The Most Common Grass Types in Jacksonville, FL

As we all know, Jacksonville, FL is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Florida. If you’re wondering why, it is due in large part to the plush lawn care and landscaping opportunities that the Atlantic beach city provides. Year-round sun can mean year-round lawn maintenance and pest control needs, too.

But a high-quality lawn begins with the right grass. While Jacksonville’s warm north Florida cllimate allows homeowners many choices of grass types, here are the three most popular grass types in Jacksonville, FL.

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Bermuda Grass


Known as the most popular choice for golf courses and public parks, Bermuda grass is also a great pick for your lawn. Not only is it drought-resistant, but it also holds up well under foot traffic, especially in tropical climates. Originating from African savannas, Bermuda grass is formally known as Cynodon dactylon. This species of grass has blades around 1-4 inches long and can grow in poor soil. The ideal climate for Bermuda is moist and warm, with more than 16 inches of rainfall per year.  

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Zoysia Grass


Zoysia is highly salt-tolerant and resists drought very well. They are a sod-forming perennial species, possessing both stolons and rhizomes. After the first frost, the grass turns brown, but will be among the first to grow full and green as soon as spring arrives. The texture can vary between extremely coarse to very fine, but will remain very stiff because of a high silica content. Consequently, it is one of the most tolerant turfgrasses for areas with high foot traffic.

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Centipede Grass


Centipede grass is slow to grow, but when it does, it produces a highly attractive turf that is virtually free of weeds. Centipede is more shade-tolerant than Bermuda, but like all grasses, grows best with ample sunlight. Although it is often susceptible to damage from freezing temperatures, the grass recovers quickly once the weather becomes more favorable.

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Junie Lee