How Much Does an Automatic Driveway Gate Cost in 2024?

The average cost of an automatic driveway gate is $3,140, but the cost varies from $1,525 to $5,135.

Automatic entrance gates aren’t just for country clubs and the wealthy. They are becoming an increasingly popular addition for homeowners who value security and privacy.

On average, it costs $3,140 to install an automatic driveway gate, but the cost can range from $1,525 to $5,135. How much you end up paying for the installation hinges on the gate design, size of the gate, material, type, and the security and convenience add-ons you choose.

This cost guide covers;

Average Costs of Automatic Driveway Gate in 2024

National Average Cost$3,140
Typical Price Range$1,525 – $5,135
Extreme Low-End Cost$465
Extreme High-End Cost$9,050

The national average price of $3,140 is for a 16-foot wood electric driveway gate with a sensor and keypad. A number of factors will affect the cost, however. A small vinyl gate costs as little as $465, while a large sliding aluminum gate costs as much as $9,050.

It’s important to know that these prices do not include the gate opener, which is the motorized component that opens and closes the gate. As you will see, the opener can add $625 to $4,750 to the overall cost.

Automatic Driveway Gate Cost Estimator by Size

Electric driveway gates come in various sizes, usually from 12 to 18 feet wide and 4 to 10 feet high. The larger the gates, the higher the project cost.

Gate widthCost Range
12 feet$1,000 – $1,800
14 feet$1,200 – $2,600
16 feet$1,500 – $4,000
18 feet$2,000 – $6,000

Automatic Driveway Gate Cost Estimator by Material

The material used for the gate also affects cost. Steel, wrought iron, aluminum, and wood will increase the cost, while materials like vinyl can lower it.

Vinyl gates are the least expensive, with a price range of $475 to $3,300. They are lightweight, low maintenance, and they resist corrosion and rot but tend to deteriorate under extreme climates.

Wood gates are expensive, costing between $575 and $6,250, depending on the type of wood. Wood is a timeless, exquisite and sturdy gate material that can enhance your home’s curb appeal. However, it is high maintenance as it is susceptible to insects, rot, and warping.

Aluminum gates are more resistant to corrosion and are likely to last longer than wood and iron gates. They are lightweight, versatile, and low maintenance, but they cost more and can be dented. Aluminum gates cost between $2,175 and $6,300.

Steel is another versatile and low-maintenance gate material. Steel gates are durable and offer some customization options, but they are heavy and expensive, costing between $875 and $6,250.

Wrought-iron gates are one of the most expensive options, costing between $875 and $6,300. They look ornate and beautiful, but require regular maintenance, offer less privacy, and are difficult to install.

Automatic Driveway Gate Cost Estimator by Type

The price you pay for electric driveway gates also depends on the gate type. Automatic driveway gates vary in design and functionality, with models ranging in price from $500 to $6,000 or more.

Swing gates

Swing gates are widely used and easy to operate. They consist of one or two gates that swing inward or outward and are supported by hinges attached to sturdy columns or posts that can support their weight. The cost of installing such a gate ranges from $500 to $8,500.

Sliding gates

Sliding gates move on wheels along a track across the driveway. They can be double gates that meet in the middle or a single gate that slides across the entire opening. Their installation is often complicated and costs more due to the groundwork required for the track and drainage. Prices for this gate range from $1,050 to $5,200.

Lift gates

Lift gates are usually installed on commercial properties. They are ideal for sloped driveways and properties with limited space. Lift gates cost between $500 and $4,000, installed.

RV gates

RV gates are expensive, costing over $6,000 to install. They are wide enough to accommodate RVs and other wide loads and equipment.

Other Factors That Affect Cost

When estimating the cost of electric gates, additional costs must be considered, including hidden costs for components you must install to improve functionality and safety.

Gate opener

The mechanism that opens and closes your gate differs by make and model, like the garage door, and your choice of system will affect your cost. Gate openers are either hydraulic, electromechanical, or battery-powered, with electromechanical openers being the most popular and controlled by a sensor or remote control. An average driveway gate opener costs between $625 and $4,750.


The cost of the keypad ranges from $250 to $650. This add-on device is a convenient option that grants access to visitors with the correct code combination without disturbing anyone in the house.


Any type of sensor, including motion, pressure, and radar sensors, will cost the homeowner between $250 and $1,250 to install. They grant automatic access when these sensors are detected.


The intercom system allows you to communicate with visitors at the gate and learn more about them before letting them in. The cost of an intercom system ranges from $675 to $4,500.


Bollards can serve a variety of purposes. They can be used to improve the aesthetics of a property or to control access. While they are most commonly used in gated communities, they are also accessible to homeowners. Double bollards cost between $3,000 and $6,000 to install.

Installation cost

The labor cost to install electric driveway gates depends on the amount of groundwork required, additional features, level of expertise, and size and type of gate. Manual gates are charged the same labor rates as electric gates, $30 to $80 per hour. Installation costs are significantly lower if a fence is already in place.

Related Services 

The following services are related to installing automatic driveway gates.

Repair cost

You should factor in electric driveway gate repair as it can be damaged by elements such as storms, collisions, break-ins, or even wear and tear. The repair will require a professional who will charge between $500 and $1,000, depending on the type of repair. The repair cost is relatively low and more likely to be fixed if the damage is minimal than if it worsens.


Does your current driveway have minor cracks and defects? Installing a new driveway can remedy the situation and improve your home’s curb appeal. The various driveway options include;

Driveway sealing

Driveway sealing fills existing cracks and holes to prevent elements from damaging the integrity of the driveway. This cost-effective measure increases the life of your driveway and reduces repair costs. Driveway sealing costs an average of $305.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

Driveway gate automation kits cost between $450 and $4,500, with most simply designed so that homeowners with some DIY experience can install and automate the gates independently. You can save up to 50% by doing it yourself; however, inexperience can cause the gate not to open or drag. If you pay a professional $30 to $80 per hour, the gate will operate safely, and as designed, so you have less to worry about.

Cost of Automatic Driveway Gate by Location

Where you live can affect the price. Aside from the fact that the standard of living affects project cost, the total cost will likely be higher in areas that require a longer drive to compensate for the extra travel time.


Can electric gates open manually?

Yes, it is possible to open electric gates manually. Each system has a manual relapse option that allows first responders or law enforcement to pass through in an emergency.

How long do electric gates last?

A quality gate that is professionally installed and regularly maintained should last 15 to 20 years.

Final Thoughts 

It’s nearly impossible to give an exact price for electric driveway gates because many factors affect the price. However, if you know the hidden costs, you can create a reasonable budget, with or without a contractor.

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