A Quick Guide to Winter Lawn Care in Jacksonville, FL

While residents in Jacksonville, FL may not have to worry about freezing temperatures during winter time, that doesn’t mean winter lawn care isn’t tricky! Here are some foolproof tips for lawn service in Jacksonville Fl during the winter months!

1. Properly timed fertilization

Fertilization is the answer for many lawn care concerns, but keep in mind that timing makes all the difference. When winter rolls around and your gorgeous lawn turns brown, your first reaction might be to fertilize. Fertilizer works best during the growing season (spring and summer) and can potentially harm your lawn if applied during winter. With less irrigation, salt can build up under the surface and have devastating effects on your lawn. Fertilizing during the growing season ensures that your grass will have deeper, healthier roots to help it survive the cooler temperatures. Fertilization? Yes. During winter? NO.

2. Careful irrigation

Winter temperatures in Jacksonville are not always consistent. One day might be chilly, the next might be surprisingly warm. Resist the urge to shut off irrigation altogether. Instead, water every 1-2 weeks to achieve a happy middle ground. If you’re wondering whether your lawn is getting the water it needs, take a couple steps on the grass and see if your footprints. This might be a sign that your lawn needs more water, in which case, switch to a weekly irrigation schedule.

3. Mowing height

Year-round mowing is a must, especially in the Jacksonville area. Remember not to mow the grass too short. Cooler temperatures, less frequent irrigation, and dry conditions will work together to ensure that your grass will grow much slower than usual. Keeping your mowing height high will protect roots from the cold, so we recommend keeping it around 2-3.5 inches.

Follow these tips for a healthy winter lawn! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Junie Lee