Author: Brenda Ryan

Proper Pruning of Your Shrubs
Atlanta, GA, Georgia

Proper Pruning of Your Shrubs

You’ve mowed your lawn, planted flowers, and cleaned up the patio. Yet, somehow your yard still looks a little scrappy. The bushes and shrubs are growing in different directions, hiding your beautiful landscape. Time to get out the pruning shears. Trimming shrubs around your Atlanta home is easy to do, […]

10 Worst Trees to Plant in Austin
Austin, TX, City Rankings

10 Worst Trees to Plant in Austin

Considering planting a tree as part of your outdoor landscaping? It’s a good idea since trees offer beauty, shade and can clean the air. They may even boost your property’s value. There are, however, some types of trees you should absolutely avoid. The following trees are the 10 worst, and […]

Austin, TX

Best Native Plants for Your Austin Garden

Austin has a climate that sets it apart from the rest of the Lone Star State. The area gets more rainfall than other parts of Texas but is much less humid. Choosing native plants that already grow naturally in the Austin area is your best bet for creating a beautiful […]

Los Angeles

Pros and Cons of DIY Lawn Care in Los Angeles

The sunshine and pleasant weather in the greater Los Angeles area creates the perfect conditions for your plants. It can be hard to balance family and work life and maintain your lawn during the height of the growing season. Deciding whether to mow your own grass and trim your shrubs […]

Chicago, Illinois

Creating A Dog-Friendly Yard in Chicago

From the suburbs to downtown, Chicago is definitely a dog-friendly city. Our four-legged friends provide companionship and encourage us to get outdoors for daily walks. We need to return the favor by making sure they have a safe outdoor space for them. Check out these tips on creating a dog-friendly […]