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The 8 Metro Areas That Are Gaga Over Garden Gnomes

Admit it: Garden gnomes are kinda cute. Characterized by red pointy hats, long white beards and pudgy bodies, gnome figurines are smile-inducing fixtures in gardens around the world. According to legend, underground gnomes “came alive at night” to toil in gardens and protect them from “evil sorcery,” the Balcony Container […]

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9 Tips for Staying Safe in the Garden

Nearly 118 million Americans count themselves as gardeners, and that means nearly 118 million Americans are susceptible to injuries or illnesses connected with gardening. Gardening may seem like a safe hobby — and for the most part, it is — but it can lead to injury or illness. For instance, […]

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National Garden Month: 13 of Our Favorite Gardening Tweets

Across the country, millions of gardening enthusiasts are springing into action as the weather warms up. Tools in hand, gardeners of all ages are tilling and toiling to ensure their petunias look perfect and their tomatoes look terrific. In honor of National Garden Month (#NationalGardenMonth), we scoured Twitter to dig up […]


Are Gardeners ‘Feeling the Bern’ in Presidential Race?

There’s no doubt that Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is leading a grassroots political movement. But is there a connection between grassroots and gardening? A LawnStarter analysis of Google Trends data from 2011 through 2015 pinpoints the 10 states where people expressed the most interest in gardening through Google searches. […]