2022’s Best Cities for Hipsters

tattooed hipster man with fedora and sunglasses

If you love all things indie, vintage, and obscure, then you’re likely to thrive in one of 2022’s Best Cities for Hipsters. 

That’s why LawnStarter ranked the 200 biggest U.S. cities: to help maximize your chances of finding a circa 1970s alpaca wool coat, cage-free eggs, and just chill vibes. 

We looked at 30 anti-cool factors — from access to thrift stores, farmers markets, and vinyl to unicycle- and morning rave-friendliness.

Check out the top cities for the modern Bohemian below, followed by our take on the ranking results.


City Rankings

See how each city fared in our ranking:

Overall Rank (1=Best)CityOverall ScoreFashion RankLifestyle RankCulture RankFood and Drink Rank
1New York, NY83.941211
2Los Angeles, CA67.262725
3Portland, OR57.4913342
4San Francisco, CA56.5219134
5Chicago, IL52.6142663
6Seattle, WA51.8814456
7San Diego, CA48.88611107
8Denver, CO44.43255188
9Austin, TX43.219101612
10Atlanta, GA40.931614820
11Miami, FL39.881162317
12Washington, DC39.5450191110
13Oakland, CA37.9957121336
14Sacramento, CA37.0917152918
15Orlando, FL36.7620331414
16Nashville, TN36.7139241216
17Louisville, KY36.152743919
18Houston, TX36.07364399
19Cincinnati, OH35.983630733
20Minneapolis, MN35.944792421
21Las Vegas, NV35.635801915
22Salt Lake City, UT35.3167131547
23Richmond, VA34.2028222632
24Philadelphia, PA33.9812354111
25Tampa, FL33.4321282523
26Columbus, OH32.4724502122
27Pittsburgh, PA32.2233393013
28San Jose, CA32.1237183555
29Boston, MA32.025885643
30Tucson, AZ31.0815493834
31Baltimore, MD30.7443382830
32New Orleans, LA30.5654631729
33Long Beach, CA30.4131214551
34Indianapolis, IN29.9122842025
35San Antonio, TX29.558893131
36Grand Rapids, MI29.4870363638
37Charlotte, NC29.4623603226
38Buffalo, NY28.5148483445
39Rochester, NY27.9880226441
40Dallas, TX27.4010974027
41Phoenix, AZ27.037837035
42Honolulu, HI26.5938515924
43Raleigh, NC26.3234524248
44Durham, NC26.3087293789
45Knoxville, TN26.1732415157
46Eugene, OR25.8582166365
47St. Louis, MO25.7855256079
48Santa Rosa, CA25.48791713546
49Madison, WI24.5161407539
50Alexandria, VA24.17102207368
51Albuquerque, NM24.1626905052
52Cleveland, OH23.65891292237
53Vancouver, WA23.07694410049
54Milwaukee, WI23.0642866128
55Pasadena, CA22.7886376872
56Providence, RI22.76115544774
57Omaha, NE22.59291094350
58Colorado Springs, CO22.31461035242
59Scottsdale, AZ22.0641884981
60Huntington Beach, CA22.031093111670
61Spokane, WA21.58491026244
62Detroit, MI21.541031232778
63Kansas City, MO21.27301413353
64Tempe, AZ20.9965569373
65Fort Collins, CO20.79121618240
66Fort Lauderdale, FL20.7974678060
67Salem, OR20.751134714656
68Worcester, MA20.75130429996
69Lexington, KY20.6671785392
70Riverside, CA20.49764613286
71Jersey City, NJ20.3917027134144
72Santa Ana, CA19.9610445103156
73Dayton, OH19.6196597263
74Lincoln, NE19.60938548125
75St. Petersburg, FL19.54975785100
76Tallahassee, FL19.4744937180
77Tacoma, WA19.37631047659
78Tulsa, OK19.28601274664
79Anaheim, CA19.229558104112
80Fremont, CA19.0717434160136
81Syracuse, NY18.9290925490
82Birmingham, AL18.85781055587
83St. Paul, MN18.621623216593
84Savannah, GA18.5368687491
85Greensboro, NC18.41727310669
86Boise City, ID18.22775376133
87Virginia Beach, VA17.99628710777
88Jacksonville, FL17.94181506961
89Winston-Salem, NC17.751227488102
90Irvine, CA17.5515255157107
91Reno, NV17.53811317954
92Oceanside, CA17.48134949467
93Des Moines, IA17.039981101104
94Memphis, TN16.63561484497
95Bellevue, WA16.631276611784
96Fort Wayne, IN16.54929586116
97Akron, OH16.511371158162
98Escondido, CA16.451467013366
99Arlington, VA16.441691166671
100Torrance, CA16.39986214794
101Glendale, CA16.3510872155142
102Mesa, AZ16.285196126127
103Springfield, MO16.27737690106
104Norfolk, VA16.227512678111
105Little Rock, AR16.148813457103
106Chattanooga, TN16.031051009588
107Oxnard, CA16.0010677189115
108Oklahoma City, OK15.82401755858
109Modesto, CA15.7610010613775
110Baton Rouge, LA15.765211989123
111El Paso, TX15.705313667119
112Toledo, OH14.7312611191101
113Huntsville, AL14.678411211583
114Orange, CA14.5511179153132
115Sunnyvale, CA14.471876916398
116Salinas, CA14.4015571175113
117Bakersfield, CA14.37591458395
118Fresno, CA14.074513811399
119Yonkers, NY14.0618599109179
120Mobile, AL13.8710711397154
121Fullerton, CA13.6214082139168
122Elk Grove, CA13.6118898180108
123Garden Grove, CA13.6016065177185
124Chula Vista, CA13.53124125110129
125Hayward, CA13.5116591119150
126Fort Worth, TX13.39351748776
127Wichita, KS13.186416965105
128Newark, NJ13.18175122105164
129Rockford, IL13.10135107130117
130Ontario, CA13.05181101164167
131Fayetteville, NC12.97110118122140
132Macon, GA12.9615475127177
133Rancho Cucamonga, CA12.87117117158148
134Naperville, IL12.3617713298110
135Santa Clarita, CA12.34195121136141
136Plano, TX12.1385130162128
137Augusta, GA12.10120124128151
138Pomona, CA11.96156120112166
139San Bernardino, CA11.84166114171188
140Anchorage, AK11.4011616010285
141Aurora, IL11.28149135125161
142Hialeah, FL11.07129110187183
143Aurora, CO10.93112139173122
144Clarksville, TN10.75145108167145
145Lubbock, TX10.6811816784139
146Newport News, VA10.67136140151138
147Hollywood, FL10.2515315410881
148Cape Coral, FL10.22131133170162
149Glendale, AZ10.2166161148121
150Chandler, AZ9.9583168123126
151Overland Park, KS9.94133142145157
152Corpus Christi, TX9.749117792165
153Henderson, NV9.69147163121118
154Lakewood, CO9.69143137143109
155Murfreesboro, TN9.68142143120131
156Springfield, MA9.55184128188173
157Stockton, CA9.5294159174120
158Jackson, MS9.45171149111147
159Fontana, CA9.39159146184169
160Gilbert, AZ9.11168153168134
161McAllen, TX8.84119152131158
162Arlington, TX8.80101171144130
163Columbus, GA8.79151151152174
164Corona, CA8.71167162129124
165Lancaster, CA8.69123147159184
166Shreveport, LA8.6414817696180
167Montgomery, AL8.43158158141159
168Chesapeake, VA8.20150170156137
169Port St. Lucie, FL8.19138144195191
170Laredo, TX7.98173156140200
171Cary, NC7.88157173142114
172McKinney, TX7.82178164149153
173Paterson, NJ7.56182155181152
174Amarillo, TX7.55113187124146
175Brownsville, TX7.48172157169194
176Bridgeport, CT7.47163172138172
177Sioux Falls, SD6.93139190118135
178Moreno Valley, CA6.81183165191189
179Irving, TX6.62144180166175
180Peoria, AZ6.10141184176182
181Palmdale, CA6.08186181161160
182Olathe, KS5.73179179172170
183Midland, TX5.58163185150181
184Frisco, TX5.55190182185178
185Pembroke Pines, FL5.55180178186163
186Kansas City, KS5.33189183183143
187Joliet, IL5.29176192154149
188Garland, TX4.91125193190176
189North Las Vegas, NV4.83192188194192
190Killeen, TX4.78132189178187
191Denton, TX4.72128198114155
192Grand Prairie, TX4.42191191182193
193Thornton, CO3.91194194179171
194Miramar, FL3.66196186196190
195Pasadena, TX3.38161195192195
196Paradise, NV2.73197166197197
197Mesquite, TX2.63193196193186
198Spring Valley, NV0.70198197198199
199Enterprise, NV0.45198199199196
200Sunrise Manor, NV0.39198200199197
2022's Best Cities for Hipsters Infographic is based on vintage clothes, biking friendliness, local flavor shops and more!

Rants and Raves

New York City: Hipster Utopia

The undisputed Hipster Capital of America is also our No. 1 Best City for Hipsters this year, dethroning 2021’s gold medalist, San Francisco. 

The Big Apple swept three out of four categories and ranked only behind Baghdad by the Bay in Lifestyle. Zooming in, there are more thrift stores, record stores, independent bookstores, vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and other crucial hipster must-haves in New York than in the other 199 cities we ranked.

If you’ve followed hipster culture over the years, New York’s win comes as no surprise: Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood is synonymous with hipsterism. It’s there, after all, where local writer Robert Lanham penned “The Hipster Handbook.” (You can snag a copy of this essential hipster read from the ultra-cool Greenlight Bookstore on Fulton Street — we hear it’s a real pager.)

The Dream of the ’90s Is Alive in the PNW

Throw a Holga camera anywhere in Seattle and Portland, Oregon, and you’re likely to hit a hipster — they’re everywhere. Hipsters flock to this region for its laid-back (translation: tree-hugging, weed-loving) culture and strong sense of social justice.

Stumptown — whose un-ironic slogan is “Keep Portland weird” and the setting of hipster parody Portlandia — earned bronze this year (though it downgraded from silver in our 2021 ranking). Meanwhile, the Emerald City finished in sixth place. Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, the city’s hipster stronghold, was the site of the protest zone CHOP.

Both cities are — dare we say “popular” — hipster hubs, with chart-topping performances in all four categories but especially Lifestyle, Culture, and Food and Drink. Pack an umbrella to avoid looking remotely hip during the rainy season (locals prefer really trendy rain jackets).

Budget Matters

There are two types of city-dwelling hipsters: those who can afford $800 vintage boots and those who must recreate high-end looks with smart pieces from Goodwill.

Obvi, budget won’t be a factor for affluent, well-heeled hipsters. Most of our top 10 cities — such as New York (No. 1), San Francisco (No. 4), and Seattle (No. 6) — also are among the most expensive cities to live in general. 

But cash-strapped hipsters have plenty of budget-friendly options. The cost of living in Denver (No. 8), Austin, Texas (No. 9), and Atlanta (No. 10), for example, don’t stray too far above the national average. 

If you’re really struggling, Orlando (No. 15), Nashville (No. 16), and Cincinnati (No. 19) will let you live like a Bohemian without having to eat like one. You just bring the attitude to complete the look.

Texas, Vegas ’Burbs: The Antithesis of the Anti-Cool

If you prefer to stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to, head on over to the hipsturbias of Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Las Vegas. 

Outliers in the DFW like Denton (No. 191), Grand Prairie (No. 192), and Mesquite (No. 197), as well as Sin City’s Paradise (No. 196), Spring Valley (No. 198), and Sunrise Manor (No. 200), are the most mainstream cities in our ranking. 

You’ll find more cowboy hats than fedoras in these Texas cities and more chains than mom-and-pops in the Vegas ’burbs. 

Thankfully, you can ride to Austin (No. 9), Houston (No. 18), and Las Vegas (No. 21) for a quick indie fix. Unfortunately, you’ll need more than one wheel to get there.

Behind the Ranking

We ranked the 200 biggest U.S. cities from best (No. 1) to worst (No. 200) for hipsters based on their overall scores (out of 100 possible points), averaged across all the weighted metrics listed below.

MetricWeightingMin. ValueMax. ValueBest
Number of Urban Outfitters Locations207Max. Value
Number of Thrift Stores3083Max. Value
Number of Vintage and Consignment Shops30270Max. Value
Number of Tattoo Parlors10328Max. Value
Number of Barber Shops20519Max. Value
Environmental Consciousness31194Min. Value
Car-Free-Friendliness31150Min. Value
Biking-Friendliness31200Min. Value
Urban Gardener-Friendliness31196Min. Value
Crafter-Friendliness11200Min. Value
Stoner-Friendliness2197Min. Value
Number of Yoga Studios10338Max. Value
Hosts Morning Rave (1=Yes, 0=No)101Max. Value
Number of Record Stores3064Max. Value
Music Venues per 100,000 Residents3016.4Max. Value
Number of Antique Shops20301Max. Value
Number of "Local Flavor" Spots30254Max. Value
Number of Art Galleries20363Max. Value
Number of Art Houses and Independent Movie Theaters2016Max. Value
Number of Independent Bookstores2067Max. Value
Number of Electric Scooter Rental Providers303Max. Value
Skate Parks per 100,000 Residents104.4Max. Value
Food and Drink
Number of Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants201,632Max. Value
Farmers Markets per 100,000 Residents2017.6Max. Value
Number of On-Farm Markets Within 30 miles1020Max. Value
Number of Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Locations2020Max. Value
Number of Craft Breweries30111Max. Value
Number of Dive Bars30158Max. Value
Number of Whiskey Bars2051Max. Value
Number of Coffee Roasteries20110Max. Value

Sources: Art House Convergence, BreweryDB, Daybreaker, Eventbrite, IndieBound, other LawnStarter studies, The Skatepark Project, TheThriftShopper.Com, Trader Joe’s, TripAdvisor, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Urban Outfitters, Whole Foods, and Yelp

Hipster, Hipster, Hooray

Why is LawnStarter ranking the Best Cities for Hipsters? Well, hipsters mow lawns, too. 

They likely use one of these three methods: using a reel lawn mower (push the mower and watch the blades cut the grass), a robot lawn mower (for wealthy hipsters who like to mow their grass while they sleep), or book their lawn care like rideshares via the easy-to-use LawnStarter app.

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