4 Grass Types for Lawns in Columbus, OH

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When you live in Columbus, the weather is anything but consistent or predictable. If and when you need to choose a grass type, it’s best to choose a cool season grass type for your property that is sustainable and efficient. You want a grass type that will not only look great and add to your home’s curb appeal but a type that can withstand the climate.

Different grass types call for different care methods, here is a quick and simple guide to help you understand grass types for your home in Columbus.

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1. Tall Fescue

tall fescue

Source: Purdue Turf Tips

The Tall Fescue lawn grass is definitely a low maintenance type that really doesn’t need much attention. If you are a novice to lawn care, it won’t be a challenge. Tall Fescue grass is great during the cold as well as extreme heat and if it is in full sunlight, won’t be a problem. It’s drought-resistant and will survive if the hot, dry summer weather is prolonged.

Lawn Mowing Height: Tall Fescue grass should be mowed between 3 and 3 ½ inches, and will need to be mowed at least once per week.

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2. Kentucky Bluegrass


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The Kentucky Bluegrass is actually a turf grass that will thrive in cool weather climates like Columbus. This type of lawn grass prefers a setting in full sun and no shade, so if your lawn has a significant number of trees, if you do have mostly shade and still want a variety of the Kentucky Bluegrass then, you can mix those seeds with a Fescue seed and add those to your soil, but for individual spots not complete lawn renovation. The Kentucky Bluegrass also does well against the invasion of insects and disease. It will need a yearly fertilization program, as with other grasses, but shouldn’t be too difficult to care for.

Lawn Mowing Height: Kentucky Bluegrass should be kept no lower than 2 ½ inches high at all times during peak season; this should be achieved by mowing about once a week.

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3. Buffalograss


Photo: Flickr / Scot Nelson

The Buffalograss is not an extremely well-known grass but is actually one of the most versatile types of lawn grass that there is. The Buffalograss really doesn’t require a lot of attention and is very durable and can bounce back fast. This would be an excellent type of lawn grass to be used in your backyard, maybe a small area around a pool, because it’s not sensitive and can be walked on.

Lawn Mowing Height: Buffalograss should be kept at between 2 ½ and 3 ½ inches.

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4. Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass

Similar to the Kentucky Bluegrass, the Perennial Ryegrass is a great choice for a cool weather lawn grass for a Columbus home. This type of lawn has a fine texture to it but, unlike the Kentucky Bluegrass, it isn’t completely resistant to the cold and disease but, enough to make it quite durable for this geographic location. It does, however, have a better drought tolerance than the Kentucky Bluegrass variety. If you have a built-in sprinkler system and keep a consistent watering schedule then this grass won’t dehydrate. The Perennial Ryegrass is a dark green color and stays quite lush.

Lawn Mowing Height: Perennial Ryegrass should be mowed at about 2 ½ inches once per week.

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