10 Father’s Day Gifts for Lawn Care Nuts

Father and son laying on grass. "Fathers Day Gifts for Lawn Care Nuts"

When Dad sees himself as the Lawn Ranger, what do you get him for Father’s Day? Father’s Day gifts for lawn care nuts range from the practical to the hysterical.

Let’s start with the practical:

1. The Gift of Lawn Care

Let’s start with the obvious. We’re LawnStarter. You can give Dad a break and let one of our local pros mow, trim, and edge your lawn instead. We’ll even extend you our $19 first mow offer to make this gift more affordable. (Your next mows will be the regular price, though, and that price varies by the size of your yard.)

Here’s hoping Dad spends his mowing time with you for the next few weeks. 

2. A Hover Mower

Garden hover lawn mower on grass
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

If your dad is tech-obsessed and you can’t afford a robot lawn mower ($500 to $1,500 and up) for him, go with the Flymo instead (or one of a handful of other hover mowers). 

Hover mowers sound like “Back to the Future,” and they are. Invented back in the early 1960s, they’re a great choice for small yards today. 

Hover mowers ride an air cushion, so they’re easy to maneuver around your yard. Just be careful. The blades are exposed in the back, so always push forward, don’t back up with your hover mower, lawn expert and former master greenkeeper Geoff Coggan recently told House Digest.

Cost: Varies by maker, around $350 for a Flymo on Amazon, but some other models can run north of $1,000

3. Save Some Green on Eco-Friendly Mowers

Greenworks Tools, a maker of eco-friendly lawn care equipment, has push mowers and commercial-grade mowers on sale for Father’s Day. You can save $700 to $1000 or more. If you have the money, there’s a mower for your yard size, and your comfort level. Even better, these mowers are perfect choices under California’s Green Lawn Care Law.

Other lawn mower makers (and big box retailers) also are selling mowers at discounted prices for Father’s Day. Which mower is right for you? Check out our Best Lawn Mowers, Best Riding Lawn Mowers, and Best Electric Lawn Mowers, and Best Lawn Mowers Under $200. The buyers guides with each one will help you choose the perfect mower.

4. Lawn Mowing Simulator

Lawn Mowing Simulator Landmark Edition - Nintendo Switch

If your lawn-loving dad likes playing video games in his man cave, this is the perfect gift. He can tool around the English countryside simu-mowing to his heart’s content any of 12 top lawn mowers by famous makers (including Toro, SCAG, and STIGA). That’s just the base game. There’s a Landmark edition and other updates.

Some give this game 4 lawn mowers out of 5, and some give it just 1 or 2.

Here are some samples (but check out the trailer yourself before you purchase for Dad):

MowerDude’s year-old review of the Landmark Edition on Xbox.com: “This is easily the most fun you can have while building a mowing company empire. The gameplay is really good here.”

And then there’s this review from Poob, in Arizona, on Steam: “The equivalent to watching paint dry.”

Cost: Ranges depending on the version you get, for what device, and where you get it, starting around $5 and up to around $18 on Walmart about $35 on Amazon.

5. St. Arnold Fancy Lawnmower Beer

If your Dad’s “me” time is mow time, help him stay hydrated after pushing or driving his mower around the yard. Serve him a St. Arnold Fancy Lawnmower Beer. 

Yes, lawn mower beers are a thing. They’re crafted to be refreshing after hours in the hot sun. If Houston-brewed St. Arnold beer isn’t available where you live, Beer Connoisseur listed 25 Lawnmower Beers a few years ago.

Cost: About $9 at Total Wine & More online

But what are some other lawn care gifts that will wow your pop – or make you wish you hadn’t spent your green on grass-themed or -scented items? (Some of these I’ve sent as surprises to our lawn care pros as thank you’s).

These are the hysterical lawn-themed gifts I mentioned above:

6. Grass Soda

Grass Soda Pop, Weird and Surprising Soda

If Dad isn’t a beer drinker but loves all things grass, this pop might make your Pop smile. Here’s the review from a LawnStarter pro who received this surprise in the mail for helping me answer a few media questions: “It was pretty tasty, and when I smelled it, it truly smelled like fresh cut grass!!!”

Cost: About $8.50 for one 12-ounce bottle on Amazon.

Most of the reviewers on Amazon noted that they bought Grass Soda as a gag gift, and it delivered lots of laughs. The taste drew mixed reviews. 

Hayliehop’s year-old Amazon review of Grass Soda had me laughing. “It’s pretty good but… Do not, I repeat, DO NOT mix with vodka to make a weird mixed drink. It was the most VILE thing I have ever tasted. It haunts my dreams.”

7. Clean Up and Smell Like Fresh-Cut Grass

MRS. MEYER'S CLEAN DAY Liquid Hand Soap, Fresh Cut Grass Scent, 12.5 Ounce Bottle

If you really love the smell of a fresh mowed lawn, you can wash up afterward with Meyer’s Fresh Cut Grass Scent Hand Soap. I sent this to the new managing editor for Lawn Love as a welcome to the team surprise – along with a grass-scented candle. 

Thoughtful, but almost to a fault. I did not know then that Sharon Sullivan is allergic to Bahiagrass. There was no adverse reaction to the hand soap or candle. “I would have been sneezing,” she messaged me Monday.

Cost: About $5 for a 12.5 ounce bottle on Amazon. 

8. Grass-Scented Candle

Fresh Cut Grass Scented Blended Soy Candles | Grass Fragrance | Hand Poured in The USA by Just Makes Scents (8 oz)

If Dad misses that smell of fresh-cut lawn through the week, get him a grass-scented candle for his work-from-home office or his workspace in the garage. The candle below is LawnStarter pro-approved.

When you mow grass for a living, you can become obsessed with the scent, or so I hoped…

I sent this Just Makes Scents Fresh Cut Grass candle as part of a grass-scented care package to LawnStarter pro Chelsea Morris in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Her reaction? “I could never get tired of the smell of fresh cut grass!!!! 😊” 

Cost: About $15 on Amazon

9. ‘I Don’t Snore, I Dream I’m a Lawn Mower’ Socks

Imagine Dad kicking back in his Lazy Boy after mowing the lawn in these socks. He dozes off and he starts sounding like, well, you know. If that’s your dad, then these will make you – and hopefully him – laugh. 

And it will make a great pic for your social media of dad in his recliner sporting these socks and sounding like he’s pulling the starter on his mower or prepping for his Lawn Mower Challenge on TikTok.

Cost: About $14 on Etsy

10. A Lawn Mower-Themed T-Shirt

lawn mower themed t-shirt with text and person mowing lawn image over it
Photo Credit: Jeff Herman

LawnStarter recently had a companywide contest to find the funniest T-shirts for lawn mower fans. Team members posted pictures of shirts with slogans like “We Ride at Dawn,” “Friends in Mow Places,” “Sorry, I Can’t. I Have Plans With My Mower,” and “Grassquatch.”

The winner of the mowing-themed T-shirt contest, which left CEO Steve Corcoran cracking up, is a design that features what looks like the “Aquaman” actor with these words: “Hi I’m Jason, and this is momoa.” 

Cost: Varies by design, online retailer, and sometimes even shirt size or material quality. (The I’m Sexy and I Mow It T-shirt I found at Big Lots for about $9.) Check to see if you can get the T-shirt to your dad before Father’s Day. You may have to pay for expedited shipping.

Whatever You Do, Spend Time With Dad

No matter what you give your dad for Father’s Day, give him the gift of your time and your presence (don’t worry about presents). Just spend some time with him. If you’re one of our youngest readers, ask him to play catch with you. If your dad is older, mow the grass for him – not just this weekend but regularly. 

Or hire a LawnStarter pro near you to take mowing off Dad’s to-do list. 

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Main Photo Credit: Jacob Lund / Adobe Stock / License, Created using Canva Pro

Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman, editor-in-chief of LawnStarter, mowed lawns as a teen, and his uncle owned the biggest sod business in St. Louis. Previously, Herman worked at The New York Times, CreditCards.com, and most recently at AllAboutVision.com. Now Herman is All About Lawn Care.