How Much Does Adding a Screened-In Porch Cost?

The average national cost to screen a 200-square-foot-porch is about $2,085, with the typical price ranging from $1,680 to $2,490.

A screened-in porch is a wonderful addition to a home, one that lets you enjoy some outdoor living from a sheltered area. The average national cost to screen a 200-square-foot porch is  about $2,085, with the typical price ranging from $1,680 to $2,490. The extreme low-end cost is about $450, while the cost usually caps out at around $2,885.

Like the cost of almost anything, a screened-in porch varies depending on a number of factors. Labor and materials are only two of the many things you need to consider when budgeting for this kind of project. Read this helpful guide to get a sense of what to take into account when you’re screening in your porch.

Average Screened-In Porch Cost in 2024

National Average Cost$2,085
Typical Range$1,680 to $2,490
Extreme Low-End Cost$450
Extreme High-End Cost$2,885
Materials per Square Foot$3.05 to $4.90
Labor per Square Foot$5.35 to $7.55
Materials and Labor per Square Foot$8.40 to $12.45

Thankfully, while it does cost a pretty penny, screening in your porch is far from the most expensive project a homeowner can tackle. Overall, accounting for materials and labor costs, the price per square foot should be about $8.40 to $12.45. Measure everywhere your porch needs to be screened to get a better sense of what your exact cost will be.

Screened-In Porch Cost Estimator by Size

A good way to calculate the cost of your screened-in porch is by square footage. A small porch is around 144 square feet, which runs for about $1,500, while a medium is 224 at $2,335 and a large is about 300 to 400 and costs approximately $3,400. Even if these don’t match the exact size of the porch, they can still give you a good ballpark to work with when deciding your budget.

Project SizeAverage Overall Cost

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Many other factors will also affect the cost of screening in a porch. Exact numbers for these are harder to calculate, but they’re still something to keep in mind when you’re trying to figure out any additional cost.

Placement of Porch

One factor to keep in mind is where your porch is located. If it’s on the second floor, for example, the cost will be higher. The same can be said if there’s anything above it, such as a balcony.


Another factor is the different screen materials available. Fiberglass and aluminum screens are the two most common, and both carry a different price per square foot. There are also many other materials available that will have their own prices.

MaterialAverage Price per Square Foot
Stainless Steel$1.00

The cost of the screening’s frame and roof should also be taken into consideration if you don’t already have them. Materials for this include, but are not limited to, metal and wood. Adding a frame and roof to a porch as opposed to simply installing screening on one that already has them will be considerably more expensive.

MaterialAverage Price per Square Foot
Steel$2.00 to $4.00
Wood$1.00 to $5.00

Zoning and Permits

Depending on where you live, you may need a building permit to add a porch, which will add on to your cost, since a porch with a roof can count as an addition. A typical permit costs about $190. Check your local ordinances to see whether you’ll need to get approval for your home improvement project. 


There will also be costs associated with the various miscellaneous features you can put in your screened-in porch. All of these will increase the project’s price, but thankfully are optional.

Optional Features For Screened Porches:

FeatureAverage Cost
Solar Screening$6.25 per square foot
Motorized Screens$3000 per unit
Electrical Installation$400
Ceiling Fans$300


A screened-in porch will also require a screen door. These cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand.

Time of Year

The time of year can also affect the cost of installing your screened-in porch. Professionals are busier during warmer seasons, so you’ll have an easier time with scheduling installation during cooler ones and may be able to take advantage of sales and discounts.

New Porch

Of course, all of these factors depend on the assumption that you’re simply screening an existing deck or porch with a frame or at least a pergola or patio cover. If you’re not, and are in fact installing an entirely new screened-in porch, the project cost increases exponentially.

The cost of an entirely new porch is about $4,800 to $24,000 or more. Add the screening costs, and you can expect to pay between $6,480 to $26,490 for a brand new screened-in porch. You’ll need to install a foundation before anything else, which you likely won’t be able to DIY. Flooring will also add to the cost, along with other materials and tools.

While you’re screening your porch, you may also need some other services done. Here are a few things you might need done while installing screening, along with some average price points.

Porch Repair

If you’re screening in an existing porch, you may find yourself in need of repairs first. Whether it’s structural issues, rotten railings, or bad flooring, repairs will eat into your budget before you can even get started.

The average cost for porch repair is approximately $2,365, but it will vary depending on the extent of the damage. If it’s bad enough, you may have to completely remove the porch and construct an entirely new one, which will see the cost skyrocket.

Land Grading

Land grading is the process of leveling a certain section of land. This will mostly apply if you’re constructing an entirely new porch. The price of grading land depends on the area, which means that it will be more expensive the larger the porch you plan to construct.

The average cost for land grading is about $0.08 to $2.00 per square foot, depending on factors like the soil and any complications with the project. Assuming a 200-square-foot porch, you can expect to pay around $16 to $400 to grade the required area.

Pest Control

Along with costs of repairs and land grading, another possible service you’ll need while screening in your porch is pest control. If you have a wooden deck, it’s possible that it’s riddled with termites. Take care of wasp nests or fire ant nests in or near your existing porch, as they may pose a danger to contractors who are working on the porch. 

The cost of pest control will depend on the severity of an infestation and the specific pests involved. Termites cost about $558, wasps $435, and ants $185.

Roof Shingles

If your porch has a roof, it’s more than likely going to need shingles. On average, shingles cost $159 for every 100 square feet, but this can vary depending on the type of shingles and the shape of the roof.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

If you want to save some money while screening your porch, you can always try to install it yourself. This way, you won’t have to pay for labor and will only need to cover the cost of tools and materials.

Assuming a 200-square-foot porch, with an average cost of $5.35 to $7.55 for labor, you should save a total of $1,070 to $1,510 by doing it yourself. The cost of materials is about $3.05 to $4.90, leaving you with a total price tag of $610 to $980. If you don’t have them already and can’t borrow them, all the tools you’ll need shouldn’t add up to more than $100. All told, you stand to save a lot with DIY.

However, with DIY, you also take on all of the risks. If an accident happens, you could end up sending yourself or a friend or family member to the hospital. In addition, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may install the screening incorrectly and need to redo it. DIY may be a good way to save money, but sometimes it’s worth paying the extra cash in exchange for a professional touch.

If managing mosquitoes is the only reason you’re installing the netting in the first place, a good DIY approach is some pop-up mosquito netting instead. This costs about $195 on average, though this can vary widely.

Cost of a Screened-In Porch by Location

Where you live will have an effect on the price of your project. The farther contractors have to drive and the farther materials have to be transported, the higher your screened-in porch project will cost. Areas with a higher cost of living will also see an increase in the price of labor and materials.

FAQ About Screened-In Porches

What are the benefits of a screened-in porch?

Screened-in porches carry more than a few benefits:

Add value to your home
Extending your living space
Keeping out insects like mosquitoes
Staying warmer than porches without screening
Letting your pets experience the outdoors in a safe environment

Is a screened-in porch worth the cost?

That’s something that you’ll have to decide for yourself. If you don’t use your outdoor space very much, it may not be worth the money to add screening to a porch. However, a screened-in porch can add value to your home, so it’s a good boost that can bring a visible return if you’re looking to sell.

What are the downsides of a screened-in porch?

Some downsides of having a screened-in porch include having to maintain and repair it, in addition to partially obstructing the view from inside your porch.

How long should my porch’s screening last?

The longevity of porch screening varies depending on your local environment and the material you use. As a general rule, it should last about six to eight years.

What is the difference between a screened-in porch and a sunroom?

A sunroom is enclosed by glass panes, whereas a screened-in porch is partially open to the outside air.

Will a screened-in porch keep out the rain?

Some, yes. Porch screening can’t completely keep rain from getting in, which is why it’s a good idea to have extra precautions in place. These include awnings, gutters, storm glass, and weather-resistant window shades.

How do I keep my screened-in porch warm in the winter?

A good way to keep your screened porch warm and toasty all winter long is to winterize it. There are a few different ways to do this, including installing vinyl curtains along the screening. You can also add heating to your porch, though this may carry a hefty cost.

What if I like my porch as is but also want it to be screened in?

If you like your porch as-is, you can get removable screen panels that will give you the best of both worlds. You can also install motorized porch screens that retract at the push of a button, though this is more expensive.

Final Thoughts

I screen, you screen, we all screen our porches. Before starting your newest project, do some research on costs and get quotes from professionals so that you can budget properly. The $2,085 average and $1,680 to $2,490 typical range should be treated as more of a ballpark than anything else.

If you need help with installing screening or an entirely new porch, reach out to your local professionals to get started.

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