Survey: 2024 Body Landscaping Habits

A woman uses a razor to shave her legs covered in shaving cream over the sink.

Do Americans like to keep their personal lawn (body hair) trim and neat or au naturel?

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, a popular holiday for personal grooming, LawnStarter found out by asking over 1,000 U.S. adults about their body landscaping habits.

Why LawnStarter? Well, one popular personal shaver company’s biggest sellers include the Lawn Mower and the Hedge Trimmer. (We’re not kidding.) 

Needless to say, the survey answers got a little hairy.

Read on for the all-too-revealing — and maybe somewhat disturbing — intimate grooming trends of 2024.

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The Great Scape: Key Insights

Even Cut

  • U.S. adults are split down the middle when it comes to personal grooming: A little over half (52%) prefer a neat or smooth appearance, describing their body hair as either a “well-manicured garden” (40.8%) or “foliage-free” (11.2%). The rest (48%) prefer to let nature take the wheel, agreeing that their body hair is either an “untamed wilderness” (22.4%), a “desert with tumbleweeds” (16.9%), or just unsightly (8.8%).

To Prune or Not to Prune

  • A little over 3 in 10 adults, the highest share, groom weekly, followed by those who groom daily, at 21.4%. Nearly 1 in 10 adults (9%) never groom at all. 

In the Name of Love

  • Over 1 in 10 adults (11.7%) groom to please their partner

Where the Wild Things Are

  • The face, armpits, and pubes get the most — and nearly equal (averaging a little over 57%) — attention. Meanwhile, adults most neglect their backside, with 47.4% of adults identifying this body part as the “least regularly” mowed — perhaps also due to lack of hair in that area.

Groomer’s Best Friend

  • The razor is overwhelmingly the most popular (75.5%) hair removal tool in the shed, followed by the trimmer at 45.1%. Very few adults (3%) opt for laser treatment.

Personal Matter

  • Over 4 in 5 adults (81.1%) go the DIY route when it comes to grooming. Most (29.3%) of those who go to a professional, such as a barber or waxing salon, responded that they do so to be pampered.

See each section of results below for demographic-specific insights.

Personal Preferences

Razor Routine

Tools and Trends

Pro Choice

Behind the Survey

LawnStarter collected survey responses from a random sample of 1,011 U.S. adults (50% male and 50% female) aged 18 or older via Alchemer and Cint between Feb. 6 and 7, 2024.

Each response was anonymized using a unique user ID generated and assigned by Cint.

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