How Much Does Landscape Lighting Cost in 2024?

Professionally installed landscape lighting costs $2,000 to $4,500, with an average price of $3,250.

Professionally installed landscape lighting costs $2,000 to $4,500, with an average price of $3,250. Homeowners typically pay $100 to $200 per installed fixture but can also go for a DIY project costing up to $1,500 for 10 solar lights. Prices vary with landscape design, garden size, and installation materials.

When deciding which way to go, take into consideration the following:

  • Type of light fixtures and bulbs
  • Power sources
  • Installation area
  • Labor costs

Remember, each option has advantages and disadvantages, and saving on installation price might cost you more later on electricity and repairs. 

In this guide:

Average Landscape Lighting Costs in 2024

National Average Cost$3,250
Typical Price Range$2,000 – $4,500
Extreme Low-End Cost$500
Extreme High-End Cost$7,000

Most homeowners pay $2,000 to $4,500 to install landscape lighting on their property. The average cost is about $3,250 but varies with the type and number of light fixtures, power source, and landscape design.

You can create a beautiful, low-cost outdoor lighting installation starting at $500. Or, go above and beyond in style and details and invest $7,000 into a premium home improvement project. 

Here are a few money-saving tricks to consider if your landscape lighting budget is limited:

  • Go for solar-powered landscape lights. You can install them DIY, and they light up your garden for free.
  • Use string lights to replace a high number of individual light fixtures. 
  • Make a plan and buy outdoor lights in stages.
  • Invest in LED bulbs. They cost more initially but save money long-term on electricity and replacement.

The total cost can increase quickly toward the high end of the price range if:

  • You hire premium landscape design services
  • You choose expensive fixtures made of brass or with a unique design
  • You have a large garden and want to cover it all in lights

We talk in-depth about all the relevant cost factors below. Let’s start by analyzing how much the number of light fixtures changes your budget and how you can keep the total price in check.

Landscape Lighting Cost Estimator by Number of Fixtures

It costs $1,000 to $2,000 to install 10 to 20 lighting fixtures and over $5,000 to create an outdoor lighting system with more than 40 lights. The number of necessary lights depends on their height, wattage, beam spread, and the landscape features you wish to illuminate. 

Here are some cost estimates for landscape lighting designs with 10 to 40 lights.

Project Size Average Overall Cost 
10 to 20 light fixtures$1,000 to $2,000
20 to 30 light fixtures$2,000 to $3,000
30 to 40 light fixtures$3,000 to $4,000
More than 40 light fixtures$4,000 to $7,000+

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Besides the number of light fixtures, you also need to consider factors such as:

Type of Outdoor Lights

Outdoor light fixtures cost $50 to $1,000 per item or string to install, depending on what type you choose. Go for a higher wattage for security lights and a softer light for warm accents on your landscape features. 

String Lights$80 to $300
Pathway Lights$50 to $150
Bollard Lights$250 to $900
In-ground Landscape Lights$85 to $250
Floodlights$70 to $230
Uplights$100 to $400
Downlights$100 to $350
Outdoor wall light$50 to $250
Outdoor Security Light$250 to $450
Lamp post$400 to $1,000

String lights are the most affordable and versatile type of outdoor lighting. They cost $80 to $300 per string and are easy to install DIY along pathways, trees, pergolas, and even decks.

Path lights cost $50 to $150 per installed fixture and have canopies that hide the bulb, aiming the light down and around the light fixture. You can use them to light walkways and make flower beds look lovely in the evening.

Downlights, uplights, and flashlights are types of spotlights, the most adaptable outdoor light fixture. Landscape spotlights cost $100 to $400, and you can use them to light trees, walls, statues, and water fountains. 

By comparison, floodlights have a wider angle and a higher wattage. They cost $70 to $230 per installed light and are more suitable for illuminating large areas in your garden and as security lights. 

Power Source

The source used to power up the outdoor lighting system can raise or lower the installation cost and the price to keep lights running at night. Your main options are solar energy, batteries, and connecting the lights to the traditional electrical network.

Power SourceAverage Cost
Solar-powered$50 to $200 per light fixture
Hardwired$100 to $200 per light fixture
Battery-operated$50 to $150 per light fixture
Low-voltage lighting$100 to $150 per light fixture

Solar-powered lights cost $50 to $200, are free to run, but shine less intensely than traditional lights, mainly offering a soft glim that makes pathways visible. Here are 5 ingenious ways to use solar fixtures as landscape lights.

Battery-operated lights can be installed for $50 to $150. They don’t require an outdoor outlet and are not conditioned by sun exposure or the distance from the house. Battery-powered fixtures are more reliable than solar light options, but you’ll still have to buy extra batteries to replace them when necessary.

Hardwired lights are the most reliable but also the most expensive. You need a licensed electrician to connect them to your home’s electrical system, and the contractor will dig trenches through your yard to hide the wiring. Installing hardwired landscape lighting costs $100 to $200 per fixture.

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

The cost to install low-voltage landscape lighting ranges from $100 to $150 per installed light. It is a hardwired option, excellent for saving energy, and uses a step-down transformer to convert the 120-volt output of the house outlet to 12 volts. 

Low-voltage fixtures are ideal for pathways and aesthetic lighting for trees, statues, bed flowers, etc. But, they might be less suitable for security lights, which are meant to shine with more power.

Type of Light Bulb

Bulb type affects the initial cost of installing landscape lighting and the price of electricity needed to keep it running. There are three types of outdoor light bulbs to choose from:

  • Incandescent landscape lights cost $0.75 to $6 per fixture and shine a beautiful, warm, natural light. On the other hand, you’ll need to replace them after about 1,000 hours, and they have the highest energy consumption, using only 10% for light and up to 90% for waste heat. Incandescent bulbs are fragile and easy to break. Because they warm up when lit, they also expose the surroundings (plants, wood, etc.) to heat and fire hazards.
  • Halogen landscape lights are $2 to $5 per fixture and last up to 3,600 hours. They shine brighter than incandescent and are 28% more efficient.
  • LED landscape lights cost $2 to $8 per fixture and are the standard in landscape lighting. Running much cooler than other options, they use up to 80% to give off light and last 25,000 to 40,000 hours. This translates into smaller energy bills, a safer light system, and a lower investment in transformer and electrical wiring. Keep in mind not all LEDs are the same, and what you can buy in boxes from the store is lower quality than what professionals use.

Area of Installation

The total cost to install landscape lighting in your garden also depends on the area you want to illuminate. The lights suitable for your pathways are different from the best options needed on a deck or in a pool.

Pathway Lighting

Installing outdoor lights along pathways costs $400 to $7,200, depending on the type of lights you choose.

  • Garden or pathway lights cost about $400 to $1,500 to install on a 60-foot long walkway. They are typically installed 6 to 8 feet apart, so you’ll need around 8 to 10 fixtures.
  • Using bollard lights for the same project costs $1,250 to $7,200. Bollard fixtures have a 360-degree beam angle, are taller, and spread light horizontally, so you can install them 8 to 13 feet apart and use 5 to 7 lights.
  • You can also choose in-ground landscape lights placed 6 to 8 feet apart. For an average pathway with fixtures mounted on both sides, you’ll need 18 to 20 lights costing $1,550 to $5,000.

Outdoor Structure Lighting

Vertical garden structures such as gazebos, pergolas, and pavilions are better lit using:

  • String lights (the low-cost lighting option)
  • Spotlights

You typically need about 2 strings of outdoor lights, costing $160 to $600 for 8 to 16 uplights, installed for a price of $800 to $6,400 to cover the feature in a beautiful, warm light. 

Deck Lights

It costs between $80 to $2,500 to install deck lights since you can choose from more than one option.

  • String lights can be installed across the deck using 1 to 4 strings, depending on how much light you need. This lightning project can cost anywhere from $80 to $1,200.
  • Solar deck lights that can be fixed to the deck railing are the best option for a discrete light blending seamlessly into the desk design. Expect to pay $500 to $2,000 for 10 to 20 fixtures.
  • In-floor lights are also suitable for making deck steps and the perimeter safer and easier to spot, especially without a rail installed. They can cost $500 to $2,500 for 6 to 10 lights.

Pool Lighting

Installing LED lights in small to medium pools costs about $400 to $1,000, considering one or two small fixtures. Besides the beautiful light shining from beyond the water, you can also install in-ground landscape lights on the path around the pool. This can cost $850 to $2,500 for 8 to 12 lights.

Labor Costs

The average landscape lighting installation labor cost is $45 to $100 per hour. While solar and battery-powered lights can be placed DIY, hardwired outdoor systems should be left only to an electrician. 

Retrofitting an Existing Landscape

Landscape lighting prices are lower for installations on a new landscape. Wiring and light fixtures can be mounted quickly and easily after the plants are installed but before the mulch is applied. With an existing landscape, installers need to carefully dig narrow gaps without damaging the landscape, and this is more time-consuming, and thus, more expensive.  

Related Services 

When planning to install landscape lighting, you might also need other services such as:

Remote-Operated System

Adding a timer or remote control to manage your lighting system from a tablet or phone costs about $100 extra. For security lights, consider going for sensor-activated fixtures.

Outdoor Outlet Installation

Installing an outdoor outlet costs $250 to $400 with materials and labor. According to the National Electrical Code, you need a GFCI exterior outlet to run outdoor lighting safely. If you live in a new house, it might already be part of the electrical network, but most older homes lack it. If this is the case, hire a licensed electrician to install or change the outlet safely.

Lighting Design

Looking to invest more than a couple of bucks for a garden that lights up beautifully every night? Consider hiring a landscape designer for an average cost of $200 to $500. For this price, they will help you decide on the following:

  • The best type of lighting fixtures and bulbs
  • A suitable number of lights and wattage
  • The right placement and lighting effect (moonlighting, shadowing, grazing, etc.)

Working with a low budget that doesn’t allow professional design? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some great outdoor lighting ideas to inspire you. And here are some more lighting ideas for a cozy outdoor space or a bright outdoor space.

Wiring and Digging Trenches

Mounting electrical wiring in your garden costs $3 to $5 per foot. It’s essential if you want to use hardwired fixtures, and it has to be done by a licensed electrician. If it’s a 120-volt installation and wires need to be buried, expect to pay an extra $5 to $13 per linear foot for having the trenches dug out. 

Pro cost vs. DIY cost

DIY cost to install 10 solar-powered outdoor lights$100 to $1,500
DIY cost to install 10 battery-powered landscaping lights$200 to $350
Professional installation cost for 10-fixture landscape lighting system$1,000 to $2,000

Installing a 120-volt hardwired outdoor lighting system comes with the risk of electrocution and fire. So it’s always best to leave it to a licensed electrician.

On the other hand, you can safely install DIY solar-powered or battery-powered fixtures. You can buy outdoor solar lights for $10 to $150 per fixture and stick them into the ground along your walkway. 

Battery-powered fixtures cost $1.50 to $35 per light, depending on style and wattage. The most popular are string lights that you can hang along a pergola or in trees.

It costs about $100 to $1,500 to install landscape lighting DIY and around $1,000 to $2,000 to hire a pro. While a cost decision might seem straightforward, remember that professionals use better-quality fixtures, and such an installation typically lasts longer than DIY setups. Before deciding on a DIY approach, find a local landscaper and ask for a cost evaluation for your lighting project.

Cost of Landscape Lighting by Location

Expect to pay about $2,000 to $4,500 to install landscape lighting, but keep in mind that costs vary with location. The local cost of living can drastically change the price of services and materials. Installing landscape lighting in Albany or Scarsdale is more expensive than a similar lighting project in Hoboken, Jericho, or New Rochelle. 


Why is landscape lighting so expensive?

Professional landscape lighting can be expensive because such a project includes:

• Landscape design services
• High-quality, waterproof, and weather-resistant light features
• Quite a few days of labor

Is landscape lighting worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it. Professional landscape lighting can increase your home value by 15% to 20%, and good-quality, well-maintained installations have a lifespan of up to 15 years.

How much are landscape lights?

Landscape lights cost $100 to $200 to install. Among the cheapest are outdoor wall lights that connect directly to the house outlet without much extra wiring, while the most expensive are lamp posts.

How much do landscape lights cost to run?

The cost to run a landscape light varies widely depending on the type of bulb and type of fixture, source of power, and how many hours a night you keep them on. It’s free to use solar-powered lights, while hardwired installations using incandescent bulbs are the most expensive to run.

How much does low-voltage lighting cost?

Expect to pay between $100 and $150 per light fixture to install a low-voltage landscape lighting system. It can be cheaper than standard installation and will also save you up to 40% on your energy bill.

How long do landscape lights last?

Outdoor lighting systems installed by professionals can last up to 15 years if properly maintained. As for the individual fixtures, LED bulbs have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, while halogen lights must be replaced after 2 to 3 years.

Final Thoughts 

Professional landscape lighting projects cost $2,000 to $4,500, increase home value, and improve garden look and safety. There are also low-cost DIY options that you can use, but most of them last just a few seasons. Find a local contractor and ask for a price quote for a beautiful, inspired landscape lighting design with a durable and safe installation. 

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