How Much Does a Lead Paint Inspection Cost in 2024?

Most homeowners spend between $230 and $420 for a professional lead paint inspection.

For homeowners in the US, the national average cost of a lead paint inspection is $320. This price covers an inspection for a typical three-bedroom house but might vary based on location and other key real estate factors—a professional interior or exterior lead-based paint inspection can cost between $230 and $420 based on these factors. 

Lead paint on your property may be a major issue. Young children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of lead paint. Homebuyers should get the property tested for lead if they have any reason to suspect that the paint on the property was not tested for lead and might be lead-based. Lead paint testing may be necessary for older homes.

This guide includes:

Average Lead Inspection Costs in 2024

National Average Cost$320
Typical Range$230 – $420
Extreme Low-End Cost$200
Extreme High-End Cost$630

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology is used by experts to detect the presence of lead. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises that any “lead-based paint operations” (such as inspections) be carried out by a certified professional. 

The cost of hiring a home inspector to check for lead-based paint ranges from $230 to $420. Depending on the home’s size, condition, and location, an inspection could actually cost as little as $200 or as much as $630. All testing, suggestions, certifications, and a final report are included in this price.

Lead Inspection Cost Estimator By Home Size

The average cost of a lead paint inspection for a 1,600-square-foot home is $400. If you have a larger property of 2,500 square feet, the price might go up to $625. A lead-based paint inspection from a home inspector will cost you about $0.25 per square foot.

Cost Per Square Foot$0.25
Cost for 1,000 Square Feet$250
Cost for 1,600 Square Feet$400
Cost for 2,000 Square Feet$500
Cost for 2,500 Square Feet$625

Other Factors That Affect Cost

The average price of a lead paint examination in the United States is between $230 and $420. The actual price of a lead-based paint inspection will vary depending on the home inspector you hire, the surface areas inspected (walls, windows, etc), and the overall square footage of the property. The factors that might affect the average cost of lead-based paint inspection include:

Risk Assessment

Hiring a qualified lead inspector or risk assessor is recommended if a property tests positive for lead during a general home inspection. During a risk assessment, various samples of paint, dust, and soil will be taken for further testing. Lead-based paint hazards, along with the necessary preventative actions and fixes, are then detailed in the final report.

Some properties with reduced lead dangers require a “lead hazard screen,” which is a more restricted risk assessment. The average price of a risk assessment for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom property is $1,090.

Lead Abatement

Lead paint abatement might include removing painted surfaces or concealing and sealing them to avoid any contact, as stated by the EPA. Lead paint abatement is removing lead paint from a home to make it safe for habitation. Both mitigation and removal are viable options for abatement. Professionals in the removal and abatement industry must follow protocols recognized by the EPA.


Generally, potential homeowners choose mitigation, which encompasses limiting their exposure to lead paint by covering up the old paint and damaged drywall with new materials. Homeowners should expect to pay an average of $2,000 for mitigation services.


To get rid of lead paint completely, you need to hire specialists to remove and dispose of it before you can repaint the damaged surfaces. The average cost for elimination is about $10,000 because of all the materials that need to be removed, disposed of, and then replaced to get rid of lead completely.

Related Services

In addition to lead paint inspections, some homeowners may learn about lead on their property through lead-related services, such as lead blood tests or soil analysis. The cost of lead paint testing may increase by $300 if these additional tests are required.

Soil Testing

Soil testing is important because it yields data for soil management, including the concentration of lead present in your soil. The average cost of sending a soil sample to a lab is $9. However, a home testing kit can range from $10 to $60.

Lead Blood Test

The price of a routine lead blood test is around $75. According to the CDC, no amount of lead in the blood is safe, especially for children, but a reading of 3.5 micrograms per deciliter is above the average. Readings of 3.5 or higher indicate the need for a lead paint test or risk assessment to determine the source of the contamination.

House Painting

If you want to hire a professional painter to paint your home after lead paint inspection and abatement, you can expect to pay around $3,348. You might also paint the interior of your house while the exterior is being painted. Having the interior and exterior painted at the same time is more cost-effective than doing it separately. A professional painter would likely cost you between $1,216 and $3,269 to paint the interior of your home.

DIY Lead Inspection Kits

DIY lead inspection kits are readily accessible online for as low as $23. Many of the best-selling kits have been approved by the EPA and can provide findings in 30 seconds. 

However, DIY tests should never take the place of a professional inspection. When compared to professional testing, DIY methods often yield false negatives, so you run the risk of further exposing your family to lead and its effects. 

Cost of Lead Inspections By Location

The price of an inspection varies depending on your local market and local cost of living. In rural areas, where labor rates tend to be lower in general, an inspection may cost as low as $200. However, if you live in a metropolitan area or a more expensive region, such as the West Coast or the Northeast, your costs may be closer to $630

The best way to find the average cost of a lead inspection in your area is to reach out to several local inspection companies, get quotes from all of them, and compare the prices. 


What does lead paint testing consist of?

Professional lead inspectors use X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to detect lead in your home. If lead is detected, the next step is a risk assessment, which involves taking various samples from around your home, to find the source of the lead. Then, you can choose to mitigate the lead or eliminate it completely (elimination is significantly more complicated and expensive). 

When is it necessary to have a lead paint test done?

You should always have your home tested for lead paint before any renovations or during real estate transactions. 

Should I get a lead paint test?

The federal government strongly advises owners of pre-1978 homes to get lead paint testing, but it isn’t legally required. According to estimates, more than 70% of homes constructed before 1978 contain lead paint, so you should seriously consider a lead inspection if you have an older home. 

Final Thoughts

Lead paint inspection costs homeowners nationwide an average of $320. This inspection can give you peace of mind about your family’s health and safety, especially if your home was built before 1978 when lead paint was extremely common. Reach out to a home inspector in your area to schedule a professional lead paint test today. 

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