How Much Does Travertine Tile Cost in 2024?

Most homeowners pay an average of $1,970 for travertine tile installation, or between $600 and $3,200.

Travertine is a natural stone that is both durable and versatile. Most homeowners pay an average of $1,970 for travertine tile installation, or between $600 and $3,200

The prices may vary depending on the area of installation and other aspects. You can end up paying as little as $300 and as much as $37,100, or between $5 and $47 per square foot, including materials and labor.

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Average Travertine Tile Installation Costs in 2024

National Average Cost$1,970
Typical Price Range$600 – $3,200
Extreme Low-End Cost$300
Extreme High-End Cost$37,100

Travertine tiles can be used on flooring and kitchen backsplashes. They’re also ideal for outdoors because they absorb water and offer traction. The costs can vary greatly depending on the quality of the tile and project size, so you can end up paying as little as $300 or as much as $37,100.

The first step in saving money on travertine tile is to choose commercial or standard tiles and keep the installation area small.

Travertine Tile Cost Estimator by Project Size

Suppose you’re looking to install travertine tile on an ample outdoor space, such as a patio or pool area. In that case, you can expect to see higher costs associated with the installation. That is because more tiles will be required to cover the area, and more hours will be spent installing them.

Travertine tiles cost between $2 and $30 per square foot. The cost for installation ranges between $3 and $17 per square foot, totaling approximately $5 to $47 per square foot for labor and materials.

The table below shows estimated project costs, considering the project’s square footage. You can use this to estimate your project costs:

Project Size Average Overall Cost (Materials and Labor)
10 sq. ft.$50 – $470
20 sq. ft.$100 – $940
30 sq. ft.$150 – $1,410
50 sq. ft.$250 – $2,350
80 sq. ft.$400 – $3,760
100 sq. ft.$500 – $4,700
200 sq. ft.$1,000 – $9,400

Other Factors That Affect Cost

The area where you’ll lay the tiles is the primary cost factor, but other elements can affect the overall costs, such as:

Tile quality

The quality or grade of the travertine tile can significantly impact the costs per square foot. In addition, each type differs based on the cutting methods used to manufacture it.


If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, commercial travertine tiles cost between $2 and $4 per square foot. These tiles are not as uniform as the other types. They can have black and grey discolorations, holes throughout their surface, and cracked edges, making them lower in quality.


Standard travertine tiles don’t have discolorations and are more uniform in thickness than commercial tiles. There may be some striations and swirls in the tile’s surface, which is caused by the manufacturing process, but they usually have smooth edges.

Standard tiles cost between $5 and $15 per square foot.


Premium or first-grade tiles cost between $17 and $28 per square foot. As the name suggests, they have the highest quality among travertine tiles. They are carefully chosen, with no discolorations, holes, swirls, or striations. They are perfectly cut and have smooth and beveled edges. 

Tile finish

There are four common types of finishes for travertine tile available on the market, and each one has its own price range:


Honed travertine tiles are sanded down to have a smooth finish after filling holes or crevices. They are the most popular finish for homeowners due to their versatility, and they can be used indoors and outdoors.

Honed travertine tiles cost, on average, between $3 and $13 per square foot.


Polished tiles have a smooth, glossy finish that offers an elegant and refined look. They’re perfect for countertops as they are easy to clean. Still, because they are slippery when wet, they’re not ideal for kitchen and bathroom floors or swimming pool areas

Polished travertine tiles cost from $10 to $13 per square foot.


Tumbled travertine tiles, as opposed to polished tiles, are heavily textured, so they’re ideal for the shower, tub, and pool surroundings. In addition, this type of finish has a surface that looks like it has been worn down by water or wind over time, giving it an antique appearance.

Tumbled tiles cost between $5 and $20 per square foot.


Brushed travertine tiles have their name derived from the finishing method of smoothing them with a wire brush. They are not as porous and textured as tumbled tiles, but they have more texture than honed tiles and can also give the area a rustic look.

Brushed tiles cost from $4 to $11 per square foot.

Tile pattern

You can install travertine tiles in different ways. There are many different patterns you can choose from, and each pattern has a different cost associated with it. 

The most common patterns are traditional stack bonds or running bonds–basic patterns that are easy to install. However, you can use a French pattern if you want to take it to another level. The more complicated the pattern, the more it will cost to install.


Travertine tiles are made of limestone. They are porous and need to be double-sealed during installation so they won’t stain easily. Sealants keep liquids like juices, oils, and water from penetrating the travertine floor, giving the tiles extra longevity.

Sealant wears off after 3 to 5 years, and even less in areas with high foot traffic, so you may need to hire a contractor to reseal your tiles (or DIY). Travertine sealers cost between $30 and $50 per quart.


Travertine tile installation can also vary depending on where you plan to lay the tiles. The table below displays the typical sizes of several common outdoor and indoor areas, along with an estimate of the project’s total costs, considering the average of $5 – $47 per square foot (materials and labor).

ProjectTypical project sizeApproximate total cost
Foyer40 sq. ft.$200 – $1,880
Kitchen countertop30 sq. ft. $150 – $1,410
Kitchen flooring300 sq. ft.$1,500 – $14,100
Bathroom85 sq. ft.$425 – $3,995
Pool deck360 sq. ft.$1,800 – $16,920
Patio200 sq. ft.$1,000 – $9,400
Walkway160 sq. ft.$800 – $7,520
Stoop/entryway steps12 sq ft.$60 – $564

You can use these average costs to estimate your project’s costs, but remember that Premium tiles will likely be on the higher end. On the other hand, standard and commercial tiles, with a honed or brushed finish installed in stack or running bonds, will cost less.

Related Services 

The costs for travertine tile installation can rise if you have to prepare the land or remove old tiles. There are also other services to consider when having new tile installed.

Land grading

When installing tiles, the subfloor or surface you are installing them on is essential. Tile cannot be laid on an uneven surface. If the ground is not flat and has higher elevation areas than others, it must be flattened out.

Land grading is the process of removing bumps so that the ground is smooth before you lay down your tile, and it can cost between $100 and $3,400.

Porcelain tile installation

Porcelain tiles are an excellent option for indoors and outdoors because they are durable, stain-resistant, and water-resistant. They can be used for flooring, countertops, backsplashes, and much more.

The costs for installing porcelain tiles range between $1,165 and $3,320, with most homeowners paying an average of $2,180.

Ceramic tile installation

Ceramic tiles are a cheaper option than porcelain tiles. Although not as durable, they are versatile, easy to install, and easy to clean. In addition, they come in various colors, patterns, styles, and sizes. 

Ceramic tiles cost between $730 and $4,175, with most homeowners paying $2,425.

Tile removal

There’s nothing wrong with getting tired of your travertine tile floor and wanting it replaced. However, a pro might charge you extra to remove old tiles before installing the new ones.

The costs for tile removal range from $5 to $18 per square foot.

Landscape architect

If you’re unsure about what to do in your backyard, you can hire a landscape architect to help with these decisions. They will come up with designs that fit your needs and match the color scheme of your home. They can even integrate other elements into your patio, such as lighting and retaining walls.

A landscape architect costs between $1,610 and $5,490, depending on the complexity and size of the project.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

Installing travertine tiles yourself is a physically demanding task. If you’re not in good health or are unsure if you have the skills, we recommend hiring a pro to do the job for you. If you’ve decided to take on this task, here are the materials you’ll need:

DIY EquipmentAverage Cost
Wet saw$150 (buy)$70 (rent per day)
Sealant$30 – $50 per quart
Grout float$12
Outdoor-rated thin-set mortar$21
Rubber mallet$16
Tile spacers$3
Notched trowel$7
Total cost with buying a wet tile saw:$297
Total cost with renting a wet tile saw:$217

The materials you’ll need to install travertine tiles cost between $217 and $297, depending if you plan on renting or buying a wet tile saw. That is lower than the average of $2,180 to hire a professional to do it, but remember that tiles not properly installed could result in cracks and repair costs over time.

This outdoor tile DIY tutorial can help you install travertine tiles in 10 simple steps.

Cost of Travertine Tile Installation by Location

If you’re planning on remodeling your home with travertine tiles, there’s one thing you’ll want to keep in mind: the labor costs will vary by location. For example, you will usually get a more affordable price if you live in a rural or suburban area than in a metropolitan area.


Does travertine tile crack easily?

Travertine tiles can crack when heavy objects are dropped onto them. However, that is rare as these tiles are very durable. They are also very weather-resistant and won’t crack under extreme weather fluctuations.

How long do travertine tiles last?

Suppose you maintain your travertine tiles well (resealing every 3 to 5 years and cleaning regularly). In that case, they can last for 75 to 100 years.

What happens if you don’t seal travertine?

Not sealing your travertine tiles can shorten their lifespan and durability. Travertine is a very porous stone that can absorb liquids, oil, and anything else that causes stains. Unfortunately, unsealed travertine also reacts with acid solutions (vinegar, lemon juice, milk), which create holes in the stone.

What is the difference between travertine tiles and pavers?

The main difference between travertine tiles and pavers is the thickness of the material. Pavers are heavier and thicker (1 ¼ to 2 inches) and are usually used outdoors, with a border of natural ground cover. In contrast, tiles are ½ inch thick and are generally laid with concrete indoors.

Final Thoughts 

With the proper installation, travertine tiles can give your home an elegant and rustic look that will last for years. Overall, the price of travertine tile installation can be anywhere from $600 to $3,200. If you have travertine tiles in mind for your next home improvement project, we highly recommend finding a local pro near you so you get the best result possible.

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