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The Top 8 Most Beautiful State Capitol Lawns

State Capitol Buildings are among the most beautiful buildings in the nation. Most were built by hand over a century ago and carry design and attention to detail that modern buildings today simply do not have. Even the more modern capitol buildings carry with them a regal overtone, towering over […]


The Top 10 Best Landscaped Colleges – South

With the blessing of temperate climates and nearly year round growing conditions, the south is a breeding ground for impeccably green lawns. Colleges here, while noted for their football programs and tailgating, are also noted for their stunning campus landscaping. In the past few weeks, LawnStarter has looked at the best […]


The Top 10 Best Landscaped Colleges – West Coast

The West Coast is a land of diverse beauty. This consists of California’s Redwoods and pristine beaches, the majestic mountains of Oregon, and the kaleidoscope of rich colors that make up Washington’s landscape. West Coast students also get to experience some of our country’s best landscaped college campuses. In the past, we […]

General Lawn Care

A Quick Guide to Core Aeration

Core aeration is one of those lawn care practices that are hidden in plain sight. It probably sounds familiar to you (or maybe not), but you’ve surely seen core aeration before. Think back to your football/soccer field in high school. Remember all those little pellets of dirt scattered all over? […]

General Lawn Care

Quick Guide to Lawn Fertilization

Feeding your lawn, some say, is the most important thing you can do in pursuit of a vibrant lawn. The following article will explain the why, when, and how of lawn fertilization. Why Is Lawn Fertilization Necessary? Fertilizer feeds your soil. In order to grow a lush, green lawn, your […]


6 Affordable Ways to Make Your Flowerbed Pop

Flowerbeds are an integral part of most suburban lawns, and it’s hard to imagine a home without one. A well-maintained flowerbed can really increase the curb appeal (and thus the monetary value) of your home. In addition to your annual mulching, there are hundreds of things you can do to […]