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RazorSync is field service management software with a snazzy UI (user interface) and tons of features. This customizable solution can work for any field service company, such as:

  • Pest control
  • HVAC
  • Handyman service
  • Landscaping

We tested the mobile app, demoed the web application, and researched RazorSync reviews to bring you the scoop on its functionality, pricing, and user experience. 

What we found: This beautifully designed solution is fully customizable, making it appropriate for any field service industry. Although it has a lot of functionality, it is expensive to access every feature.

Table of contents:

RazorSync Overview

LawnStarter Rating4.5 out of 5
Price Range$55 – $350 per month
Free Trial?Yes
Free Version?No
Pricing ModelUser and feature based
Made ForField service industries
iOS AppYes
Android AppYes
DesktopOnline Software
Features• Dispatching and scheduling
• Ad-Hoc reporting
• Payment processing
• Preset automated notifications
• Mobile app

RazorSync Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

User Experience
Based on user reviews from various sources
As compared to the average price of similar software
Based on the number of features included in this software
Our overall score is the average of the User Experience, Price, and Features scores, with all categories weighted equally

RazorSync Key Features 

RazorSync Logo

RazorSync offers many features to improve the efficiency of your operation. However, its feature-based pricing can get expensive.

All plans come with the following features:

Some plans also come with these additional features:

  • QuickBooks Desktop and Online sync
  • Customizable automated notification
  • Route optimization
  • Inventory management
  • Templates

Dispatching and Scheduling 

RazorSync offers intuitive tools to streamline job and workforce management. The web application is user-friendly with a smooth workflow.

Under the Service Requests tab, you may create new service requests.

Razorsync service-request-web-app
New Service Request Form – Web Application

You can schedule appointments as one-time or recurring services.

RazorSync reoccuring-jobs-web-app
Recurring Service – Web Application

And you can see all your technicians and appointments in the drag-and-drop Scheduler view.

RazorSync schudeuler-web-app
Scheduler View – Web Application

You can also view and alter routes in the map view.

RazorSync map-view
Map View – Web Application

And you can monitor field workers with GPS tracking (within 6 minutes).

In addition, RazorSync have some nifty options, such as the Fill Service Form. It allows field workers to submit extra expenses for reimbursement or to be added to the customer’s invoice. Your employees can submit monetary and time costs from here.

RazorSync fill-service-form
Fill Service Form – Web Application

I was impressed by the web application’s ease of use and pleasant aesthetic appearance, so I commented to the sales representative that the UI looked “fancy.” He told me they had just released a new version that had been in the works for three years.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

With RazorSync, you can create custom reports in the following categories:

  • Customers
  • Scheduling
  • Financial
  • Inventory
  • Other

These reports help you better understand your business and its components.

Payment Processing

RazorSync is a Tennessee-based business that Celero, a payment processing company, recently acquired. As a result, RazorSync offers competitive processing rates and integrates fully with Celero’s payment processing tools.

You can accept payments online or in the field (using a Bluetooth card reader). Please see the credit card processing rates in the table below.

Payment TypeRate
Swiped Cards1.75%
Manually Entered2.5%
Corporate Cards3%

There are no startup, equipment, or annual fees associated with payment processing. 

Automated Notifications

All RazorSync subscription plans come with automated notifications and reminders to keep your customers updated on their services. From the Notifications page, you can also send automatic notifications to your employees.  

Some tiers offer customizable messages, and lower tiers provide preset messages. 

RazorSync notifications
Notifications – Web Application
RazorSync reminders
Reminders – Web Application

As seen in the screenshots above, setting notifications is simple and intuitive. 

Mobile App

I downloaded and tried the mobile app on a Google Pixel (Android) phone. It wasn’t as pretty as the web app, but it works fine for:

  • Adding and viewing customer data
  • Adding, scheduling, and viewing work orders
  • Messaging
  • Clocking in and out

Adding a Customer

Step 1: On the bottom of the screen, tap the Customers icon.

RazorSync Add Coustomers
Customers Icon – Mobile App

Step 2: Tap the New button, in the top right corner.

New Customer Button – Mobile App

Two options appear:

  • Create New
  • Import Android Contact

I selected Create New.

Step 3: Fill out the new customer form.

RazorSync new cutomer form
New Customer Form – Mobile App

Step 4: Tab Done in the upper right corner.

Scheduling a New Service

Step 1: On the bottom of the screen, tap the Schedule icon.

Step 2: Tap the New button in the top right corner.

Two options appear:

  • New Service Request
  • New Task
Scheduling a New Service – Mobile App

I selected New Service Request.

Step 3: Fill out the new service form.

New Service Request Form

Step 4: Tap done.

If you tap the New Work Order button, a new work order form will appear. Fill in the following information:

  • Field worker
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Invoicing memo

RazorSync Pricing

RazorSync’s pricing is based on:

  1. Number of users
  2. Features included

You can pay extra to add on features not included in your plan. Please see the pricing tables below for details.

TierUsersMonthly PriceAnnual Price
EnterpriseUnlimitedCall to negotiateCall to negotiate

Add-on featuresSoloTeam
QuickBooks Desktop & Online Integration$15 / month$0
Advanced Notifications$15 / month$0
Route Optimization$40 / month$40 / month
Inventory Management$50 / month$50 / month
Templates$25 / month $25 / month 

All of the features listed above come with the Pro and Enterprise plans automatically, at no additional charge.

During my demo, we determined the Team plan was best suited for my small business. However, I told the representative we want route optimization, which isn’t included in that plan. So, I asked if we could negotiate adding the feature (at no extra charge). He said they don’t usually do that but is sure he could work it out. 

If the tier appropriate for your company size doesn’t offer a feature you need, be sure to bring it up during your demo. Also, always try to negotiate software prices. 

Startup Fee

There is a one-time startup fee of $450. This includes extensive training, and all plans come with unlimited customer support.


RazorSync is running a promotion in which LawnStarter readers get two months free (up to $600 in savings) of RazorSync’s leading field service software when bundled with merchant services. You can access this promo by speaking to one of their sales reps.

RazorSync User Reviews 

Best bang for buck: “I run an energy auditing/ inspection firm, and I have tried dozens of other apps to help automate and track our workflow. We don’t fit the standard mold of service companies… RazorSync is the only “of the shelf” solution that we could customize to fit our workflow.” – Will M. from Capterra

Great for startups: If I started my own business, I would begin with RazorSync. Great stepping stone product for small groups.” – Julie T. from Capterra

GPS issues: The app does not work as designed, however, as the GPS tracking has issues, making it useless” – Nicholas Basile from Google Play

Poor asset management: This is a good scheduling program with one major flaw. You cannot schedule by an asset or look up repair history for an asset.” -Bobblepez from Apple App Store

Support is responsive: Been using them for many years now. Support is very responsive when needed. Have not experienced Sync issues that others have. Love that it can be customized to fit your business.” – Jay Buelvas from Google Play

Pros and Cons of RazorSync

All and all, RazorSync is reliable field service management software. It is fully customizable and packed with valuable features. However, getting access to the app’s full realm of functionality is expensive.

✓ In-house payment processing
✓ Snazzy UI
✓ Customizable
✓ Integrates with QuickBooks
✓ Fair price
✗ Full functionality is expensive
✗ The mobile app isn’t as nice as the web app
✗ GPS isn’t real-time 

Alternatives to RazorSync

There are many options for field service business software, including free software solutions.  Here are some alternatives to RazorSync.

  • FieldRoutes: FieldRoutes is another customizable solution with an impressive user interface. 
  • Service Autopilot: As with RazorSync, Service Autopilot offers tons of great features but is expensive if you want them all.
  • Kickserv: Kickserv is reasonably priced and even offers a free version.
  • Housecall Pro: Housecall Pro is an affordable solution for small businesses. 
  • Service Fusion: Service Fusion is great for larger operations because it allows unlimited users and has several useful integrations. 
  • Jobber: Starting at just $15 a month, Jobber is one of the most affordable options.

Our Verdict 

RazorSync is well-built software that can improve the efficiency of your field service business. The web application has an appealing design and smooth workflow. Additionally, the mobile app streamlines work in the field.

Although RazorSync offers many features, it is expensive to get them all. I suggest you schedule a demo or start a free trial to see if this software is right for you. Oh, and don’t forget the two months free promotion (See Promotions above) for LawnStarter readers.

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