How Much Does it Cost to Repair or Replace a Door Frame in 2023?

The cost of replacing a door frame ranges from $130 to $390, depending upon the size and materials.

The cost of door frame repairs is between $150 and $360, with a national average of $255. If it’s beyond repair, replacing an exterior door frame runs from $130 to $390, with an average cost of about $270.

Door frames are an important component of any construction. They offer support for the door and maintain structural integrity. But as they age, they might need repairs or even need to be replaced. Whether you like to do it yourself or hire a professional contractor, it’s best to budget for any such occurrence. This price guide is designed to help you do that. 

In this cost guide: 

Average Cost to Repair a Door Frame

The cost of repairing a door frame depends on the extent of the damage. Prices further vary with different types of doors, materials, and/or parts of the door that needs repair. 

National Average Cost$255
Typical Price Range$150 – $360
Extreme Low-End Cost$40
Extreme High-End Cost$380

You can expect to pay between $150 and $360 to repair a door frame, or an average cost of $255. At the lowest, door frame repairs could take as little as $40 for a quick sanding job, simple hinge tightening, caulking, or adding insulating tape. At the highest end, it could take $380 to repair a door frame that involves major fixes such as fixing a sagging frame, water damage, or door jams. 

Cost of Common Door Frame Repairs

Door repairs could be as simple as a quick, one-hour DIY project or might require handymen or carpenters to perform major, complex repairs. 

Repair professionals will check the door’s working to figure out the exact issue and might also recommend you get the door frame finished with stain or paint if required. Door frame repairs are mostly caused by faulty, sagging, or stiff doors. Other door repairs include fixing the locks and hardware. 

RepairAverage Cost of Repair (Material and Labor)
Interior door frame$60 – $200
Exterior door frame$100 – $210
Door jamb$75 – $200 or $7.5 per linear foot
Rotted door frame$100 – $350 or $40 per linear foot
Hardware and locks$30 – $120
Casing/Latch$50 – $125 or $60 per side
Roller $30 – $170

Interior Door Frame Repair Cost

The average cost of interior door frame repairs ranges from $60 to $200. They’re cheaper to repair and fix than exterior door frames since they aren’t exposed to the elements. Common problems with interior door frames include cracks, holes, faulty hinges, and damaged locks and latches.

Exterior Door Frame Repair Cost

Exterior door frames must be strong and adequately protected because they’re exposed to rain, UV rays, snow, and fluctuating temperatures. Homeowners pay between $100 and $210 or $7 to $20 per linear foot (before the $30 to $100 service fee) for exterior door frame repairs that commonly involve fixing dents, cracks, water damage, or locks. The repairs might cost more than interior doors because exterior doors are thicker and need more security. 

Door Jamb Repair Cost

Door jambs are crucial for security as they support the door at the hinges. If the door jamb is rotting or decaying, the overall structure of the frame is at risk. Jambs can become cracked, broken, or rotted, and may require reinforcement and patching. 

The average cost to repair a door jamb is between $75 and $200, whereas a professional will charge $7.50 per linear foot on average for labor. You can also repair it yourself with a door jamb kit from any home improvement store for under $400. Basic pine and galvanized steel kits are on the cheaper end, while break-in-resistant PVC jamb moldings are more expensive. 

Rotted Door Frame Repair Cost

Rotted door frames appear dark and bear discolored spots. These spots and marks indicate rotting wood that needs immediate repair. Wooden frames that are exposed to high moisture levels and don’t have sufficient protection or sealing are subject to rot. 

The good part is that you don’t need to replace the whole door frame if the frame is rotten. The rotted sections can be carved out and replaced. Rotted frame repair costs run from $100 to $350. 

Hardware and Locks Repair Cost

You can replace hardware or locks yourself, but if you hire someone, expect to pay $30 to $120 to fix locks and hardware. Professional locksmiths charge approximately $10 to $40 per lock to cover service fees and labor. 

Casing/Latch Repair Cost

Door latches are essential for security but can wear down from accidents, impact, or general usage. The door might not close properly if the latch is broken. The cost of repairing a door latch is around $50 to $125. 

The casing is the trim around a door, and it can degrade from general wear and tear. It costs around $60 per side of the door to install casing, while the professional might charge a service fee of $30 to $100

Roller Repair Cost

Sliding glass door rollers are one of the cheapest repairs. They cost around $30 to $170, and the repair is relatively simple. Rollers can get misaligned, have trouble opening or closing properly, and might get jammed. 

The most common roller repair is adjustment and realignment where the pro will put them back on track for smooth operation.  

Average Cost to Replace a Door Frame

The average cost of replacing a door frame is $270. Homeowners generally pay between $170 and $400. Replacing a basic door frame costs as little as $90, including the labor and frame price, or as high as $930 for larger, heavier door styles. The cost could go higher if additional repairs are needed before installation.  

Whether you’re replacing the door frame by yourself or calling a professional it is essential to know what the frame costs and charges for a local pro. On average, a door frame costs somewhere between $60 and $250, with labor costs for replacement ranging from $50 to $180

Cost to Replace Different Types of Door Frames

Replacement costs for door frames largely depend on the type of door you’re working on. Let’s look at the replacement cost breakdown for each:

Exterior door $130 – $390
Interior door $120 – $220

Exterior Door Frame Replacement Cost

Exterior doors are heavier, stronger, and larger than the interior doors of the house. Homeowners pay around $130 to $390 to replace exterior door frames, but this cost range can rise for steel door frames, which go for between $190 and $875. Similarly, the cost of replacing a garage door runs from $590 to $1,650

Usually, entry doors are made from wood, fiberglass, or steel, and the frame is the same material. The overall cost of frame installation changes with the material and size of the door. 

Interior Door Frame Replacement Cost

The average cost to replace an interior door frame ranges from $120 – $220. The final price of the project depends on the size and style of the door. Here are the different door types and costs for their frames:

Door Frame TypeAverage Cost
Barn door $170 – $300
Sliding door$270
Pre-hung door $120 – $360
Pocket door $190 – $340
French door $180 – $240
  • Barn Door Frame Replacement: Barn doors have rollers on tracks that are secured to the wall above. You can get a barn door track kit for between $170 and $300.
  • Sliding Door Frame Replacement: Sliding doors are typically used in closets and have vinyl rollers. Sliding door frame kits cost an average of around $270.
  • Pre-hung Door Frame Installation: You can either replace the door frame or replace the door frame and the door together with a pre-hung door system. Pre-hung door kits come with a door that’s already mounted on a frame and include pre-drilled openings and hinge hardware. They cost around $120 to $360.
  • Pocket Door Frame Replacement: Pocket doors slide on a track with the help of rollers and retract into the wall when they open. Replacing a pocket door frame costs somewhere between $190 and $340.
  • French Door Frame Replacement: The classic French doors are typically made of wood and cost around $180 to $240 to replace.

Do You Need to Repair or Replace Your Door Frame?

Door repairs are pretty affordable and prolong the life of your door. But replacing one altogether isn’t too bad either, now that doors are available at low cos. So, how do you decide?

When To Repair A Door Frame?

  • When you can easily rehang a sagging door
  • When there is limited rot and you can cut and replace that section
  • When cracks are small and can be filled with a sealant
  • When the dents are small enough to be sanded out
  • When the misalignment is minimal or there’s a little fault with the rollers or tracks

When To Replace A Door Frame?

  • When the door frame is warped
  • When a crack is so deep that it has split the wood
  • When a crack or hole has caused lots of damage and will cost more than getting a new slab door or pre-hung door system
  • When the rotten wood has significantly taken over the frame and door
  • When climate changes cause frequent and excessive expansion and contraction of materials
  • When you want to structurally upgrade from, say, a hollow core door to a solid one to improve insulation.

Other Factors That Affect Repair and Replacement Cost

Here are a few more factors to consider when estimating the cost to repair or replace a door frame:


The composition of the door frame is a major consideration in cost. Most houses have wooden door frames made with softwood varieties like hemlock, pine, and fir. Softwoods are inexpensive and easier to work with, which is why they are a favored door frame material. Common issues with wooden doors are rot, stains, and scratches. 

Other materials used for doors and door frames include aluminum, glass, vinyl, and fiberglass. All these offer excellent resistance to elements, as well as decent insulation. Common issues with such materials include holes, dents, cracks, or damaged hardware such as hinges, rollers, etc. Repairs include patching, hardware replacements, fillers, painting, and refinishing. 

Some commonly used materials and the cost of repairing their frames are:

Material Average Cost
Vinyl$85 – $270
Aluminum$85 – $275
Solid Wood$100 – $300
Glass$150 – $400
Fiberglass$200 – $500
Steel $100 – $300
Iron$250 – $750


Replacing or repairing a door frame can take 1 to 3 hours for an experienced professional. Pros usually bill at an hourly rate between $40 and $115, or an average of $50 to $180 total

In addition to door frame repairs, homeowners might also need some additional tasks done:

Door Removal

If you’re replacing the door and door frame, the removal of the old door, its parts, and the subsequent cleanup can add to your total cost. On average, removal and disposal of an old door and door trim ranges from $25 to $150.

Door Insulation

Insulation protects the door and door frame against the elements and makes homes more energy efficient. The average cost of weatherstripping a door is between $150 and $500.

Door Refinishing

Homeowners also get their doors refinished after a repair job. It costs between $100 and $400 for door refinishing, which involves sanding and painting for a fresh, clean appearance. The average cost to get doors painted professionally ranges from $125 to $150 per door

Cost By Location

Another factor that may change the total cost of your door frame replacement or repair project is your location. This is because contractor rates vary across the country.

Hiring costs are generally higher in metropolitan areas because of the overheads and higher living costs are much higher in cities than in rural areas.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

You can repair or replace a door frame by yourself if you have basic DIY skills and moderate experience. Minor repairs, such as filling in small dents and holes, sanding out scratches, adjusting rollers, or fitting the door in the frame are inexpensive and quick when done on your own. 

Before you decide to DIY door frame replacement, make sure you have the appropriate vehicle to transport all the required materials and tools. 

But a major chunk of the required skills for door frame replacement and major repair jobs involve carpentry, which frankly is better left to a professional because the door must be in line with the floor and swing correctly to ensure security and functionality in the long term. This should be followed by proper sealing and weatherproofing, especially for exterior doors. 

So, hiring a pro to do the job is worth the cost considering the number of tools needed and the complexity of the work. Here’s how much the DIY equipment would cost on average, excluding the cost of the door frame.

DIY EquipmentAverage Cost
Door hinges$29
Locksets with latch plates$17
Hammer $9
Drill $106
Screws (box of 20-70 pcs)$9
Safety glasses$9
Work gloves$12
Measuring tape$8
Hand saw$15
Sanding paper (medium-grit)$6
Total DIY Cost (approx)$228

Replacing a door frame by yourself would cost an average of $228, but this figure can go up or down depending on the extent of the work, the door material, and the door style. On the other hand, if you hire a professional to do the job you will pay an average of $270.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to replace the door frame but not the door??

Yes, if the door is in a good condition you can easily replace the door frame without replacing the door. This, however, involves removing and rehanging the door.

How long does it take to replace a door frame?

Replacing a door frame typically requires one to three hours. However, a trained professional would take less time and do a better job.

Can a bent door frame be fixed?

A bent door frame can be repaired if the damage is minor, but in most cases, they need to be replaced to protect the structural integrity of the frame and house.

Final Word 

Door frames need to be in excellent shape at all times to make sure your exterior and interior doors are always hanging right. You can make repairs, or maybe even replacements, by yourself but handing it over to a pro would save you considerable time and effort.

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