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Callery (Bradford) pear
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Worst Trees to Plant in Columbus

Working in a garden center while in college, Pamela Bennett decided plants and trees would become her profession and passion. Now as associate professor and state master gardener program director for The Ohio State University Extension in Springfield, she helps people build that passion and helps them with questions. Many […]

Hickory trees in Columbus
Columbus, OH, Ohio, Tree care

Basic Tree Care Guide for Columbus, Ohio

The trees in the Columbus area and surrounding counties have been taking hits from Mother Nature the past few years with conditions including extreme dryness, record-breaking wetness and frigid temperatures. “Trees can tolerate lots of different kinds of stresses occasionally, but repeated extremes take a toll — unless the trees […]

Zoo animal manure composting
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Dung Deal: Zoos Offer Animal Compost for Lawns, Gardens

It’s a movement that has swept the nation, with the sweeping taking place behind elephants, giraffes, zebras and hippos: Zoos across the United States gather, compost and sell their animal waste to homeowners to beautify their gardens and lawns. “A lot of people tell us their gardens look amazing because […]