How Much Does a Home Security System Cost in 2024?

The price of a home security alarm system in the United States varies from $260 to $1,090, but homeowners can expect to pay an average of about $670.

Homes without security systems are statistically more likely to be burglarized than those with systems. The conclusion? It pays to have extra eyes and ears monitoring your home while you sleep or when you’re away.

But home security systems aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions; their prices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the alarm system and features you want. On average, homeowners pay $670 for a home security system, with most paying between $260 and $1,090.

These prices almost never cover the total cost; system upgrades such as home automation, professional monitoring, and additional cameras can stretch your budget. Read on as we take a closer look at the different home security system options to help you better understand how much each package will cost you.

In this cost guide:

Average Costs of a Home Security System in 2024

National Average Cost$670
Typical Price Range$260 – $1090
Extreme Low-End Cost$70
Extreme High-End Cost$3,375

The cost of a home security system varies with the option and service you choose. However, on average, homeowners pay $670, or between $260 and $1,090, for a home security system package that includes motion sensors, a key fob, an alarm, window and door sensors, and a base station (also called a control panel).

To install an unmonitored system with a few basic alarms, you’ll pay as little as $70; for a monitored system with extras such as smart locks, additional motion sensors, glass-break sensors, smoke detectors, and indoor and doorbell cameras for comprehensive security, you’ll pay as much as $3,375.

Home Security System Cost Estimator by Size,

The size of your home significantly affects how much you spend on an alarm system. Since a basic starter kit includes just a limited number of window and door sensors, you may need to purchase additional detection devices depending on the number of zones you want to monitor. Keep in mind that installation costs will increase as you add materials.

Home Security System Cost Estimator by Type

Deciding which option to use and how to set up your system will determine your cost.

Wireless home security systems

A completely wireless system costs between $200 to $2,000. Convenient access to this system via a mobile app is one of its most practical features. You can activate, deactivate, monitor, and manage your home security from your smartphone or other wireless device. Many wireless systems are DIY systems, so you may not have to worry about using professional setup and the costs that go along with it.

Wired home security systems

Even though wired systems also have indoor and outdoor cameras, the main difference between wired and wireless systems is the ease of installation. Installing wired systems often requires professionals to rewire your home. The cost of installing this type of security system ranges from $800 to $1,600.

Monitoring plan

Alarm systems can either be professionally monitored or self-monitored. Professional monitoring provides 24/7 surveillance of your home and notifies you and emergency responders when the alarm is triggered. Home monitoring packages cost between $10 and $65 per month.

A self-monitored system does not require a monitoring service, but sends you notifications through a mobile app that allows you to notify authorities if there is a problem.

Other Factors That Affect Cost

The cost of a home security system does not end with the equipment; you’ll need to consider several other factors during the buying process to avoid additional fees.

Additional Equipment Costs

A home security starter kit costs an average of $670 and typically includes an alarm, motion sensors, door and window sensors, a touchscreen or keypad control panel, and a remote key fob. If you want comprehensive protection for your home, you will need to add additional equipment, including:

  • Window and door sensor: $25 – $300
  • Key fob: $25
  • Extra motion detector: $20 – $200
  • Glass break sensor: $5 – $250
  • Fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detector: $100 – $300

Monthly Fees

There is a monthly cost for monitoring. How much home security companies charge for professional monitoring depends on the type of monitoring you choose.

  • Landline monitoring was once the norm and cost between $20 and $35 per month. It sends information to the monitoring service through existing telephone landlines.
  • GSM or cellular monitoring is a modern option with a higher monthly fee, ranging up to $65. With this option, signals are sent from a GSM chip in the base station to the home security company via a cellular or wireless network. Cellular monitoring can be a backup for landlines when phone lines are down.

Activation Fees

Most monitoring services directly or indirectly charge a one-time activation fee, usually up to $230, to connect your equipment to their system. Be sure to read the contract carefully or ask the security company if the activation fee is related to the installation cost, as some companies don’t disclose this information upfront when you request a quote. Don’t be fooled by the base prices these companies quote online!


With companies like ADT and Vivint charging different prices for installation, you can expect an average cost of around $350 for a simple installation and up to $1,200 for a complex security camera installation. Companies that don’t charge for installation may charge higher monthly monitoring fees, however.

Drywall Repair

Hard-wired systems require installers to cut into walls to access the wiring and make connections, so there will be a cost for wall repairs. Drywall repairs cost between $75 and $350.

Security Systems Add-ons

If you make additions beyond the entry-level model to increase convenience and improve security features, you will incur extra costs. Below are some possible add-ons for your security system.

Smart Home Features

Homeowners can use smart-home devices compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to increase comfort and security. Smart-home security, while expensive, allows complete control over lights, locks, appliances, and the entire home with a single integrated system. Here are some typical add-on features and their associated costs.

  • Smart lock: $150
  • Smart lighting: $15 – $90
  • Smart thermostats: $130 – $150

Surveillance Monitoring

Video surveillance costs $40 to $65 per month. With some security companies, monitoring equipment is included in the service; with others, the equipment must be purchased separately, costing about $45 to $350.

Panic button

Panic buttons cost $30 and are configured to notify the security provider of any threat as soon as they’re pressed, even if you cannot reach the base station. They can be installed anywhere in the home, especially in frequently used locations.

Duress signal

Duress signals are usually part of the security system; if not, you should budget $20 to $150 for an add-on feature. This feature is handy if a break-in happens while you’re at home. It notifies the monitoring service that an intruder is pressuring you to disarm the system.

Security System Brands

The company you choose will also determine the price of your home security system. The market is saturated with several popular home alarm providers offering different packages and apps at different prices. Below, we’ve compared the typical setup costs and monthly fees of some of the leading home security system companies.

Home Security BrandSetup CostsMonthly Fees
Abode$330$6 – $20
ADT$475$30 – $50
Cove$175$15 – $35
Frontpoint$320 – $540$45 – $50
Ring$500$3 – $15
Scout$120$10 – $20
SimpliSafe$230 – $490$15 – $25
Vivint$580$30 – $50
Nest$400$20 – $30

Related Security Services 

No home is burglar-proof. Given time and determination, a skilled, determined thief can get in. The idea is to make it as difficult as possible. There are many options to consider accomplishing that, including adding a security front door, a fence, and gates.


A well-built fence can beautify your home and provide privacy and security. A fence costs about $8 to $46 per linear foot to install, but you can consider several types of fences to bolster your home’s security, depending on what you prefer and how much you’re willing to spend.

Front doors

An old, cracked front door can easily compromise your security. If the door can be breached easily, your security system is mostly irrelevant. You can install a steel door, which is known for being durable and hard to open. Steel doors cost between $150 and $4,000 without installation.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

Most DIY wireless systems are incredibly easy to install. Not much guesswork is required. However, hire a professional if you’re not tech-savvy and setting up the system is challenging. The $120 to $600 cost to properly set up an alarm system is well worth the peace of mind that a professional installation will bring to your home’s security.

Cost of Home Security System by Location

Factors such as local labor costs, sales or service taxes, demand for the alarm system, and the cost of living in your area can cause the national average cost to fluctuate. The Northwest and Southwest regions of the United States have a higher national average than the Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest.


What is the best home security system without a monthly fee?

Home security systems from Ring Alarm, ADT, Frontpoint, or SimpliSafe are popular choices for security systems with no monthly fee.

Do I need a permit for the alarm system?

This is relative to your location. Homeowners may pay fines for false alarms that require emergency services to be dispatched if they don’t have a permit in an area where one is required.

How much does it cost to cancel an alarm plan?

Your contract will specify what you owe the company if you terminate early. Often it is a percentage of your monitoring fee. Termination fees from some leading security systems companies are as follows;

● ADT: 75%
● Vivint:100%
● Alder: 90%
● Brinks: 100%
● Link interactive: 75%
● Cox Homelife: 50%

Final Thoughts 

A home security system is a fantastic addition to any home. Although it can be expensive, its benefits are priceless. Whether you are away or asleep, the system provides strong protection and monitoring around the clock.

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