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HindSite Review

HindSite is a cloud-based suite of field service management tools offering two products, FieldCentral and The HindSite Solution. The powerful platforms seamlessly connect field technicians and office staff to increase real-time productivity for large and small businesses.

We talked to the experts, demoed the software, and investigated user reviews to bring you information on the software’s features, pricing, and user experience. 

What we found: HindSite’s development team put a lot of thought into designing software for the expansive needs of the field service industry. The outstanding customer service and training teams work with your business to customize your user experience. However, we found the generated reports to be canned, and the mobile applications could use an updated UI.

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HindSite Overview

LawnStarter Rating4 out of 5
Price Range$102.99 monthly and up
Free Trial?No
Free Version?No
Pricing ModelUser-based
Made ForIrrigation
Lawn Care
Pest Control
Field Service Industries
iOS AppYes
Android AppYes
DesktopOnline Software
Features• Adaptive Scheduling
• Route Building
• Services and Materials Tracking
• Reporting
• Billing
• Field Data Capture

HindSite Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars 

User Experience
Based on user reviews from various sources
As compared to the average price of similar software 
Based on the number of features included in this software 
Our overall score is the average of the User Experience, Price, and Features scores, with all categories weighted equally

FieldCentral Key Features

Field Central logo

FieldCentral is HindSite’s newest software solution, and it’s built for the “green” space (lawn care, landscaping, tree care, and more). The app is available on desktop and mobile devices, and it provides advanced features for seasonal businesses, including:

Adaptive Scheduling

FieldCentral offers an adaptable schedule that flexes with your business. The color-coded calendar and drag-and-drop-style editor make it easy to view all your teams’ and technicians’ schedules in one place. 

Below is an example of a FieldCentral schedule with multiple technicians (in the desktop application).

Hindsite Schedule
Schedule – FieldCentral

Optimized Scheduling

With FieldCentral’s built-in GPS integration, you can view all your field technicians’ exact locations. The mapping feature optimizes your technicians’ schedules based on their determined routes and job locations. Additionally, mass scheduling takes the guesswork out of scheduling routine services for your seasonal business. 

HindSite Map Scheduling
Map-Optimized Scheduling – FieldCentral

The mobile and web applications both offer complete scheduling functionality and map views. You can view your schedule based on specific regions or routes and optimize routes based on distance. 

Route Building

FieldCentral’s RouteBuilder assists in the seasonal scheduling and planning process. Build, maintain, and optimize your routes with GPS integration. Keep up with the changing demands of your customers by adjusting routes and schedules with daily labor burdens.

HindSite Daily Labor Burden
Daily Labor Burden – FieldCentral

With daily labor burden tracking, you can quickly see which technicians have room in their schedule to take on more customers and services. The GPS integration automatically synchronizes the changes and optimizes the updated route.

Services and Materials Tracking

FieldCentral’s all-in-one tracking tools allow you to track time and the materials used in the field. The customizable system works with item grouping, streamlining the estimating, invoicing, and tracking processes. 

The intelligent software offers in-depth usage reports for parts, chemicals, and more. With predictive forecasting, you can cut down on ordering times and wasted products by knowing exactly how much you need. 


HindSite developed FieldCentral’s reporting features with green industry businesses in mind. You can break down reports and review profitability by customer, technician, service, and more. The customizable software provides advanced metrics, including revenue per hour and time records. 

FieldCentral Pricing

FieldCentral uses a flexible user-based pricing model, so the software grows with your business. The one-time startup fee includes initial setup and extensive hands-on training from a dedicated professional. 

Monthly UsersBase FeeOne-Time Startup FeeHindSite Connect Email
$43.97 per user per month$99 per month$499.99$49.99 per month

The HindSite Solution Key Features

HindSite Logo

The HindSite Solution offers an array of tools to help your field service business schedule services, optimize routes, track services and products, and invoice customers. The customer experience tool allows you to keep track of important customer details, leading to more positive reviews of your business. 

The HindSite Solution is available on desktop and mobile applications. It features several tools similar to its sister software’s offerings but focuses less on the seasonal green industry. Its main features include: 


The HindSite Solution offers powerful sales management and billing tools and integrates with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks and Sage50. This intelligent platform converts work orders to invoices and delivers them to customers immediately upon service completion. 

The sales, work order, and project management tools help your business track opportunities, create estimates, convert work orders, and forecast your sales. There are also tools to simplify the upselling process, allowing you to create email marketing campaigns effortlessly.

HindSite Sales Report
Sales Reports – HindSite Solution


Like FieldCentral, The HindSite Solution comes with advanced scheduling capabilities linked to an intelligent CRM (customer relationship management) system, so you can always see customer information, preferences, and special requirements, all in one place. 

The platform uses a similar drag-and-drop calendar style broken into routes or teams. GPS map integrations and real-time synchronizations with the HindSite Tracker add-on keep you up-to-date on exactly where your technicians are and which ones are available to take on service calls.

Field Data Capture

Field data capture allows you to input customer or service information, upload progress photos, track hours and materials used, and more. The mobile application reflects changes immediately across all devices with real-time data syncing. Field data capture eliminates paperwork and helps you account for your time and materials. 

The HindSite Solution Pricing

Like FieldCentral, The HindSite Solution follows a user-based pricing model. The price per user is higher than its sister software, but there is no monthly base fee.

The one-time startup fee includes initial setup and extensive hands-on training from a dedicated professional. 

Monthly UsersOne-Time Startup Fee
$102.99 per month for the first two users

Additional users cost $63.99 each per month

HindSite User Reviews

GPS integrations save time: “HindSite Software has helped with our scheduling. It saves us time and does the mapping for us. We know exactly how many miles from the next job our technicians are, and they are not wandering around waiting for the next stop.” April V. from Capterra

Great customer service: I have used many programs over the years for my irrigation business. We found FieldCentral and have never looked back. Customer support is fantastic. They listen and make changes, and they designed the program for irrigation and lawn companies. Every year it gets better and better.” Josh S. from Apple

Scheduling multiple techs and services is easy: As an office administrator, scheduling multiple technicians for multiple services has become easier. Using The HindSite Solution with the mapping software allows us to schedule appointments more efficiently by location, eliminating a great deal of drive time.Trena T. from Capterra.

No more wasted paper: “I used to use so much paper. FieldCentral has eliminated almost all the paper in my business and has helped my billing accuracy immensely. Nick S. from Google Play

Developers make a lot of unnecessary changes: “I like the scheduling features and payroll reports from HindSite Software, but the developers are constantly making changes without alerting their customers about how new features work. It is frustrating.” – Lisa M. from g2

Pros and Cons of HindSite

HindSite’s product offerings work for all businesses in field service industries. The per-user pricing method allows the software to grow with your business, and the GPS integration and route optimization capabilities save you time and money. 

✓ Value for money
✓ Route optimizations
✓ GPS integrations
✓ Extensive hands-on training
✓ Ease of use
✗ Outdated mobile UI
✗ Many bugs and developer updates
✗ Monthly base fee on top of user fees

Alternatives to HindSite

Many low-priced, cloud-based platforms are available for field service professionals. Here are some important competitors for you to check out before you make a purchase:

  • Briostack offers features like CRM, scheduling, and marketing with a user-friendly interface. It is designed for the pest control industry. 
  • Service Fusion provides a lot of functionality using feature-based pricing, so you only pay for what you need. The company does not offer a free trial, but you can request a demo.
  • Service Autopilot works for lawn care, HVAC, and pest control companies, emphasizing complete management solutions for your business.
  • Apptivo offers tools like CRM, territory management, marketing, invoicing, and more. The software works for many field service businesses, large and small – and there’s a free version!
  • Jobber provides a convenient, 14-day free trial and access to features like route optimization, quotes and estimates, scheduling, and more. 

For more information about how to shop for field service management software, see our review of the best FSM software of the year

Our Verdict

The HindSite Solution and FieldCentral offer convenient business solutions for field service industries. The user-based model grows with your business, and the sophisticated scheduling and routing solutions work hand-in-hand with GPS integration to increase your efficiency and eliminate paper waste.

HindSite’s mobile and web applications come with hands-on training and customizations for your business. Overall, both products offer powerful solutions with very similar features. Choosing between the two depends on your business type and whether you operate in the green space. Both field service software offers great value for your money.

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Kimberly Magerl

Kimberly Magerl

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