Pumped for Pumpkins: 15 Cities Most Interested in National Pumpkin Day 2017

It’s no secret that the pumpkin acts as the symbol of the harvest season. A staple flavor to seasonal foods and beverages as well as being a focal point in autumn decorations, the pumpkin has become quite an obsession–validating current trends that lace social media raving about the consumption of anything and everything pumpkin flavored.

It seems like every day there is another proclaimed national holiday for one thing or another. National Pumpkin Day on October 26 marks the beginning of the harvest season, the beginning of the holiday season starting with Halloween, and truly the beginning of autumn. It’s origins date back to the evidence of pumpkin seeds being found in Mexico circa 5500 BC, making it a native plant to North America. As a celebrity of the fall vegetables, why not celebrate it’s estimated debut date?

Aside from the pumpkin obsessed coffee feens that swarm Starbuck’s across the nation throughout the fall season, with a day dedicated to pumpkins, where in the United States are people the most interested? A LawnStarter review of Google Trends research from the past month shows us that residents in the Cleveland area are the most excited for National Pumpkin Day.


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Why is Cleveland super pumped? 

For starters, the entire state of Ohio, Cleveland included, is home to countless pumpkin patches and farms. Specifically–according to a study from 2011-2015 by the USDA, Ohio ranks as one of the top six pumpkin-producing states in the United States. Having pumpkin patches close by it’s no doubt that people are searching for various ways to utilize pumpkins in any and every way possible. Not to mention the apple orchards, corn mazes, hayrides, and pumpkin themed festivals all throughout the region that are sure to get people in the fall spirit.

Additionally, with Cincinnati ranked #2, it’s proof that Ohio is super pumped for pumpkins, making fall one of the most exciting times of year for midwesterners.

The Top Cities Showing Interest in “National Pumpkin Day”

According to our research using Google Trends’ insight on National Pumpkin Day, here’s the list of the top 15 cities who topped the charts with the most searches within the past month.

  1.  Cleveland, OH

     Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 100


  1.  Cincinnati, OH

     Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 94


  1. Albuquerque, NM


     Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 83


  1. Buffalo, NY

Buffalo NY

     Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 81


  1. Richmond, VA

Richmond VA

      Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 76


  1. MinneapolisSt. Paul, MN

      Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 68


  1. Denver, CO

Denver City Park

     Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 66


  1. Detroit, MI


       Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 59


  1. Greenville, SC

Greenville SC

     Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 58


  1. Norfolk, VA

Norfolk VA

       Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 57


  1. Milwaukee, WI

City of Milwaukee skyline

     Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 54


  1. Boston, MA

Boston MA

       Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 48


  1. Philadelphia, PA


     Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 48


  1. Miami, FL

Miami FL

     Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 45


  1. Kansas City, MO

Kansas City skyline

     Google Trends Score for “National Pumpkin Day”: 45

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Kathleen Johnson