2022’s Most Glamorous Cities in the U.S.

Models catwalking on a runway during a fashion show in New York City

Many of us dream of a “Real Housewives” lifestyle: the mansion, the Bentley, the Rolex, the country club membership — minus the drama. But some cities are more ritz and glitz, while others are more Ritz crackers and grits.

So, which of the 200 biggest U.S. cities are most suited to a five-star way of life?

LawnStarter ranked 2022’s Most Glamorous Cities based on 35 indicators of exclusivity, such as household wealth, access to Michelin-starred restaurants, and Fashion Week participation.

Find out whether your city has the “it” factor in our ranking below, followed by some highlights, lowlights, and expert tips.

Table of Contents

  1. City Rankings
  2. Highlights and Lowlights
  3. Ask the Experts
  4. Methodology

City Rankings

See how your city and others fared in our ranking:

OVERALL RANKCityOverall ScoreStatus and Wealth RankFine Dining RankBeauty RankFashion RankEntertainment Rank
1San Francisco, CA60.2352211
2New York, NY47.7711992
3Miami, FL40.56134173
4Washington, DC32.877322624
5Seattle, WA32.8014535114
6Chicago, IL32.691691885
7Los Angeles, CA29.8227542014
8Boston, MA29.1159615410
9Las Vegas, NV28.0038137329
10Honolulu, HI27.1835105251
11Houston, TX26.20357793820
12Fort Lauderdale, FL26.1334153506
13Atlanta, GA25.981020121026
14Portland, OR25.81231445168
15Dallas, TX25.37949573011
16Jersey City, NJ23.69702310521
17Philadelphia, PA23.04322189129
18Tampa, FL21.884046241712
19St. Louis, MO21.715616193213
20San Diego, CA21.672140692316
21Scottsdale, AZ21.49254481533
21New Orleans, LA21.491361191197
23Denver, CO20.805217501315
24Pasadena, CA20.1382265464
25Glendale, CA19.271729134592
26Pittsburgh, PA19.147118141428
27Minneapolis, MN19.01728821822
28Orlando, FL18.913919173134
29Torrance, CA18.691541451106
30Bellevue, WA18.106353749128
31Irvine, CA16.802088523770
31Austin, TX16.801954633375
33Phoenix, AZ16.3830311414140
34Milwaukee, WI16.16115471272819
35Cincinnati, OH16.115736332944
36Baltimore, MD15.6612034582230
37Richmond, VA15.328339232447
38Alexandria, VA15.242426365743
39Arlington, VA14.8527731514844
40Indianapolis, IN14.71601011144436
41Sunnyvale, CA14.20413948111146
42Salt Lake City, UT14.1546522926117
43Columbus, OH13.9773251013950
44Cleveland, OH13.7713838432546
45Jacksonville, FL13.701816411716637
46Kansas City, MO13.67511121324253
47Providence, RI12.9916312345631
48Long Beach, CA12.7222711036748
49Garden Grove, CA12.109160214782
50San Jose, CA12.05119114064151
51Rochester, NY12.01153272711523
52St. Petersburg, FL11.9612962607318
53Nashville, TN11.9511787724061
54Fremont, CA11.931216315696118
55Naperville, IL11.872961269860
56Omaha, NE11.7485831094676
57Greensboro, NC11.716410713336119
58Birmingham, AL11.6617786322177
59Orange, CA11.5144106116580
60Tulsa, OK11.23108851113587
61Savannah, GA11.1118050259325
62Huntington Beach, CA10.763372666174
63Baton Rouge, LA10.5693643827182
64Charlotte, NC10.4153779612442
65Little Rock, AR10.331001156734154
66Detroit, MI10.221796615917317
67Oakland, CA10.2136451376283
68Fullerton, CA10.1542581356559
69Hollywood, FL10.1212533315269
70Louisville, KY10.0778245914741
71Anaheim, CA9.99287017111768
72San Antonio, TX9.73312899144112
73Plano, TX9.574776409094
74Raleigh, NC9.4549678310765
74Yonkers, NY9.45119651297435
76Santa Ana, CA9.279874305884
76Pomona, CA9.27431768759110
78Syracuse, NY9.1918437617532
79Chattanooga, TN9.03371208017699
80Sacramento, CA9.006943629457
81Grand Rapids, MI8.69148482011252
82Anchorage, AK8.6610417917642183
83St. Paul, MN8.60135567511938
84Tacoma, WA8.556775428789
85Fort Worth, TX8.475011413914671
86Frisco, TX8.45451189297115
86Aurora, IL8.45661421807254
88Santa Clarita, CA8.422615785101180
89Paterson, NJ8.331851801788927
90Metairie, LA8.17121531655165
91Buffalo, NY8.121693212510539
92Chandler, AZ7.93639612315578
93Tempe, AZ7.761011301367956
94Memphis, TN7.725410415017897
95Gilbert, AZ7.607511712612467
96Newark, NJ7.4481805653175
97Spokane, WA7.39686910286112
98Hialeah, FL7.36130591836055
99Pembroke Pines, FL7.35109124467190
100Cary, NC7.2462847085143
101Winston-Salem, NC6.966110851124157
102Reno, NV6.94809373114100
102Oklahoma City, OK6.9455149124169135
104Mesa, AZ6.929917714715166
105Henderson, NV6.88589897169132
105Mobile, AL6.886530104163153
107Worcester, MA6.871181094195107
108Peoria, AZ6.849217217417762
109Toledo, OH6.811079212215573
110Irving, TX6.669014016110585
111Virginia Beach, VA6.647910590140114
112Garland, TX6.637418018483101
113Glendale, AZ6.6113213514413758
114Kansas City, KS6.561331699417863
115Colorado Springs, CO6.5410510211015196
116Paradise, NV6.5212318019516449
117Tucson, AZ6.519412586160109
118Knoxville, TN6.431418239178103
119Arlington, TX6.409711616710093
120Norfolk, VA6.38146516410294
121Madison, WI6.371434210710488
122Miramar, FL6.35128151777798
123Dayton, OH6.241456844153105
124Overland Park, KS6.2310216112080120
125Albuquerque, NM6.1795111115120116
126Hayward, CA6.137612919581121
127Akron, OH6.05164789814871
128Escondido, CA6.0188109172143108
129Grand Prairie, TX5.9684180193124104
130Aurora, CO5.7412717113816691
131McKinney, TX5.6511215510687137
132Eugene, OR5.63183894963123
133Riverside, CA5.618213265141167
134Corona, CA5.5889180100144145
135Santa Rosa, CA5.471135574117162
135Rancho Cucamonga, CA5.471039410876171
137Lakewood, CO5.461591221758286
138Lancaster, CA5.4341180191174198
139Thornton, CO5.31126180164160102
140Lexington, KY5.2313413147129152
141Shreveport, LA5.211611275392135
142Salem, OR5.20106123113124156
142Palmdale, CA5.2048180194134199
144Fort Wayne, IN5.10139103112130127
145Huntsville, AL5.02111159130178144
146Wichita, KS5.01114126118178149
147Pasadena, TX4.998618017991162
148Chula Vista, CA4.979618018578162
149Durham, NC4.901408168155154
150Salinas, CA4.821921802869167
151Des Moines, IA4.6719613815811078
152Sioux Falls, SD4.661671477899141
153Cape Coral, FL4.6519017315417581
154Ontario, CA4.61152145153108129
155Mesquite, TX4.55142180121148142
156Elk Grove, CA4.5287134162122184
157Oceanside, CA4.50137152143178139
158Vancouver, WA4.4617614471132134
158Boise, ID4.461779584113138
160Corpus Christi, TX4.44131168152155148
161Jackson, MS4.3214912888130167
162Chesapeake, VA4.31124174145178159
163Stockton, CA4.3016813315770149
164Joliet, IL4.21186137148142111
165Fort Collins, CO4.191549793123173
165Fresno, CA4.1915199131121161
167Lincoln, NE4.17174154128162132
168El Paso, TX4.08122150155178176
169Augusta, GA3.97182170146171124
170Newport News, VA3.90157143105178170
171North Las Vegas, NV3.89158156192159131
172Oxnard, CA3.8616590168178147
173Modesto, CA3.8217212111683179
174Olathe, KS3.76162180177178140
175Midland, TX3.74110162163178188
176Bridgeport, CT3.7318879186103125
177Bakersfield, CA3.66144160160135177
178Springfield, MO3.6518711981137160
179Enterprise, NV3.6177180195178197
180Tallahassee, FL3.5415011395178194
181Fontana, CA3.53147180182108174
182Spring Valley, NV3.5111618019568195
183Port St. Lucie, FL3.43195175173171122
184McAllen, TX3.3817363166148172
184Moreno Valley, CA3.38166180188133158
186Columbus, GA3.34193165165178130
187Amarillo, TX3.26181146134178166
188Macon, GA3.1617116776178192
188Lubbock, TX3.16155141149178185
188Springfield, MA3.16198100169178125
191Montgomery, AL3.15160148142166186
192Murfreesboro, TN3.1019115355115190
193Rockford, IL2.85189136119178181
194San Bernardino, CA2.70175180195154177
195Fayetteville, NC2.63170178170139189
196Sunrise Manor, NV2.55156180195178187
197Clarksville, TN1.49197180187178193
198Laredo, TX1.45194158190164200
199Killeen, TX1.37199180181135196
200Brownsville, TX1.35200166189178191
Infographic showing the most glamorous cities in America, a ranking based on wealth, beauty, fashion, fine dining, and entertainment

Highlights and Lowlights

Putting the Extra in Extravagant

There’s gold in them San Francisco hills, but it’s not the kind you have to dig up. 

Not only is San Francisco this year’s Glamour Capital, but it also dominated in Fashion and Entertainment. It fell just behind Miami in Beauty and New York in Fine Dining. Until 2019, San Francisco was one of only five cities in the nation — and only two in California — to be included in the prestigious Michelin Guide (New York was America’s first).

Where the Golden City (barely) lacks luster is Status and Wealth, ranking No. 5. The Bay Area, a magnet for the ultra-wealthy, is consistently the most expensive metro in which to live, and wherever the money goes, luxurious amenities often follow. So if you want to rub elbows with the likes of Dustin Moskovitz and Julia Roberts — and have the balance sheet to back it up — then put an offer down on that Victorian mansion.

Ritzing It Up

Most major U.S. cities landed at the top of our ranking. Indeed, the land of high-rises also is where you’ll often find restaurants and shopping with equally towering prices.

Among those glamour hubs are billionaire capital New York at No. 2, home of the stars Los Angeles at No. 7, and high-roller heaven Las Vegas in ninth place. Miami (No. 3), Washington (No. 4), and Chicago (No. 6) also made the exclusive cut. 

Each of these cities either dominated or ranked in the top 10 of at least one category. What gives? Big populations generally mean more more people to impress and more local wealth and therefore greater demand for the finer things in life.

It’s Gettin’ Hot in Herre 

Nothing screams “glamorous” more than a polished outward appearance. But one characteristic not often associated with beauty is climate. Nearly all of the cities that placed in the top 10 of our Beauty category have warm or hot year-round weather. They include cities like Miami (No. 2), Honolulu (No. 5), Las Vegas (No. 7), and Scottsdale, Arizona (No. 8).

The connection between beauty and balmy weather is unclear, but if you want to be appreciated for good looks, head to lower latitudes.

Texas Glitz vs. Texas Grits

Some of The Lone Star State’s biggest cities have earned the title of “America’s most glamorous.” Houston at No. 11 and Dallas at No. 15 lead the Texas cities in our ranking, thanks to their whopping wealth, which they lavishly spend on entertainment options. 

At the opposite end are Brownsville in last place, Killeen at No. 199, and Laredo at No. 198. In fact, 16 of the 23 Texas cities we tested for glamour landed in the lower half of our ranking. But those cities aren’t likely to take umbrage at our findings. Rather, they pride themselves more on their grittier flavor and down-to-earth charm.

The upshot: If glam is your jam, stick to the biggest Texas cities.

Ask The Experts

The pandemic changed the way we dress and our overall attitudes toward glamour. What “pandemic” status symbols are en vogue? Can you live glamorously without a fortune? Our panel of glamour industry experts explore these first-world issues du jour. See what they had to say below.

  1. What new status symbols of glamour and wealth have you noticed during the pandemic?

  2. What are your top three tips for living a glamorous lifestyle on a budget?
Asli D. A. Tasci
Associate Professor
Jagdish Sheth
Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing
Mike Morgan
Professor of Practice, Department of Finance, Real Estate and Business Law, College of Business & Economic Development
Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, CFT
Professor of Practice in Personal Financial Planning, Director of Personal Financial Planning Masters Program
Linda Fisher
Professor of Law
Asli D. A. Tasci
Associate Professor
UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management

What new status symbols of glamour and wealth have you noticed during the pandemic?

Well-maintained homes and gardens, online consumption, focus on health and social media activities are some of the new symbols of glamour.

What are your top three tips for living a glamorous lifestyle on a budget?

1. Do your research for price comparisons; take advantage of consumer platforms for suggestions and feedback on deals and coupons.

2. Don’t lose sight of what matters the most; don’t lose your focus on health; any luxury spending for health is justified.

3. Award yourself for an achievement by going a little over that benchmark once a month, especially for health (e.g., spa, massage).

Jagdish Sheth
Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing
Emory University Goizueta Business School

What new status symbols of glamour and wealth have you noticed during the pandemic?

Masks, home offices, (home decor, bookshelves, flowers, plants, and virtual backgrounds.

What are your top three tips for living a glamorous lifestyle on a budget?

Go digital. Make artificial real. Splurge in affordable luxuries such as designer wines, gourmet treats, and baked cookies.

Mike Morgan
Professor of Practice, Department of Finance, Real Estate and Business Law, College of Business & Economic Development
The University of Southern Mississippi

What are your top three tips for living a glamorous lifestyle on a budget?   

  1. Live below your means and hope people think you make less than you actually do.
  2. If you want to live the lifestyle of somebody making $300,000, go out and make $600,000.
  3. Don’t do the opposite, because people will just assume you are a fake.
Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, CFT
Professor of Practice in Personal Financial Planning, Director of Personal Financial Planning Masters Program
Kansas State University

What new status symbols of glamour and wealth have you noticed during the pandemic?

There was an interesting trend on Twitter for a while, where zoom backdrops were being scrutinized. Any celebrities or experts that went on air with zoom could be analyzed for what was in their background. I think home decor and improvement has been a focus on many of our minds as we are stuck at home and could be a revitalized focus.

What are your top three tips for living a glamorous lifestyle on a budget?

My biggest tip for anyone and everyone is to track your spending. I don’t mind what anyone spends money on, I think that is a personal preference. But I hate it when people don’t know what they are spending money on. Intentionality will breed happiness because you will know you are actually buying things that make you feel glamorous rather than wasting money because you aren’t thinking about how it impacts cash flow.

Focus on what really gives you pleasure. You don’t have to be glamorous in every aspect. Maybe you love fashion. Then don’t waste your money on a fancy car. Maybe you love a beautiful car, then don’t waste your money on fashion.

Third, focus on what you think makes you glamorous rather than worrying about what others think of you. Some people call it “keeping up with the Joneses.” Others refer to it as relative deprivation. Whatever you call it…if you worry too much about what other people have, you will never be satisfied.

Linda Fisher
Professor of Law
Seton Hall University

What new status symbols of glamour and wealth have you noticed during the pandemic?

I’m personally not interested in conspicuous consumption and don’t look for it, but glamour is often fun!  It’s a good antidote to the sameness of stay-at-home days.  I’ve noticed more middle-aged people coloring their hair purple, blue and pink, among other colors, sometimes coloring the back or underneath layers so they’re not visible on professional calls.

What are your top three tips for living a glamorous lifestyle on a budget?

I’ve spent most of my life trying to be fashionable on a budget, and it’s easier than ever now.  I love The Real Real and am buying most of my clothes from that site.  I’ve never minded buying good quality used clothing and The Real Real is sustainable, offers a wide variety of styles and is affordable.  What could be better?  I’ve also bought on ThredUp from the designer section and Poshmark.


We ranked the 200 biggest U.S. cities from most (No. 1) to least (No. 200) glamorous based on their overall scores (out of 100 possible points), averaged across all the weighted metrics listed below.

MetricWeightingMin. ValueMax. ValueBest
Status and Wealth
Share of Upper-Income Households ($200,000 or More Annually)30.80%32.40%Max. Value
Annual County GDP (Thousands of Dollars)2$321 million$1.07 trillionMax. Value
Arts, Entertainment, Recreation, Accommodation, and Food Services Annual County GDP (Thousands of Dollars)1$5.2 million$55.7 billionMax. Value
Share of Million-Dollar Homes30.10%65.50%Max. Value
Number of Luxury Vehicle Dealerships2038Max. Value
Number of Private Airports Within 25 Miles1115Max. Value
Number of Privately Owned and Used Heliports1066Max. Value
Number of Boarding Schools202Max. Value
Number of Private Schools22385Max. Value
Featured in "Real Housewives" (1 = Yes, 0 = No)101Max. Value
Fine Dining
Fine Dining Restaurants per Square Mile303.05Max. Value
Number of Michelin-Starred Restaurants (Points)20268Max. Value
Number of Restaurants in NY Times Top 50 List205Max. Value
Luxury Cosmetics and Beauty Supply Stores per Square Mile200.17Max. Value
Plastic Surgeons per 100,000 Residents3016.76Max. Value
Spas and Wellness Centers per Square Mile203.78Max. Value
Hosts Fashion Week Events (1 = Yes, 0 = No)301Max. Value
Luxury Fashion Stores per Square Mile301.25Max. Value
Luxury Jewelry Shops per Square Mile200.62Max. Value
Luxury Watch Shops per Square Mile200.28Max. Value
Bespoke Clothing Shops per Square Mile101.02Max. Value
Nightlife Options per Square Mile206.84Max. Value
Art Galleries per Square Mile201.49Max. Value
Theaters per Square Mile201.02Max. Value
5-Star Hotels per Square Mile203.68Max. Value
Number of Platinum Country Clubs105Max. Value
Number of Golf Courses Within 20 Miles20100Max. Value
Number of Platinum Golf Clubs103Max. Value
Number of Marinas2082Max. Value
Number of Yacht Clubs1010Max. Value
Number of Platinum Yacht Clubs201Max. Value
Number of Boat Shows104Max. Value
Number of Car Shows107Max. Value
Number of Platinum City Clubs2013Max. Value
Number of Platinum Athletic Clubs201Max. Value

Sources: 10times, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Auto Buy Sell Dealers, Boarding Schools USA, Booking.com, Bureau of Economic Analysis, FashionUnited, Federal Aviation Administration, GolfLink, Marinas.com, Michelin Guide, The New York Times, Paramount Business Jets, Platinum Clubs of America, Private School Review, TripAdvisor, U.S. Census Bureau, Wikipedia, Yacht Clubs of America, and Yelp

Main Photo Credit: Shutterstock


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