. Below are various types of stone walls that you can build and their associated costs.

Rock Wall

Rock walls are known to improve structural integrity, especially if they’re made of natural stone. They’re great for retaining walls because they can prevent the ground from slipping behind them. Building a retaining wall costs $6,300 on average.

On average, building a stone wall costs between $20 and $50 per square foot. Combining rock walls with:

  • Natural stone costs $30 to $50 or more per square foot
  • Stone veneer costs $15 to $30 per square foot

Fieldstone or Drystack Stone Wall

This unpolished, naturally formed stone is an excellent pick for stone walls of any size, including high or large retaining walls and freestanding structures. A dry-stacked stone wall or fieldstone fence costs about $20 to $60 per square foot. The actual cost will depend on the type of stone and the size of the wall.

Accent Wall

Installing a stone accent wall could serve as a show of personality and style, whether you’re renovating a space or completely remodeling. Stone accent walls cost between $2,500 and $6,250 per installation.


Stone pillars typically cost between $1,300 and $3,000 per pillar or up to $5,000 for solid natural stone pillars. This strong element is a fusion of elegance and weight support for any home.

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Stone wall installation costs can vary based on a number of factors aside from the size and type of project.


The installation process is one of the reasons why stone walls aren’t cheap. They’re pretty heavy and require skillful handling. Top-rated masons charge between $45 and $105 per hour, while general contractors or bricklayers charge between $35 and $55 per hour

Natural stone and stone veneer cost $15 to $30 and $10 to $15 in labor per square foot, respectively. Labor costs ultimately depend on location, level of expertise, and complexity of installation.


Material costs range from $10 to $80 per square foot, depending on the type of stone wall. Additional material costs are associated with elaborate designs and wall finishes.


Without a drainage system, water will gradually erode the masonry materials, causing cracks in the wall. Installing a drainage system for stone walls costs between $1,665 and $5,535.


A footer is necessary for the base of the masonry wall to give it stability and strength so that the wall doesn’t fall over sooner. Concrete foundation costs range from $15 to $55 per linear foot. Having a structural engineer check the stability of the foundation costs an average of $550.


Obtaining the proper permits before building a stone wall can save you additional fines. Depending on the location, size, and type of wall, a building permit costs from $85 to $485.

Land Survey

Homeowners who are unsure of their property’s boundaries can hire a surveyor to measure their land before building a wall. This prevents disputes over property boundaries. The cost of a land survey ranges from $360 to $645.


The condition of the terrain is another factor that can affect the cost of a stone wall. Installation on uneven terrain is more difficult and costs more than on level surfaces.

Related Services 

Perhaps a stone wall isn’t your choice due to its high installation costs. Here are some alternatives you can consider for privacy and aesthetics in your landscape. 

Brick Wall

Next to stone walls, in terms of minor maintenance and incredible lifespan, is the brick wall. However, it may require occasional cheap repairs. On average, brick walls cost about $5,000 to build.

Vinyl Fence

Another beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance fence is a vinyl fence. However, it can be expensive depending on the style you choose. A professionally installed vinyl fence costs an average of $4,315.

Aluminum Fence

An aluminum fence is one of the easiest fences to maintain, but it doesn’t offer security. It’s lightweight and easy to install. An aluminum fence costs between $19 and $76 per foot.

Chain-Link Fence

A chain-link fence may not look particularly attractive, but it’s a cost-effective alternative. Like the aluminum fence, a chain link fence doesn’t provide privacy. It costs an average of $3,218 to install a chain link fence.

For added privacy, you can install bamboo fence panels or rolls over chain-link. Bamboo fence panels can cost as low as $25 apiece

Cost of Stone Wall Installation by Location

The cost of building a stone wall in a particular location depends on several factors, such as local laws, availability of stone, cost of building permits, materials, and labor. 

For instance, the average cost to build a stone wall in Georgia and Oregon is about $5,000, which is more expensive than in Alabama and Colorado, where the average cost is $3,000.

On the other hand, Texas has the lowest cost of stone wall construction at about $2,900, while New York residents pay up to $7,000 for the same installation. The best way to get an accurate price estimate for your location is to get quotes from contractors near you.


Can you build a stone wall DIY?

Yes, but because of the enormous weight of the stones, it’s not an ideal DIY project. Building a stone wall is an extensive project that requires some technical details that can only be done safely and accurately by professionals.

How long do natural stone walls last?

With regular maintenance, natural stone walls can last 40 to 100 years or even more.

Is a concrete block wall better than a stone wall?

Natural stone and concrete blocks are great for building walls, but concrete walls seem more adaptable because they’re available in various patterns and textures.

Final Thoughts 

Stone walls can be a great home improvement project, whether as a boundary or to complement a garden’s landscape. You can think of them as something you’ll probably pay about $5,000 for once and won’t have to replace or repair for many years. 

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